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Islamic radicalism is a plague! - Breaking the taboo

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posted on Jun, 6 2008 @ 08:23 AM

Apologist Free Zone!

Does the whole concept of Sharia Law scare the everliving sh*t out of you as much a it does me?

What scares me more is how Britain is actually giving it the time of day in the form of discussions about it's feasibility, no matter how remote.

Terrorizing British Police - Wheres a tazer when you need it!

Islamic Youth of Britain - This is my peace hammer, duh!

If I lived there, I'd tell them to get the frack out, go home and be willingly oppressed there. This reminds me of something that happened in junior high...

You remember that one kid in your class allergic to peanuts. I had lots and man they piss me off, their parents think they have the authority to dictate rules over the entire student body because their kid has an allergy. No food that contains nuts, wash your hands if you had them before class, blah blah...

I had one of them in homeroom, everyone was fed up with that bs, so we started a mutiny more or less against Mr. Peanut Allergy. Everyone came to class with PBJ sandwiches, bags of nuts, everything, it was great, teacher flipped out, even better, and the kid had to leave-- as it should be.

These Sharia Law thumpers, are kids with peanut allergies and they want an entire country to ban peanuts!

They left the damn peanut free zone, ventured into the peanut factory and now because they're there, the factory has to quit making peanut butter!

The whole idea that they think they're entitled to their oppressive, abusive, downright hateful system of law, where ever they go, is a joke, and not a funny one.

Beating your wife, an indispensable tool! -Quran

Beating your wife makes marriage possible

People say, oh but they're only 3% of the UK's pop.

Yeah but they all live in a condensed spot, London, where nearly 10% practice Islam. 12% in Westminster, 14.5% in Birmingham, 25% in Newham and 36.5% in Tower Hamlets (just outside London). More than 1/3 in some places!

Of those it's estimated 10% are fringe/radicalized, 3% of 61 million = 1.83 million, 10% of that is then 183,000 people who if had their way, would have you stoned to death, beheaded or hanged for not believing what they do.

The latest poll I could find from the Telegraph out of the UK in 2007 said 40% of those who practice Islam think the UK should fall under Sharia Law and most of those think it one day will.

CNN report on Islamic radicalism

CNN report - Radical Islam: Out of time

What would happen if someone of another faith (or none) protested in front of their place of worship exactly like they are doing in this video? Denying the existence of Allah? Honestly, I believe they'd be lynched

My question to all you is: if America was so concerned about the spread of the evil communism, which in itself did not dictate the senseless murder and torment of others; why isn't it just as concerned about currently free nations being infiltrated and converted to Islamic states?

Fear of taboo? Label? Revenge? You know what says a lot? The fact that governments are afraid to say anything negative about Islam because they don't want to risk being attacked. Does that not send a strong message about the kind of group this is? People speak their minds about Jews and Christians and Atheists all the time, no ones afraid their car might explode when they start it the next morning as a result.

I took the time to read the Quran, front to back last summer, it's really hard to view that religion as one of peace like they often say it is. I mean theres only so many metaphors you can pull from killing nonbelievers, killing Jews, forcing conversion on the world and killing some more Jews. Honestly I don't even think they're metaphors or not to be taken literally, they know that and they're holding us hostage using their right to religious freedom.

The next generation - disturbing beyond words

Islamic teenage girl voices her religious tolerance *sarcasm*

Politicians, governments, law enforcement, citizens need to stop bowing to taboo and voicing their legitimate concerns about the direction and goal of this radical movement. Muslims in Britain certainly have no trouble at all voicing their opinion about the rest of us, in many cases, more than voices are used. Look at all these kids being brought up to discriminate, hate and murder. Or marry near-elderly old men when their age is but a single digit! Why do we keep quite when we know this is wrong? Because we want to be tolerant of people's beliefs? Belief in child molestation, female abuse, rape? God given right to murder? These people won't even be tolerant of us being alive!

No it's not all of them, "only" 10% and growing. Should we wait till 50% want us to die? 80%? Then we can say this is wrong?
Anyone remember what we did when Hitler started prosecuting Jews? Yeah, nothing till the majority were in camps and he was on his way to conquering Europe.

Islam gives
to sex with 8 year old girls

13 year-old girl marrying middle aged man - disgusting

Not veiled? Not rape! Say Muslim rapists
What is Sharia Law?
Adopt Sharia Now! Says Archbishop
Areas of Birmingham off limits to Preachers
Libraries pressured into stocking Islamic hate books (anti-semitic)
Britains Preachers of Hate - "Women are deficient.. even if she gets a PhD her intellect is incomplete"

I asked myself, so what can we do? I'm not sure, maybe this will inspire something. Join me in defying political correctness

Be sure to watch all the videos so understand where I'm coming from!

6500 chars later!..


posted on Jun, 6 2008 @ 10:08 PM

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