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questions from 'Crimes of the 20th century' dvd

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posted on Jun, 4 2008 @ 12:04 AM
i've got a dvd box set called "Crimes of the 20th Century" that deals with assassinations, murder, unsolved, gangsters, etc. i was watching the 'assassinations' section of it today and it raised a few questions for me that i havent been able to find any more info on.
at the end of the part on Sirhan Sirhan it said that since being in prison he has received over $100,000 in cheques all from the Teamsters union. anyone know anything about this?
also during the part on Lee Harvey Oswald it said that the bullet casings found at the scence of the Tippit murder didnt match the gun oswald was carrying. it also said witnesses described the man who shot Tippit as a 'heavy-set' man. again, i havent found any more info on these.
does anyone have any info?

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