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Global Warming a Side-Show to Distract from War?

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posted on Jun, 5 2008 @ 06:13 PM
Well, this is a CT site, too.

After not buying the arguments for global warming (primarily due to the way Ice Ages and subsequent warming worked etc.. long before man existed), is it a side-show to distract from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan?

Just wondering...

So much is made of CO2 etc.. etc.. and ENERGY (oil etc), that maybe the two are linked?

There are plenty of other problems with the worlds environment that nothing is being done about.

I note that Global Warming is presented as a threat that needs to be dealt with NOW, but when looking at tackling it, we need to save *energy* due to oil etc.. running out.

Notice anything in that statement? It moves rapidly from being about the environment, to oil supplies. Watch the news carefully next time anything like this is mentioned. It is about ENERGY, but Global Warming is being used to scare people into acting.

Furthermore, on the issue of energy, OIL is always targeted.

I read last week that they've just found the largest oil reserves in the Middle East in Iraq.......

Co-incidence? I don't think so...

What did Dr. David Kelly know about weapons inspectors in Iraq that we didn't, that he was silenced over when WMD in Iraq kicked off? Let's not forget about that piece of history, either. It's all linked there somewhere...

I hope to kick off a good discussion on this, as I think 9/11 somehow ties it together (i.e. pre-text to war).

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