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theory set-up for anti-christ figure since mid 90's

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posted on Jun, 4 2008 @ 07:18 PM
I know a lot of my theories sound unfocused and/or ignorantly prepared just I havent really been able to think well with head problems for awhile. I was just considering these tangens that were really far off from normal.

When I was found near tracks I was told arms were crossed on chest, foot away from track and without a bruise on body. Told brain was shaken so hard it caused 3 bleeds 1 big 2 small , big was in basal ganglia the operator of brain sends thoughts where they need to go. A dog was split in 2 ripped apart at the torso. Thought speed of sound caused it but never knew for sure, and now considering someone did this to me put me there.

Then a hellish torment of ignorance, amnesia, ridicule and isolation. I wrote a letter to apologize to a girl, said sorry if it looks like I am crucifying myself for you people 2 months before around no one said a word about it then about 10 months later told me repeatedly nothing happened, never really believed them 100%. I got institionalized repeatedly drugged repeatedly and for whatever reason since talked to condasendingly by town. I have been laughingstock and persecuted and family for being connected to me have been going through all sorts of things from this and before. There is nothing I can do about it anymore but if this happened I dont want the town getting away with it. Certainly not get money from some contract that was signed when I was 17 or 18 or earlier. Told nothing ever happened and I was insane for having a nervous breakdown after 9/11 and even considering this.

It's too late for me to ever get my own justice through truth at least their version of the truth. I dont worship Satan they passionately do. I will restrain myself from posting before well thought out and written and few and far between if I try do to expose something or suspect unjust prevalent. I never wanted any of this already took the fall for 6 years and so far has destroyed my life, they walk away like nothing happened possibly large sums of money richer and free sex from girls I know targeted for sport while I have crippling head on fire headaches and speculation as to how this is all possible or fits.

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