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Change, what is it good for...

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posted on Jun, 6 2008 @ 03:58 AM
Obamas biggest ideas are the 'idea of change' and the 'Audacity of Hope'.

But what do those mean?

Who said Change is so great?

Change? Change what?

If he is elected, and he decieded to throw every white person in prision, well wouldn' that be change?

Or mabye we can go from a Republic, to a socialist state... that too would be change...

Theres alot of great things about this country, and there is no reason to change.

And hope? What kind of BS talking point is that. Hope this. Hope that. I can tell you where to shove that hope.

You know what hope is, hope is wanting to win the lotto, throwing away money and HOPING that you hit the jackpot and win big.

Hope... what a crock...

Obama has got a long way to go to get my vote... and the Obamabots arent helping his cause...

posted on Jun, 6 2008 @ 04:02 AM
I hear ya, Obama will never get my vote in a million years! The last thing I am is impressionable. Obama will never insult my intelligence.

Read about why Obama should not be President

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posted on Jun, 6 2008 @ 04:19 AM
The guy could get my vote.

He most certainly can.

McCain is the weakest canidate ive ever seen. He is nothing, he shuns those who would support him, and he spits on his constuates... He was going to get unseated in his senator position cause he has lost his mind on Immigraion, or has been bought out by La Raza...

Obama needs to just show that he loves this country.

he needs to show that he is not a muslem, he needs to show that he doesnt share the same views as his anti-american friends and wife, and rev...

The guys needs to start taking stances... the dude doesnt vote on anything, he has voten 'present' more then anyone else...

I cant belive we have these two people as canidates... a Traditional Liberal, and a soft-core-marxist....


All i hear from these Obamabots is, "Change this, of yea, Hope, Change, Change changechagne change... '

NO REASONS no ideas, just CHange, Change this Change that...

You know who has brought ALOT of change in history... oh a little guy called hitler... oh, he sure promised the german people change, he knew how to fix the problems, oh it was the Jews... oh yes, the Jew is keeping the German man down... we we all know how Hitler fixed that problem, oh wait, mabye we dont, we might have an Iranian reading this page.... Hitler killed MILLIONS

That little Bastard in Iran just loves to deny the holocaust, and the media doesnt question it, they never bring it up, just broadcast that little moron denying the Holocaust exists, and then threatiining another one, every time that little moron talks they shoudl show pictures of the holocuast, the people at home dont know, what if they never heard of it before, the Media doesnt refute the moron they just stand idley by...

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