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Black entity (lucid dream?) last night.

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posted on Jun, 3 2008 @ 06:05 AM
Hi all, this will be an oddly unscientific post for me but hey, it was a dream (I think...) and they aren't objective scientific things I guess.

Well this happened last night anyway. I was in bed and having some normal dreams as far as I could tell. Suddenly though I woke up a few hours in and felt like there was something 'bad' or I guess 'evil' in my room.

I know that's cliche' now, what with the sleep paralysis information about, but I wasn't paralysed and I wasn't particularly scared either (I kind of was later though). At first I just sort of ignored it but as the night went on it kept happening.

Every 30-60 minutes (I thought... there's no way to confirm it) I'd wake up and feel 'it' there. I should say that I at least thought I was awake during all of this, I mean it could have been that I was dreaming vividly. Eventually I sort of got up some form of courage and looked at it, but I couldn't see it, it was almost just like the darkness was a bit more dense there and I was probably half asleep. I think for some reason when I looked at it I got more worried.

So again, that kind of worried me, but after a little bit of time looking at it I sort of tried to 'will' it out of my room. I don't know what I did, but I seem to remember trying to not fear it, although I think it was clear to the thing and myself that I actually was somewhat afraid. It didn't seem to go away.

Eventually I fell asleep again after 'failing' at making it go away as far as i could tell so I started having other dreams. I ended up having a particularly strange one where I seemed to think I was god, or A god and I had some sort of power. It was almost as if someone was telling me it though because I didn't know myself. It turned out I was only semi-omnipotent or something though, it was a bit weird and not worth speaking about...

So yeah, I wake up and it's morning, nothing is in my room and I feel like a nut.

As mentioned this is all a bit 'silly' for me really, I'm not particularly spiritual or anything in my beliefs and I am always up for evidence over anecdotal stuff.

Any thoughts on what this was all about regardless? It just strikes me as odd because I swear I wasn't asleep while this stuff was happening and if I wasn't, what the hell was I thinking? What was going on. @_@ Ergh.

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posted on Jun, 3 2008 @ 06:54 AM
This might be able to help you...My dream

I also dreamt of a darkness, and this dream was shown to be a cross roads between my scientific mind and my spiritual mind.

Its a shame the other thread is dead it was actually quite helpful.



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