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Those against change, for another Bush term

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posted on Jun, 3 2008 @ 04:24 AM
It’s a shame this forum has been flooded with such garbage, propaganda that we all are suppose to be against. It’s as if these people behind these threads ignore the very slogan, the very foundation this forum was created upon, "deny ignorance". What’s most pathetic about these threads aren’t just the personal attacks on Obama and anybody who has differences in opinion but the hypocrisy in these threads.

There’s argument that Obama supporters are not defending themselves hence the surge of these anti-Obama threads but quiet frankly most people have better things to do, we don’t like wasting our spare time with childish threads every time we're on the forum and we’re certainly aint going to debate with some rumor you fellas got because for the most part you got the Bush plugs in the ears, it worked all these years during the flaws of the Bush administration and so you continue to close yourself the truth. You people never listen, America can post its blame for issues on this kind of ignorance, its damn shame people intend to drag this nation through further hard times.

For the last two weeks or so we have threads like these below flooding the ATS politics board:

Barack Obama has an infantile mentality.

You Obama Sheeple are scary ..

A real American campaign: Never vote Liberal

The Democrats' Dirty Secret -Black Votes Counted More Than White Votes

Notice these threads are all personal, none of them contain relevant issues for voting in POTUS, they only contain insults towards those who share different views, xenophobia/fear mongering and propaganda. Have a good look at these examples of what’s been posted here on ATS, this kind of garbage got the US into Iraq, this kind of garbage helped the deaths of those 4000 great men and women all for a war on oil, this kind garbage voted in president Bush for a second term, the president with the lowest rating in US history. It is this kind of garbage, this attitude the republicans have been using for the past several years that got the US to where is today. Some people love to include democrats as well but I’m sorry, liberals were told to shut up and support a war and policies during the early 2000s, we had little choice and look where the nation is now. This garbage being posted all over ATS helped the Bush administration to get away with lying. Its damn shame people are going against true republican principals.

People never learn from history, they continue to listen to such garbage not really because they believe in it but because it’s an excuse to act and vote in a certain manner. The Bush administration failed to lead the US, they had two chance s but failed and I dare anybody to argue with me on this fact. Yes people want to vote in somebody who intends to follow the same path, keep troops in the same pointless war and continue this fear mongering, this distrust between everybody all because it benefits them in some way. This is why people choose to believe in this crap posted on ATS, because it suits their lives, their not affected by war, they don’t live in poverty, they don’t suffer from the economy under Bush and his cronies, they aren’t marginalized, so its convenient for them to give into this garbage.

Sheep? This is what I’m hearing now; Obama supporters are sheep, as if the last 7 years Bush supporters, Limbaugh supporters and libertarians have not been sheep. Bush lied to everybody, he played everybody for fools and it worked out for him, he used the same tactics the above threads are using and he got people to vote for a war of lies. He played everybody for fools but the biggest fools are the ones still following him today, the ones targeting Obama and voting for the Bush third term. No no my friends, I know Bush is a liar, I know the republican party stinks of lies and corruption, you can say what you want about the democrat party but the republicans were in power for the last 7 years, they messed up in the white house and yet we still see these pricks conveniently turning their heads from the real source of issues caused in America and wanting to get these people back in the white house. It’s just beyond my understanding.

Obama supporters are not sheep; they want to end the war and 8years of arrogance and ignorance. After the Iraq war, Hurricane Katrina, the failing economy and this rise in religious discrimination, damn straight I cant blame people for getting excited over a different candidate opposed to a Bush third term. Heck if this was Hillary Clinton I would still be excited. If you cant understand why liberals are excited, powered up and ready to support somebody other than a republican who will follow Bushes path then you can consider yourself "sheep" because surely the last 7 years indicates a failure in leadership for any rational thinking person.

This whole race card thing is getting out of hand. Liberals accuse republicans of using racist tactics and fear mongering to discredit Obama, republicans accuse Obama supporters for accusing them of being racist simply because they choose not to vote for Obama who happens to be black. First off I don’t see Obama supporters outright accusing all conservatives of being racist, this is obviously an over exaggeration, is this happening? Yes but only by a small fraction. The majority of these righties whining about this issue are same ones posting these propaganda threads accusing Obama of being Muslim, so go figure why the accusation of racism is flying around, because you are being one. Then you accuse the man of being a racist Christian and this is where hypocrisy comes in and my do some people conveniently miss it out. Just because you support McCain or Hillary doesn’t make you a racist but I think it’s in your right to accuse a person of being racist when they accuse you or somebody else of being something you’re not simply because of your family heritage.

posted on Jun, 3 2008 @ 04:27 AM
Oh yes this pathetic cry about how 90% of blacks are voting for Barack Obama is just stupid. As if for the last 300years there wasnt slavery, segregation and another 40 years of discrimination to this very day, and these people cant understand why blacks vote the way they do? Considering the time and time again an old white man is been voted in as president, and then out of no where comes a black candidate that appeals across all racial lines and cultures. Here's the chance, possibly the only chance for a long time to vote for a black candidate that actually has a chance to become the first black president and these people cannot understand why 90% are voting for Barack Obama?? They seem more than happy to ignore the KKK, neo-nazis and the anti-muslim far right bigots who support the republican party yet their willing to be all "rightous" to bring up the "racism" card when it comes to the democrats. Hypocrisy I tell ya...

