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Reports of UFO Over North Wales

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posted on Jun, 6 2008 @ 02:40 AM

Jun 6 2008 by Owen R Hughes, Daily Post

DRINKERS at two village pubs spotted what they believe were mysterious UFOs.

The bright orange circular objects were seen shooting across the sky above Caerwys on Wednesday evening by drinkers in the Royal Oak and Piccadilly Inn pubs.

Steve Griffith, 52, who was in the Piccadilly, said: “Someone in the pub spotted these strange lights and we all went outside to look.

“There was a strange bright orange circle and it moved in a way that no normal aircraft would move.”

Siôn Davies, 37, who was in the Royal Oak, said: “I was in the pub with the Caerwys amateur dramatics group.

“We went out to look and at first a few people scoffed at the idea they were UFOs but then they started to move and you could not explain away what we were seeing.

“I am a sceptic but I cannot explain what was going on in the sky that night.”


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