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Emergency Powers

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posted on Mar, 3 2004 @ 01:04 AM
Im sure most people on this site know what the emergency powers are in time of extreme emergencies and how civil liberties will be lost and martial law implemented with governors of each state gaining massive power to act as needed. Im curious to what everyones opinions of the Emergency Powers are??
Do you think they will be needed, or are they just another way for the NWO to be spun into action? Would chaos in society happen and if so, would that be better than having a form of government telling us Americans what to do? If you dont believe in them, what would you fo to combat the issue of martial law and loss of civil liberties?

posted on Mar, 8 2004 @ 02:03 AM
On an aside note for mods, it would be nice to see some
of the topics in this area all tied together in one spot.
Hmmmm. Same is true in many other broad topics.

Dreamz, as you have pointed out, there is at least one topic here that outlines executive orders for FEMA, etc.
that have developed over the last 40 years. They are the source of several NWO theories as well. A thumbnail
of one topic here goes like this:

During the Cold War, Congress established elaborate and rather luxurious survival facilities
in the mountains of West Virginia. Presumably, while the American "common folk"
would be incinerated, the privileged could survive and guarantee the
continuity of government and civilization based on their own criteria for human survival.

BTW, It was on this premise that in 1964, the great film Director Stanley Kubrick created the classic "Dr. Strangelove."

I think the closest related forum to this one would be:

Where the emergency powers come into play is if there
were the ultimate disaster, a decapitation of our "elected" government.
I recall Tommy Franks on the news awhile back stating
to the effect that if Al Quaeda were to nuke us, then
it would be martial law the next day. The intent of
the emergency powers is to provide "worse case"
authority to continue this Republic if it is be-headed.
That would be an ugly world. And you just may be on
your own. The only place civil liberties might sorta exist
would be where ever there would be organized forces
under the (temporary) authority of these executive
orders. If these forces are not cohesive enough to
restore the Republic, than it's a brave new world.

Hate to cause any nightmares or anything, but has anyone
noticed that this administration is almost unique in
keeping the President and Vice President geographically
separated. Media comments tend to be low key as well.



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