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A real American campaign: Never vote Conservative

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posted on Jun, 3 2008 @ 08:48 AM
Since there is a A real American campaign: Never vote Liberal topic I'll make the counter arguement.

First, It took the Republicans less than one term to destroy the country. 4 years under GOP rule in every branch of government destroyed the surplus left to us by that evil liberal Clinton. We had a surplus that was WASTED on Iraq. A country that had no WMDs or ever attacked America and has a better human rights record than Saudi Arabia, North Korea, and other nations we haven't attacked.

Spending has been out of control under the Republicans. More of OUR TAX dollars have been given to Big Oil then ever given to the poor. In six years the GOP gave more Tax Money to billionaires than the poor have recieved ever through welfare. That's right. Billionaires making record profits have been given more of MY and YOUR tax payer dollars under Bush then every poor person in history through welfare.

Not to mention the 69million given to Osama Bin Laden in June of 2001... Maybe we could have paid for better airline security with that 69million dollars?

Civil Rights? Conservatives are SUPPOSED to stay out of our homes and lives. Oops, they've won a Presidential election based on going into your bedroom and telling you what to do. Yep, who cares if people are dying for oil and Halliburton profits as long as gays aren't allowed to exist. They've prevented Americans from being treated the same as everyone else. That is against the American Way!

And of course pedophilia. No I'm not talking about the Child Sex Ring ran out of the White House in the 1980's. I'm talking about more modern cases like the one ran out of Texas protected by Alberto Gonzales. Or of course the infamous Mark Foley. A man who was made head of abused and missing childrens committee AFTER the GOP found out he was a pedophile. Or GOP Party Leader Bobby Stumbo who sodomized his friends 5 year old son. Or Republican prosecutor John David Roy Atchison who was appointed by Alberto Gonzales as the Assistant AG who of course did nothing but rape a 5 year old girl.

Bill Of Rights? Right now the GOP is fighting to protect phone companies who illegally wiretapped Americans. And of course protesting got the AMISH on the TERRORIST WATCH LIST. Yep, the Amish are terrorists. 4-6? Oops, you can be detained forever without being told of the crime in Gitmo Bay.

Soldiers? Bush and the GOP are currently fighting a bill that would support the troops. They always do this. What, more money to the veterans who fought for our country? VETO! What, use a different company that will sell better armor for less? EVIL! How dare you want to actually spend money on US Troops when that money could go to Halliburton.

EDIT More Links

2 GOP Presidents outspending every other president combined

Money given to Osama by GOP in June 2001

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