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job Hunting is a Pain

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posted on Jun, 5 2008 @ 06:50 AM
its been 3 years since i had to look for a Job
and forgot what kind of pain it is finding on


posted on Jun, 5 2008 @ 08:20 AM
oh I hear your pain. I have been here in MI looking for a job every single day for the past two months with NADA to show for it. Every day Im online in the morning filling out applications then I go out looking on the street for help wanted signs.

When I put in an app. there always seems to be 30+ other people looking besides me. I really sometimes wish those work from home adds werent scams

Hell whats worse for me is if I don't get a job real soon im gonna wind up in jail. I got child support I gotta pay.

posted on Jun, 5 2008 @ 05:28 PM
We are living in a modern world and a modern society, but also in a time of universal deceit when it is considered a revolutionary act to speak the truth. Thus calling a spade a spade can be seen as incitement of people or sedition.

Slavery is legalized but put behind a smokescreen. Today it is called temporary work. The slaves that are now called temporary employees work for a pittance that is hardly enough to survive.

The agencies (slave traders) love to employ you, especially if you are married with children and if you have a house and a car, then you are the almost perfect candidate. The reason is not hard to figure out. You are dependant and you need to toil for them. If you are in debts too, then you will be the epitome of a slave, because they will virtually own you. If you know what you are worth, then the agencies already raise an eyebrow and you are under real scrutiny and they may reject you. If you are independent without a wife to support or debts and you are being self-confident, you are not in the best position anymore.

Short-term roles can be cancelled on a whim and therefore you always have to be scared of losing your job. If you are a with a temporary agency, your slave trader, you will be given away to companies that need your expertise, but you usually won't find it a rewarding business. Slavery was in fact never rewarding for the slave. You can work everywhere and how you get to work is just your own bloody business.

Slaves who refuse to do work that they are 'officially' asked not to do, will most likely be subject to loss of pay or may even lose their jobs. Therefore it is best to 'sell' the slave as a helper (navvy) and so you are asked to do all work even with your qualifications. Qualifications are usually played down anyway and temporary agencies are telling you that you aren't as qualified as you think you are. It's nothing but playing dirty tricks to avoid paying you the money you are worth.

As a temporary employee, you will also find that you are not always considered part of the team in the company you are working with. You are only a temporary employee. Don't think about a union, if you ever have a problem because you don't have many rights as a slave. By the way, unions are a scam anyway. I love to compare unions with organization who protect you for money. It somehow reminds me of some gangster movies where criminals offer you to protect you and your restaurant against others, if you pay them. Weird, that unions remind me of that, huh?

Talking about benefits is just a big joke. Not worth mentioning. Temporary agencies are poisonous spiders, weaving their webs and trying to lure you into misery. They don't give a # who you are, they don't give a # about your life, they only see their profits. They will abuse you and afterwards someone else is taking your position. You are nothing. Don't tell me that temporary agencies are helping you, because this is a lie and the government supports this system of exploitation. People are abused as slaves and this is the truth, you cannot deny it! That's why temporary work is flourishing. If you now see that temporary work is a form of unfree labour, e.g. if you are working with a temporary agency and you are refusing your next assignment and you still have to go (you are compelled), then it is slavery again. Oh, you may still terminate the contract, yes, but the job centre won't pay you money. That makes you a slave of the government and it's corrupt system. As I already said above when the temporary agency owns you, because you cannot get away due to debts you are in, the mortgage to pay off, the wife to support etc., then you are treated like a property of another person (in this case the slave trader) and this makes you also a slave. It simply doesn't matter how you look at it, temporary work is slavery. You cannot deny the truth!


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