The GOP never gave a rats ass about minorities, so why don’t you question yourselves and your party for that matter and while your at it, explain why all republican candidates chose not to turn up to any minority rallies during January February and March? Atleast Huckabee had the balls to express his disgust towards the republican party over that matter, not that I can expect anything more from the right wing. I think these naggers full well understand why 90% of blacks are voting in the way they do you know? Its the "hey, let’s reverse blame so attention isn’t put on us." tactic.

Obama will be the democrat presidential nominee and some of you can say what ever you want against that, either way he will become the nominee. It would have benefited both republicans and Hillary supporters if Hillary was to become the presidential nominee but she didn’t. Limbaugh’s operation chaos didn’t work out. This propaganda and fear mongering didnts work and it certainly didnt in the northern mississipi campaign, or the louisiana state campaign and so far all it seems to be doing is creating distrust by the few Bush and hillary supporters.

These threads being posted are the result of personal anger and fear, partly because of how close Barack Obama is to the white house. It’s dissapointing to see how low these "adults" are stooping to and all because they fear change. The very fact that their threads involve mostly rumors, propaganda and personal anger indicates the impact the Obama nomination is having on these clowns.

To all the democrats and undecided, don’t allow their ignorance to take control as it did in 2004, keep true to the constitution and true values. Here's the chance to stop the Bush administration and their corruption over the years, here’s the chance to get back at the Bush/McCain sheep and teach them a lesson on what a true patriot is. Don’t vote for a Bush third term, don’t even bother with these disgruntled posters, just remember the real situation here and the opportunity America has to change things around.

Those who do not fear change will move forward.

[edit on 3-6-2008 by southern_Guardian]

posted on Jun, 3 2008 @ 07:44 AM
Do me a favor that no Obamacan or Clintonist has been able to do.

Define "change" and exactly what you think your candidate will do.

If you think they're going to pull out of Iraq - you're wrong

If you think they're going to invent the electric car - you're wrong

If you think they're going to lower gasoline, food, and energy prices - you're big time wrong

It doesnt matter if they are democrat or republican. They can't do these things of "change". What will they do about oil? Tell OPEC "Lower Prices or we'll SUE YOU!!!!"

Yeah that wont invoke higher prices. And what court will it go to? The united nations?

Will you please stop and think before you say "CHANGE"
because even the founding father of this farse movement hasnt defined what it is. Not even in his racially hate-filled "speech" and constant flip flopping. If they want to 'change' then they should 'change' themselves and stop flipflopping.

posted on Jun, 3 2008 @ 09:05 AM
reply to post by ybab hsur

And therein lies the trap they've set for themselves.

If Obama wins, once elected, the Demos will have both houses of Congress and the Presidency. It's going to be time to either 'put up or shut up.' They've spouted a lot of partisan rhetoric, made a lot of accusations over the last 8 years, as well as a lot of promises that they haven't kept for reasons they blame on the Bush administration. With Congressional approval ratings even LOWER than those of President Bush and currently hovering around 18%, the Democratic honeymoon will not last long at all. They're finally going to have to get some work done...quickly.

Indeed, the time for excuses and unfulfilled campaign promises may soon be over.

posted on Jun, 3 2008 @ 10:18 AM
reply to post by vor78

Very well put, Vor

I love the perspective you took on that, its one i've rarely explored :-)

Vor is right. Its one thing to say "bush is bad" b/c of his approval rating, but when you compare it to a democratic congress...who's approval rating is much get my drift

Americans are fed up wtih politicians all together.
Since i've joined this board i've been labeled a far right winger. Well if that makes you sleep better at night, me what you will, but if you call me that, then that, by very defintion, makes you a liberal.

Its the liberals turn, and its time that liberals realized that its a politicians fault, and nobody elses.

This will turn out just like the democratic nomation race.
The libs complained and moaned and groaned about gore vs bush
and now they're eating their words

Oh man i cant wait for 2009. It'll be the beginning of the first full year, where liberals and democrats finally, and irrefutably, reveal their ultimate prime directive: Looking out for #1, themselves.

posted on Jun, 3 2008 @ 02:58 PM
I'll vote for a Democrat even though I'm a Republican; if they even so much as hint at giving the country back to the taxpayers.

Now with the neocons; the country is in the hands of the lobbyist and their
corporate masters, leaving the small businessmen, entrepreneurs and self employed out twisting in the wind; Without the subsidies and tax breaks and benefits afforded the corporate scumbags. With their off shore accounts and fancy lawyers, accountants and PR firms.

I voted for R. Paul today in the primaries.

I'll also vote for a national health insurance plan. Go ahead and throw out the old tired, trite socialized medicine label if you feel you must. It's BS.
I want the same Health plan my congressman gets.

The neocons have almost wreaked the economy. Yeah, I'm voting for change! McSame is no Change.
My business grew and prospered under Clinton. Now I am seriously considering chapter 13.

It's the economy STUPID!!!!

You so called conservatives are letting your ideology get in the way of using good sense. The GOP isn't the same party anymore. It's not conservative, it's been corrupted by big business. Try voting for the working man this time. I am.

[edit on 3-6-2008 by whaaa]

posted on Jun, 3 2008 @ 03:31 PM
reply to post by whaaa

You're welcome to vote for whomever you want. If you believe that Obama is the best candidate in this race, you should vote for Barack Obama. Just remember that the Republican party hardly has a monopoly on the type of behavior that you describe in your post. Neither party establishment is worth a nickel and while Obama speaks of change, he's essentially just going to be rubber-stamping the Harry Reid/Nancy Pelosi agenda.

But again, if those are the views you favor, Barack Obama is your man.

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