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The Real Purpose of Depopulation

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posted on Jun, 4 2008 @ 04:52 PM
.. is to fragment society.

all the recent talk about overpopulation and its assorted Malthusian (Final) 'Solutions' in the wake of food price hikes prompted me to post this thread.

isolated and emotionally crippled individuals are easy prey, by comparison, because fear is amplified under these circumstances, which renders the overwhelming majority paralysed and the rest desperate.

such a situation can easily be exploited to imprint another, usually artificial culture upon a devastated society, as the rise of Communism has clearly demonstrated. their first act was always to destroy all existing rural structures (similar to what has happened to farmland since the 1980s, but faster, within a couple of years) and replacing them with controllable centralized collectives. throttling the food supply took care of the central commitees strategy all by itself, with a little patience.

let me remind you that Communism's main shortcoming was of course the existance of an outside world, which wasn't a complete hellhole, therefore providing an alternative. if today's 'globalised' ie. controlled world order went down that path, this would most likely no longer be the case. in this regard, the Comblock could be seen as a test run.

people will maintain that the world is overpopulated, which i can agree with for other reasons (open unprovoked and undirected hostility being a good indicator), the issue of food security, is purely political, however. meat consumption for one accounts for a multiplication of consumption, a reduction by a third would yield dramatic headroom. much animal feedstock is of course imported from 3rd world countries. furthermore, one tank of E100 takes an amount of corn equivalent, which could feed you for a year, which was of course known long before the ethanol initiative because it's obvious.

iow, it took a large scale effort to sufficiently undermine food security to bring all these Malthusian slogans back into the open, that alone should tell you something about the robustness of society, i think.

so my 2c's worth: drag them out into theopen whenever you can, if they have enough time and remain unopposed, they will inevitably succeed in their cultural total war.

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