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What are these anomalies?

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posted on Jun, 5 2008 @ 11:33 AM
Recently, after seeing an article about The Disclosure Project and watching the National Press Club conference on line, I discovered the ATS site. Sparked by some of the other articles on this site, I was looking through some of the Apollo Photo Index photos and came across these photos.

I have not seen them mentioned on the ATS site. I have also searched the photo #'s on the site but found no results. (Apologies in advance if these have been covered previously)

In this picture there is something in the upper right hand corner of the photo. Any Ideas as to what this is? Here is the image in reduced size, as well as a cropped shot of the anomaly. AS12-49-7317HR

In this photograph there is an object about half way down the left side of the frame that appears to be in orbit around the moon. It seems to have structure and its leading edge is catching the light. AS12-52-7745HR
Here is the image in reduced size, as well as a cropped shot of the anomaly.]
[ /URL]]

Any thoughts?

posted on Jun, 5 2008 @ 12:05 PM
Good find, although they just look like possible scratches on the film. Could have happened during processing. Internos would be able to give you a better explanation on these though.

posted on Jun, 5 2008 @ 12:38 PM
Thanks for sharing this images with us! And I agree that this is something for Internos and ArMaP, hope they will take interest in the image you have posted.

A while ago I spotted something similar in an image from the Apollo 11 mission. It is a black and white photo, taken on the moon's surface. The image number is AS11-39-5743.

I have cropped a part of the dark sky above the horizon, where you can see this:

Link to the full image:

posted on Jun, 5 2008 @ 12:41 PM
AS12-49-7317 has been taken because AS12-49-7316 (taken right before) was overexposed.

AS12-49-7316 (OF300) ( 108k or 800k )
133:42:42 Overexposed view of the LM from the southwestern rim of Surveyor Crater.

AS12-49-7317 (OF300) ( 144k or 964k )
133:42:42 Well-exposed view of the LM from the southwestern rim of Surveyor Crater. Note the rearward tilt of the spacecraft. On-board measurements indicated that the spacecraft was pitched up (backwards) by 3 degrees and was rolled left (toward the camera in this picture) by 3.8 degrees. Note the heavily footprinted area southeast of the spacecraft where Pete took the 8 o'clock pan at 116:26:05. He may have also made the tracks leading a bit farther into the crater at about the same time.



Conrad: Yeah. Get a shot of home.

Al took two pictures of the LM, AS12-49-7316 - which is overexposed - and 7317. Note the disturbed areas inside the crater rim in a detail.

Now, this is what we see in AS12-49-7317:

The same object is not visible in AS12-49-7316

but i've found some "noises" or "glitches" with different shape, they are all over in the same area:

The fact that we have the same problem with a so different appearance in two consecutive shots (taken in a very short lapse of time), makes me assume that they could be glitches created during the scan of the roll:
it would also be confirmed by another shot, AS12-49-7318, and i'm almost sure that the problem is all over in roll 49, but i may be wrong.
Anyway, the find is excellent if you ask me.
Thanks for sharing

[edit on 5/6/2008 by internos]

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