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Anyone with Experience in Parapsych? [Situation]

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posted on Jun, 5 2008 @ 01:31 AM
Throughout the day I and a group of others have been busy conducting various activities. All of which is relevant to this however I'm only going to go into what is most. The easiest way to give a firm grasp of the situation I feel is by posting the most recent two log entries:

DW_A0072 (Apx [unknown])
NOTE: Immediately prior to beginning this recording an extremely loud bang
was heard originating from just to the side of Cody, as he reports, the
trashcan specifically, which I concur. Also, during, a single joker card
was lifted up from the top of this computer, then dropped onto the desk.
01:23 [?]
01:30 two syllables, unintelligible, voice, soft
01:42 maybe: 'hungry' Likely referring to Cody's munching.
01:49 'excuse me'
02:54 Heard this during recording, originated from...dunno. Sounds like
radio transmission. Police radio feel and sound to it. Unintelligible.
03:05 'what?'
03:28 My voice distorted
03:27 maybe: 'listen'
03:38 My voice altered significantly.
03:55 unintelligible voice, I interrupt, unintelligible voice responds
with what seems to be 'raaa' type displeasure. Or a dramatized "I"
UPDATE: Now have reason to believe 'raaa/I' was actually Cody.
04:20 talking over and after me, unintelligible, soft
05:14 'hey'
05:39 sound, suspect chair, Cody disagrees.
05:44 very soft voice, unintelligible
06:22 Deep voice/grunt followed by another voice stating 'help me.'
06:45 Can hear card lifting off of computer.
06:46 Card falls onto desk.
07:12 extremely faint voice, unintelligible. Maybe: 'What was that" low confidence.
07:15 Sound, mechanical resemblance. Origin not our end.
07:37 my voice altered
07:54 Quite faint voice. Maybe: '# you' or '# yeah.'
08:14 Ultra faint voice, unintelligible.
08:34 Faint voice(s). Most unintelligible, one clear '#ing asshole.'
Voices continue for a time, persistent.
08:41 'Okay? C'mon.'
08:47 'April's son,' or 'April saw (it)' Likely referring to my sister. [April present today]
09:27 faint whisper. Maybe 'Gotta vote for us if we need you to.'
09:55 [?]
11:36 Faint voice 'I love you.'
11:37 'help me'
11:38 'still paying in pain I guess' or 'still paying a penny in gas'
11:41 ultra faint voice unintelligible
11:42 Sounds sorta like quick, ill-dramatic hiss.
11:46 Their remake of main portion of This Is Art
11:56 Deep grunt, same as before.
12:13 Cody suggests above noise sounded like pistol being cocked.
12:45 Sound, similar to pistol dry firing.
13:17 Cody claims not to have said this, I believe he may have, is his
voice, clear: 'No abla espanol.
13:33 Phased: 'Excuse me.' Presumably in reply to my comments about
changing position due to hearing noises near me, in order to better monitor
said area.
13:54 In response to Cody telling Buddy to get off his clothes, due to
his cat allergies 'Ha ha' sorta quick.
14:00 Horn/flatulence sound
14:11 Faint voice, unintelligible.
14:16 My voice altered, words also. Including final, 'doesn't care' to
'isn't curious' as though explaining my cat's reaction (or lack there of).
15:37 deep grunt again, possible signaling 'uh uh,' (as in no) 'nu uh' or 'uh huh'
17:21 'yeah'
18:16 "Why don't you go #er" or "Why don't you go # her."
Potentially referring female who had just arrived. [Name withheld]
18:33 Ultra faint voice, unintelligible. Maybe: 'Okay' 'Hey' 'gay' 'hate.'
19:54 'eh' as if in disgust or general displeasure with the idea I
proposed, which was to type some letters into Word Pad, just as he/she had
just brought up a program on the computer.
20:26 Faint talking and other noises, persistent, unintelligible.
20:45 Faint voice making sound, not speech, I suspect.
20:48 Faint talking and other noises, persistent, unintelligible (continued).
20:55 Faint voice: 'could you please (unintelligible)?' Unintelligible may be 'help me' but sounds as 'help meh'
21:03 [?]
21:09 [?]
22:43 [?]
23:06 High pitched frequency chirp, short, sounds same or close to what
we were experimenting with earlier. ***ANALYZE THE FREQUENCY AND COMPARE***
23:44 Faint voice, unintelligible.
23:51 Same as above.
24:06 Deep grunt again.
24:58 Very, very loud 'whisper.' Maybe: 'subtle,' for irony.
25:29 Ultra faint. Maybe: 'yeah'
25:35 Maybe: 'you think?'
26:00 Faint voice, unintelligible. Maybe 'yeeeeahhhh' or 'maaaaannnn'
26:20 'Help me'
26:46 Very faint talking and yelling. Sounds like conflict. Unintelligible.
27:12 Odd noise followed by same pitch as heard earlier.
NOTE: Since conclusion of this recording earlier, have experienced further
anomalies of high degree significance including 'feather' duster moving, and
Hot Topic card moving, both while directly in my sight, as well as the
usual activities.
NOTE2: Suspect possibility that frequency chirps heard this recording may
have been response to our EX-01 through EX-05. High confidence in success
of modulating through barrier, in absorption of barrier, of reception and
of realization as to the purpose of it, especially considering the
immediate results at the time. See DW_A0067 for details in regard.


