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A Gnostic Plot to kill God in 2012? (Armageddon?)

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posted on Feb, 23 2009 @ 11:31 AM
this site has some important info about gnosticsm and the story behind jesus

Several Gnostic books were written concerning Jesus, and some remain relatively uncorrupted, however most are materially corrupted today. Jesus pointed out that the "God" of the Old Testament was not the God of Light, and He demonstrated it in many ways. He showed his disdain for fraud, murder and hypocrisy which the "God" of the Old Testament openly promoted by rewarding those such as Abraham, Sarah, Jacob, Rebecca, Lot and others for lying to kings, performing confidence games, deceiving their siblings, and having incestuous relationships with their children. Jesus demonstrated that the "God" of the Old Testament was in fact the Devil — who symbolically signifies the epitome of Darkness. The "God" of the Old Testament is a god who rules by fear and condemnation. He is such an insecure "God" that he openly declares that he is a jealous god and his acts confirm that he is an abusive and jealous god.

Jesus came to Earth to sustain the children of Light who are trapped in this Evil realm, and to expose the existence of the Evil creation and its traps for True beings. He did not come to convert the children of Darkness, nor did He come to start any earthly religions. He came to separate His own children from the children of Darkness and to show them the way Home.

posted on Feb, 23 2009 @ 10:21 PM

The only thing left to know is.... who is God? Is God good? Is God evil? Is God up there or down there or in some other spatial reality? What does God want us to know about Him?

What is this? Who are you? The answer does not alleviate pain and suffering from experience.

I would disagree, the reason we suffer is because we don't "know" spiritual reality. Suffering exists to help move us, but once we don't need to be moved any further, then the suffering stops. Suffering comes from others' egoism and, ultimately, our own.

Gnosis is not complicated, and it is not a religion. All you self proclaimed "Gnostics" are floating in your own private sea over there, but be rest assured....the sea and the ocean are one. You see borders, and you mistake it for something different.

The gnostic system and the transformation of the self is actually quite complicated. It's a process where perception changes constantly as one studies and finds truth. Someone studying gnosticism might be certain that matter is evil, then maybe lessen their stance and say it is just imperfect, ect. It really changes a lot, nothing is cut and dry I would say. I don't know what you mean by it is not a religion. I'm not sure what a private sea is but privacy is egoism, which is a trait of the demiurge. He did say after the fall of sophia that only he exists --> egoism. So as such, gnostics are very much for the unification of the sparks that is said to exist in each person.

The truth is that you cannot ever transcend matter. There is no existence which is denser or higher or lower. There is no "good" or "bad". There is no "us" VS "them". There is only ONE! All else is an illusion of the one. "We" are God. Material existence is God. Spectral, etherial, spiritual existence.... all of these vague and meaningless terms are God. Anything outside of any of these terms is God.

I'm not sure what transcending matter is, but a person can change their given nature. Bad would be egoism, that is what trapped and traps the sparks, and good is the opposite of that. People are born as beasts, one of the texts mentions this, and change needs to take place within a person, so to say we are god is a bit off. God is the opposite of egoism.

If somebody kills your entire family... give thanks. If someone gives you a meal in a time of food shortage, give thanks. If someone rapes and pillages a nation in the name of freedom and justice, give thanks. If a baby is born, give thanks. If a baby dies, give thanks. If anything.... give thanks. Appreciate it all, my friends. Let it all be. Let your personality play out exactly how it will.... let your physical and mental struggles become.... let it unfold.

God is said to be Good that does good. But the actions we feel all are experienced within egoism, so pain is a sign of the demiurges influence on us. So thanks should be given to the revelation of evil, as it is called, that we experience within ourselves.
I'll leave it at that for now.

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posted on Feb, 28 2009 @ 08:13 PM
What are you debating about, god is already dead.

posted on Apr, 12 2009 @ 07:49 PM
Hi all ....

What is going to be "destroyed" but never killed ? It is the concept of God that is going to be destroyed and when that happens the truth will at last be known. How is that going to happen? Well stick around and allow me to start the explantion. And to The Watchers sorry I just can't keep it to myself. There is soon coming events that will shatter our concept of God and will make us realize who we really are and from where we came and where we are going. When that is shown to us the "Age of God" will finally be over. It has served us well but will soon become obsolete. And The Watchers have been watching over us as shepherds for over 10,000 years and they will soon reveal themselves to us. It will be quite a day.

Don Barone

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posted on Jun, 29 2011 @ 07:35 PM

Originally posted by Blue_Sargasso
According to The Armageddon Conspiracy by Mike Hockney, Gnostics have been conspiring for ten thousand years to achieve the ultimate act of liberation - to kill the evil creator of the world and free every soul from this hell we live in. The Ark of the Covenant, the Spear of Destiny and the Holy Grail all feature in their plan.

The book contains provides a ridiculous amount of research to "prove" its case. The worrying thing is that it all seems very plausible. And according to this book, the conspiracy reaches its climax in good old 2012.

So it is possible to kill God/Satan??

You can't kill God and the whole Satan thing is a non starter really. However, you shouldn't give the books by 'Mike Hockney' any attention, they were written by a man who called himself Amado Crowley and he falsely claimed to be the son of Aleister Crowley, anyway the first time around in the 1990s that Amado wrote similar 'trilogy' of books to lure followers into his cult of sex magick, with a promise of a future book that would reveal secrets, that was called 'Quest Magick' and was a pile of drivel. So a few years go by and he is at it again. Unfortunately for his followers he died and so now they don't have the 'Soul' Camera' author. 'The Movement' is their cult, the cult of the dead Amado Crowley, who btw used to be called Mike and worked at Southampton Poly in the UK years back.

posted on Jan, 11 2012 @ 04:03 AM
reply to post by ghaleon12

Killing the False God = Destroying religions, that entrap man.
God = Us
Holy Grail = Human Body, that contains the soul (essence of god)

posted on Feb, 23 2013 @ 04:09 AM

Originally posted by gnosis111
Of all the religions aside from Greek and Egyptian mythology, Gnosticism is one of the coolest. Fantastically , of course. I do not believe in it per se as my name might imply, but it makes a lot of sense compared to mainstream Christianity. Kind of like The DaVinci Code makes sense, you know it's fiction, but it's based on truth.

I actually think that their "evil" god that created the world is actually the Catholic Church. Catholicism is the largest religion on Earth with 1.7 billion sheep under their banner. And the Gnostic s back in the day were horribly persecuted by the Catholics so it would only make sense that they would view them as evil.

Maybe 2012 is the fall of the Catholic Church, it's not too far fetched in my mind, they have many enemies. There has been 2000 years of world Catholic rule(figuratively), and if we are coming into the age of Aquarius we are at the dawning of a new era. And it WILL be the end of the world "as we know it"

OR, it could all be BS!!

Wow early 2013. You weren't off by much. You can already see a paradigm shift taking place. Good call.

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