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Space Daily offline due to severe server ETA

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posted on Jun, 3 2008 @ 07:55 AM
I received this via email yesterday:

Dear Readers,

Most of the SpaceDaily network is currently offline due to a major fault at our ISP in Houston

A critical server in our network is impacted by this fault causing major disruptions to our entire network.

The "fault" involved the complete destruction of a power hub at a very large datacenter in Houston.

Three walls were blown out and extensive damage occurred to the power and network systems.

No one was killed or injured. However, the extent of the explosion was that the backup power systems were no longer usable.

There are probably some 100,000 web servers offline due to this outage of which we have some 25 sites of our own impacted.

There are over 7500 customers impacted at this ISP server farm and it's Rackshack's original datacenter in Houston and as such filled with legacy systems. Expect quite a few issues across the commercial Internet in the next few days.

I will send a new batch of newsletters when services are fully restored in a couple of days.

our mail system is offline - please use instead.

Simon Mansfield
Publisher group

I link to space daily images, and i am sure others do, too. This will explain those broken links.

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