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The Next Constitutional Admendment.....

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posted on Mar, 3 2004 @ 12:45 PM
.....does not need to be the outlawing of Gay Marriage. There is a far greater issue that seems to always be overshadowed.


Right now you can be elected to the Senate or the House and stay there for the rest of your life if you are re-elected. Term limits are needed because statesmen go to washington and after a period of time become distant from the people they are supposed to represent and become only concerned with power. I know the what many will say is "Just vote them Out" but often times once someone is in office for a period of time the people become confortable with whoever it is and always vote for him/ her no matter what.

The problem is that the only body that can set this term limits is Congress itself. Without term limits you set yourself up for great corruption which is what we have today.

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