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The conspiracy to make the world have a hard life

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posted on Jun, 5 2008 @ 11:36 AM
How many of you honestly want the world to have a hard life? What's your reason for to that?

How many of you honestly want the world to have an easy life? Do your actions reflect that?

All the rules and regulations put into just about every aspect of life are as pressures that breed 'wouldn't-be' criminals otherwise and make it hard for the next generation to live well. Rules and regulations only cause exessive stress on the mind by causing a lot of things to have to be juggled in the modern way of having to living.

Just because you had a hard life shouldn't mean the next guy should have to aswell.

The ppl who love to see another person have to struggle know damn well they themself never wanted to struggle, but since they may have they want others to struggle also. That's as taking your shortcomings and hardships out on the world, isnt it? That's very wretched of anyone to be actually as that.

It's a shame that anyone who offers to make the world easy with a superb idea gets shut down by like 9 to 1 reviews. What the hell is wrong with many ppl? What happened to "I will have mercy, not sacrific"? Ppl sacrific ppl all day up to the goddess of stress, heartbreak, hardship, and crisis.

Ppl need to cut way back on causing stress, heartbreak, hardship, and crisis. You wonder who in all fears everyone owning a gun? It's the ppl who make life hard. O how they put themselves in fear to have to look over their shoulders for ppl who will bypass the hard locks of the system they created for them.

If you like to see who you dont even know to suffer for anything by your direct or indirect hands, then you are the problem that needs to be dealt with, as in, taken out the way.

Hell, why dont all the ppl who want life hard for the next guy more to one part of the globe to leave us who want things easy-going alone. We dont need the problems you push us into as if you get some type of twisted pleasure from it.

You have got to be to root of wicked if you want to make life a living hell in any way, shape, or form.

posted on Jun, 5 2008 @ 12:37 PM
reply to post by Mabus

Well, I am really not sure what stemmed your rant here, but to be completely honest with you... Those who wish suffering and struggling onto the world, are the ones who have never had it hard themselves.
They are the ones who were 'born into' the easy life, and connections gave them the power to shove their ill-wills onto the rest of us.

But really, the only one who can cause heartache, crisis.. and stress, is ones' self. You are given choices and situations in life. Your perspective, and how you deal with what's laid out in front of you, well.. You have the choice to be stressed out by it, or take it as a learning experience, keeping as positive a perspective as possible while trying to work through it.

But don't think that those who wish us stress and slavery through debt have a vendetta because of what they've been through. They really just don't care about whether we stress or not.
What they care most of, is profiting through taking advantage of those less fortunate. This is the system in place, that's proven most successful for that.


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