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Look! A newb!

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posted on Jun, 3 2008 @ 04:14 AM
Omg where?!

Oh hey

I'm not sooo new, I've been here a month or two, lurked over a year but just in the last few weeks started to participate in discussion.

Cool place you've got here, the level of intelligence is head and shoulders above any other forum community I've been apart of over the years. I'm new to ATS but not so new to the subjects surrounding the very strange.

Aliens/UFO's have always interested me from a very young age, I remember watching documentaries about them all through elementary school and having discussions with my mom about them all the time. Sci-fi in general I think is fascinating, I guess it somewhat goes along with being a computer geek

My main interest in the realm of alternative science is actually origins of man. For me this is in the context of heliocentric diffusionism, which is what the works of people like Graham Hancock, David Hatcher Childress, Michael Cremo and others go into. Incredibly interesting stuff!!

I'm a natural skeptic but I like to be entertained and can appreciate many of the stories that float around the community based solely on that, as long as someone isn't trying to profit to some absurd degree. *cough* Jeff Peckman *cough*cough* Sorry, getting over something.

So far I think ATS is a great place to explore otherwise "fringe" ideas with people of similar mindset. The only thing that scares me here, is how religion seems to seep into seemingly completely irrelevant discussions and poison the entire exchange

It turns everyone into an apologist regarding their views, people start getting afraid to speak because someone is waiting to apply a generous helping of God to it. Ah well.

About me, uhh.. I'm a network engineer as it stands but I'm about to go back to university to take Anthropology, looking for a career change.
I'm into writing, mostly non-fiction but I've dabbled in a little fiction. I listen to Coast to Coast AM every single night, like I am at this moment (lame show tonight btw)

Oh oh question, I have a question!

Ok I get the stars deal for posts, where you can give people stars for not being a weirdo, but what does it mean to receive applause for a post? I know it shows up in your in your members page but how does one get applause and how do you give someone else applause?

For listening to my rambling, some links

Graham Hancock
David Childress
Michael Cremo
Gregg Braden
Edgar Cayce Foundation
Daily Grail
Robert Bauval
Coast to Coast AM
Conspiracy Central - Torrent Tracker

Graham Hancock - Quest for the Lost Civilization [YouTube Playlist]

posted on Jun, 3 2008 @ 04:33 AM

I'll bite I'm a n00b to

Anyhoo I have actually been on this site many, many times over the years but just recently decided to join I enjoy all the topics and I'm glad I'm not alone I'll check out those links I think I've seen most if not all I'll see


posted on Jun, 3 2008 @ 04:44 AM
Hello 1-Cent and Slayer....I'm a noob too, and still taking baby steps here. Although I've been adopted, which is wonderful! There is a thread that you can go on if you want to be adopted and have someone show you the ropes. If I know how to post a link to it I would, but I was on it yesterday, so it won't be too far back on the recent posts page.

1-Cent...I love that you are a sceptic who is willing to explore, but don't let the religion thing scare you. What I've found here...and this seems to be an indrecibly well run that, for once, it's ok to talk about spirituality and science in the same breath, and no-one flames you for it. It's a revelation! (and I've had some REALLY bad experiences on other sites that I just don't go to anymore) It's also ok for you know to have that as part of your narrative. It's just how people are....we tend to see all stuff in terms of what makes us tick.

Happy posting.


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