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Where could Robbie Williams Investigate?

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posted on Jun, 3 2008 @ 08:59 AM
I,m sure most of us here would rather be searching for UFOs than doing our day job but the problem is a lack of funds.
We have to work to pay the bills so this prevents us splashing out thousands of pounds on flights to jet to all the different locations that have been mentioned in UFO folklore.
Robbie Williams is a very famous singer who if i,m correct signed the biggest deal in at least the UK, so i,m sure he has got a few pennies in the bank.
I know that he recently visted the nevada area as he has shown a great interest in UFOs, but there are many places that have been mentioned since the 70's with supposed ET activity.

The aim here would be to compile a list of places that maybe he doesnt know about but once hearing about them would be interested in visiting.

To get the ball rolling i would like him to visit Dulce as there are claims that you can see vents and people have reported seeing UFOs but as of yet there are know pictures of people on the mountain so the story still continues unproven, whether true or a hoax.

This is only an idea if he would be interested in visiting places on behalf of abovetopsecret as he has been in contact with springer and i think Robbie Williams could be a great great asset to the site and the future of UFO investigation.
This would also serve as a list for people living close to places mentioned who maybe never knew about the stories surrounding them.

posted on Jun, 3 2008 @ 09:32 AM
Robbie go to the ECETI ranch of James Gillilands we just got back from there a week ago and saw loads of ships in the night sky. James asked me to try and get in touch with you and let you know he would love you to visit.

So if you're reading this give him a buz he is the real deal. I looked you up in the phone book mate but no dice. :-) If you go mid week there will be no punters there so you can chill incognito and not have any hassles , even on the week end they only get a hand full of people.

If you live in the USA and have a few spare bucks ....make a trip you will not be disappointed .

We came all the way from Hong Kong and cant wait to go back for me it was life changing.

Or hire a Spanish interpreter or get your super hot latina girl friend and go see what Christian Soldano is up to "search christian soldano" on you tube... he has been getting lots of regular footage.

Robbie the ET's have awakened you and shown themselves to you for a reason help open the eye's of humanity and help usher in a new age ..... keep up the good work!

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