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belive me or not

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posted on Jun, 4 2008 @ 09:29 AM

my english is not great so please excuse

I have come here today to post recent accounts in my life that I think should be known, I am just going to write my accounts and leave it there as the past few months have been a living nightmare for me.

I live a normal life in a normal town with a normal family, I get up, go to work, go home, play with my kids, eat, sit with my wife wife, then go to bed, there is nothing abnormal or strange about me or my life what so ever.

A few months back I was on my way to work (as normal) and I remember seeing a big flash, after this flash I started to get very weird sensations in my head that i cannot explain in words, all i can say is that it was very frightening, I pulled my car over into a lay by and got out of my car for fresh air, i got really dizzy and fell to the ground and passed out.

The next thing I was waking up in a smallish room that was well lit with 3 other people inside, they were like me very frightend and confused. i got up to see where i was and couldnt find any doors or windows, the room was well lit but with no lights so i knew i was somewhere very strange, one of the other people in the room was a lady who was starting to panic and scream so me and the other guys calmed her down and we sat waiting for whatever to happen,

a door appeard to the left side of this room and 2 men walked in, after a short while of more confusion the men started to explain why we were there

They said that many generations ago distant reletives from us were modified so that generations later we would be born, to cut a very long story short they said we were human but not compleatly, we were being used as observers without our knolage so they could find out more about us and our planet, I was starting to think this was some wind up but i know it wasnt. they then said that as there was a new agreement (i dont know what they meant by this) we would have to leave and go back with them, now at this point 3 very weird typical greyish looking beings walked into the room and started more or less saying the same as the 2 guys, I just freaked and to be honest i started crying like a baby, All i could think of was my wife and kids and the thought i was going to be taken away and not knowing what was going to happen

They calmed us down but not with words, i cannot explain this but it was like they coverd us with feelings of love and so we all calmed ourselfs down, but i was still begging to come back so was the girl and one of the other guys, the other guy was happy to go with them, they agreed we could come back but for a limited time then we have to leave as this is the agreement that has been made, they said we will be well looked after and have nothing to worry about,

They then took us through some doors that just appear as you walk up to them, we were seperated and taken to different rooms. I had a cup of coffee (belive it or not) then i was taken to another room, They showed me things through a small green crystal that was like a projector of there home world and there familys. they then told me to rest, then i was back in my car in the lay by,

Now i am at my wits end, I know this happend to me, and i am terrified that i am going to disapear and never see my family again, I dont know when they are going to come back for me but all i know is they will.

There is not much i can do but if there are anyone else reading this post who has had the same situation as me, then you are not alone, im sorry i cannot go into full detail, just think its something that should be known.


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