DW_A0073 (Apx 23:20)
NOTE: This recording is addressing the many who asked for help in the
previous recording, requesting they give details of situation and how we
can assist, as well as asking anyone who can hear us, to help these entities
if possible.
02:15 Ultra faint speech. Unintelligible...
05:21 Noise, followed by ultra faint speech. Unintelligible..
07:59 Very faint. Maybe: 'So happy' or 'so hit me'
09:07 Ultra faint speech, unintelligible..
09:30 Ultra faint speech, persistent, unintelligible..
NOTE: Suggest two possibilities - Either requesters are no longer
available, or their troubles were false, hoaxes, carried out in order to
cause unneeded concern/general manipulation. Which, the second would
certainly explain their failures to actually inform us of the situation
or what is needed of us, and would also explain why so many needed so much
help all of the sudden. Seems if actual, some sort of travesty must be
occurring, or large group stumbled upon location, which happens to be in need.
UPDATE: Further possibilities are - Individuals were not asking us
specifically for the assist, and were in fact asking other entities which
were present at the time and responded in such a way that they are no
longer present and/or no longer require help. Also troubled entities may have
been unable to hear us entire time, including during help request
recording, our response recording, and currently.
UPDATE2: Situation declared unusually dangerous by party consensus, further
attempts at contact, confirmation and assist postponed indefinitely,
pending research, consult, further analysis.


I'd say it's pretty obvious as to what I'm looking for insight into, and that primarily, I'm looking for any insight regarding others experiences in assisting entities or generally interacting with entities in need of assistance. There's clearly an array of other things I'm interested in here also, insight into that is, so if you have any thoughts regarding the overall scenario which seems to be prevailing here or an aspect of it, I'd appreciate that as well.

Whatever you've got for me, if anything, I appreciate it. Thanks.

posted on Jun, 5 2008 @ 03:55 AM
While the spirits might just seem like 'ghouls' and 'monsters,' frightening and a pest comparable to cockroaches to you, they're people too. You might just end up in their exact same situation someday, unable to communicate your troubles due to afraid, annoyed or closed ears, and unable to make it without outside assistance. Those very human voices so many hear pleading for help just might be your grandfather who died so many years ago, or someday be your sons when they die years into the future. It might be all too easy to overlook something which you typically can't hear with your own ears, or see with your own eyes, but they're there - they're everywhere, and so, so many of them need your understanding, and your compassionate desire to sacrifice for those in need.

I've heard these cries for a long time, many have, the moans and begging for acknowledgment and a hand have even been mainstream, something they're near best known for. They need you, and few really pay attention to it. I've looked and looked for an answer to this, nobody has one and even the most hardcore of parapsychs seem uninterested. But a great many need your attention, for you to put some thought into this, so that maybe someone will find an answer, and ease not only their horror - but what someday might become your own.

So please, anyone with thoughts on this, please post them no matter how ridiculous they might seem to you. And if you haven't any, but have a moment to ponder the situation, please do that too. You never know what you might come up with, what affect those few minutes might have on countless people.

[edit on 5-6-2008 by cipher3]

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