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Hold ur horses! the race is not over yet!

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posted on Jun, 4 2008 @ 03:04 AM
This is $%#@ up! I heard today after waking up that Obama Hussein declared himself the winner. Did I hear wrong? You can't do that until every vote is counted, that's our democracy. Hillary took S.D already and she's going to the convention on Aug 25th. This is where it will be decided. Not today, not tomorrow and not next week.

How dare does Obama Hussein name himself the Nominee? that's just ridiculous. Hillary hasn't quit the race and she won't. I still hope that all of you, the Obama sheep voters think about it. You are making the same mistake you did with Bush! I guess Americans don't change eh? they always vote for the worst candidate.

Still, received an email from Clinton's campaing today..and she's not quitting. Obama sheep will have to wait!

And if somehow, Obama Hussein does get to be the Democratic Nominee then i'm screwed and I will be forced to vote republican; McPain.

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