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Thanks to China

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posted on Jun, 4 2008 @ 10:43 AM
You want to know something that is a conspiracy?

If the government is spying on your computer through the internet with there computers being spyied upon and even given viruses, then doesnt that mean it is possible that if, say, China is spying upon the U.S. government's spying computers and sending them viruses, then you should be made aware to the odd alterings such would cause on your computer, correct?

So thank China for the heads up in letting you know the computer you use is being spied upon.

The U.S. is bringing other's through the back doors of computers. That's prolly why they pissed at China and wont tell the public what exactly China's spies and cyber warfare agents are compromising.

What do you all think? Any of you notice any thing odd happen noticablely oddly on the internet connected computer you've been using any moment before?

By the way, for those who read the bible, China's country is shaped like the dragon head they use as a symbol. Remember the dragon in Revelation and remember the beast that had heads with one of it's heads wounded that healed which the wolrd wondered after. The wondering caused by anything odd that happens with your computer!

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