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Dream of foreign troops on US soil!!

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posted on Jun, 4 2008 @ 04:55 PM
OK since I have already posted in regards to my personal "open vision" about a tsunami I figured I'd go ahead and post about a dream I had. A dream that I feel strongly is prophetic in nature. I attribute supernatural abilities to having the Holy Spirit that every believer in Christ has and don't want anyone to get the impression I'm claiming to be psychic in the sense that you see on T.V., in my opinion it's the dark side, but that's my opinion (I know I''ll get flamed for that).
As I covered in my post about a Tsunami hitting the East coast. And when pressed to "predict" on my own accord when this event will take place, I have reason to believe it will be before the end of 09. October comes to mind but hey this guess stuff in my opening is rubbish OK. The prophecy put forth is simply the "Tsunami" will be the largest natural disaster in history and it will be soon.Moving on to the prophetic dream of invasion now.....

The dream I had, around the same time I received several vision(the Tsunami vision is one of a few others I have yet to post on) A prophetic dream is not to be confused with a "vision". This was a dream not a vision. This dream however stood out as prophetic in the dream and when awake. In this dream I was hiding out with some family members and friends in an abandon house located in a remote area. We had went out to go savaging for supplies of some sort and left the house empty for a few hours. Upon return from our savaging trip I can vividly recall entering the makeshift "home for all of us" I began to examine everything before anyone else entered. It was as if I always did this it was so real. I quickly noticed however that something wasn't quite right. I noticed that something in the house had been moved. I believe it was something to do with the basement perhaps a door to the basement that would have been our final "hideout spot" in the middle of the night if someone happen to wonder in. I turned to everyone and I can remember it well I said to them "someone has been here" and with that everyone began to more or less panic and ask what should we do. We decided to quickly move out I remember saying we must leave this place right away "gather your things", that kinda thing ya know.
So along we went through some forest area to finally we came to a clearing. I personally felt this clearing was close to water perhaps on ocean. Or I felt as if I was between state lines or something like that. This is the one thing that really isn't crystal clear just WHERE was I? I'm afraid there were no major clues to my location other than I was in the United States If had to guess It looked like West Virginia but I cant be sure so I'll move on. So as we winded out of the woods and into a clearing I began to notice the planes and a military presence just over a grassy ridge area , a little hill if you will. And then out of no where I here my name being called in panic and they were actually telling me to "RUN"!I look and see what I understood to be a U.N soldier coming straight at me with a get this.. a AK-47 and he comes right up to me and I can remember very vivid the strange position he put the rifle in. He placed the Barrel right under my chin. He actually had to stand kinda stooped to do this like you might imagine. I was froze with terror. I told them to run let me back up I left out a fact that in my dream I was limping due to hip injury so as this soldier approached me and stuck that gun under my chin I told the others to more or less leave me by yelling "run" back to them. When the soldier spoke to me I was shocked. He was speaking Russian! I was thinking this guys is from the old soviet union or some sort of Russian speaking country I don't claim to be an expert in languages. I can remember so clearly him speaking in Russian quickly followed by some broken English about "hands up". I was saying out loud "Jesus" "Jesus" as fear gripped me for a moment upon saying the name I knew I was now a prisoner..continued

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posted on Jun, 4 2008 @ 05:07 PM
I knew I was a prisoner and at the end of my journey or at least very close a this point.A calm came over me more well.. more like a resolve, not to fear from this point on. There was disdain for me coming from this soldier I could feel it. I wondered inside why he felt that way. I tried to reach out to him in my mind looking deep in his eyes to see if I could see any humanity left in this person but to no avail. I woke up.
And there you have it that concludes my dream about an invasion on U.S soil. If you have had a similar experience please post here in this thread your dream or vision given to you by the spirit of our living creator through Jesus Christ.I will be posting another major "open vision" about one of the most pressing topics of the day and age... "security" this next vision about security is one I am hesitant to share because it involves matters that are flat out scary. I'm actually not convinced I should yet. There are certain people that may not believe in the supernatural and try to accuse a person of something. Maybe it's nothing and frankly could be wrong about it being security there are a few ways one could translate it.I guess just be on the lookout for it. Just to recap if you have not read my thread about a Tsunami you should go check that out as well it ended up being fairly informative I learned allot very quickly about possible Tsunami's around the world that I had no idea about whatsoever. Not to mention i did originally post about the Tsunami on another website in 07. I think that was actually before some of this data was brought forth but I can't be positive. Either way I assure you this is no HOAX no way. I give you may word as a fellow human being a God fearing one at that! That everything I have posted in regard to my "visions" and "prophetic dreams" is the TRUTH and nothing but the TRUTH so HELP me God!

posted on Jun, 5 2008 @ 04:23 AM
Whoah, once again I had a similar dream. I was sitting outside playing my guitar, suddenly hundreds of planes just rolled by my house like it was no big deal, next thing I saw were american troops on the ground running towards me after that I ran to my basement for cover. The planes were coming from the north and as far as I can tell I was under the same impression, they were Russian.

posted on Jun, 5 2008 @ 10:15 AM
12.21.12 you are tripping me out! I'm a guitar player as well...have been ever since I was a little boy. It seems we have prophecy and guitar as common ground as well. I don't think people realize just how much is being truly revealed to God's people and prophets. Let me ask you this...
Would you say that Gods revealing this to more than one person to warn the believer?
Does any one know the likelihood of Russian soldiers or U.N soldiers advancing on U.S soil.
This thread has just sat here to my amazement do we have to be spewing rubbish about pleidians before anyone will realize that TWO human beings that don't know each other have had so far what.. 2 or 3 visions or dreams that are the same! I mean that's called a MAJOR confirmation in the Christian church realm.
Take notice people I truly believe we shall see these events unfold before our very eyes soon.

posted on Jun, 5 2008 @ 02:03 PM
I wouldn't doubt that there are a lot of other things we have in common. We both play stringed instruments, well thats interesting. I can't discuss somethings here on ATS as to why some of these things have been revealed to me or how, but I was given instruction on how I can use it and how I should not use it.

Also I can say this about my dream, it was a bright summer day (or spring) all the plants were in bloom, at first sight it just seemed like a normal, beautiful day.

Also in a different dream I have witnessed the takeover of the American people. Can you say Homeland Security? They take every man, woman and child and make them walk through metal detectors, taking their valuables and storing them in stockpiles. I have witnessed life on the inside of the detention camps as well as outside.

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