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Factual Heritage: The -Human Alien- Connection

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posted on Jun, 3 2008 @ 04:49 PM
Encarta Dictionary:

fa'kchoo el fa'kchel

1.containing facts
involving containing, or based on facts

consisting of the truth or including only those things that are actual


1.something sombody is born to

the status, conditions, or character acquired by being born into a particular family or social class

2.riches of past
a countrys or area's history and historical buildings and sites that are considered to be of interest value to present generations

3.something passing from generation from generation to generation
something that passess from one generation to the next in a social group, e.g. a way of life or traditional culture inheritance
property or land that is or can be passed on to an heir

Why has our LEGAL INHERITANCE been denied to the common society.

I have seen so many different interesting things in my life it makes me wonder why the world is being denied the (technological aspect) of that inheritance? I know I am not from here and many others do to, so with all the great things we are learning, why is it the (Big Boy Toys) are still in the closet.

I could come in here and wield knowledge and more knowledge but the only ones that -would know- would be the ones that are included to begin with.

So far I have seen some pretty interesting things that kind of commits us to being Aliens at large.

All these different developmental states that help with clarity, the shortsightedness of our views of the world.

If I were to point us in a direction it would be with the Universal Energy at large shooting us deeper into the consciousness of spaces mind.

1.We are finding out more about ourselves then the world around us.
2. There are markers here on Earth that only those wise enough to see would own up to.
3.There are at least seven different Universes within this Universe by personality alone.
4.We are a chosen group of people connected to the family tree of eternity.
5.All science stops somewhere, where will you begin, the human biology.
6.The -ninth dimension- is now in place and in the voice of mankind.

The real question comes in as what would you consider of ours being (ALIEN TECHNOLOGY?)

I guess you could consider THE FACT that human form exists is a form of alien technology.

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posted on Jun, 24 2008 @ 05:35 PM
The Earth itself is an ALIEN PLANET, it has things that are foreign to us by detail alone, so with all these foreign things coming out from the depths of Earths soul, what would alien civilisations look like?

Would they look like ours?

Would they have the same arrangements of time based on different principles.

Are planets inhabited by SuperHumans everlasting, due to the source of potential that proceeds the cause of catastophe, or is the evolution of the planet guided by its own frequent memories, it holds onto. Does vibrational patterning play a big part of balancing out the other civilisations, such as Earth this OLD PLANET.

This old planet is very old not by science but by mind.

StarWars should ring many bells out there. For those that are in the KNOW.

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