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Have theories other side of supposedly non existant conspiracy might be playing games with me

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posted on Jun, 2 2008 @ 04:35 PM
Some disturbing emails I got recently... made me think of Seinfeld episode -- Kramer talking to Postmaster colonel saunders Newman is brought in hands tied with bucket over head Kramer "Newman is that you" him saying "Just tell the world my story"
Got 4 from I think people in town using few sentences and letters messed up dont know what intentionally implied . Describing graphic acts and derogatory terms and links to porn sites. Then today...
5. Expeience Delicious Gevalia Coffee: 3 coffee's for $3 and FREE Travel Mug OptOutRequests, 1102 Third Ave. Suite 501, Huntington WV 25701 unsubscibe HomeBusinessConnection 1595 S mount Joy St. Elizabethtown PA 17022
translated backwards through sylabelles: " gum levar t eer f dna 3 rof (rough) 3 see ffoc ail a veg suoiciled (suicide ciled) ~ec neir (near) epxe"
4. Defeat Toenail Fungus Problems Now! Herbal Groups, INC 15805 Stagg St. , Van Nuys CA 91406
translated backwards through sylabelles: "won smel borp (burp) su gnuf (enough?) lian eot (lia neo t(cross symbol)) raefed (raped)
3. Now is the time to get pre-season deals on the pool of your dreams
backwards sylabelle: smaerd (smeared) r u oy fo loop (if "d" before) eht no s laed no saes-erp teg (tag) ot (overtime) emit si (yes spanish) won
2.Free access to the best recipes , click here the ALOT Recipes Toolbar (strawberries in pic)
1. Job openings in your area Ever wish you knew about REAL (next line) work-from-home oppurtunities? We'll give you 5 of the best in world
to unscribe from list contact P.O. box 784 Stony Brook NY 11790
2 locations of hospitals(stony brook & huntington) I have been in each more than once along with possible numerical codes and usually words backwards doesnt represent sentences, I dont know maybe
then while writing this down on pad
New email Become an X Ray Technician get the right images find your X ray Degree get the right diagnosis write to 800 Fl Camino Real Suite #180 Mountain View, CA 94040 to unsubscibe send to Pulse Demand, 6170 W. Lake Mead Blvd., #609, Las Vegas ,NV 89108
I know how this sounds if anyone doesnt believe me wants to check for self the emails are still in my mailbox

posted on Jun, 2 2008 @ 05:30 PM
these I though might have been local...
excellent fvd j Female kangaroo close -- from (--------------)2911...
top fi lch Movie loss lion brown detail held fraction join agree tone shut
separate beautiful fit range vesselrck a l corner again out effect blow stem peace copy grand bottom tiger slowly fog sister.
hot pfe n Daughter both stairs they -- from victor----ett1648
sexy zi izp Bolwjobs skilled orange much settle arrange future inch dark ease
ccb yoi list hear fly roll content vary natural
sexy dkw qu Lady adjustment rhythm -- from ------hunton706688
respect.dear niv Movies black harmony uncle might cruel the son smell strawberry chin
farm quart minute.
tq q l attatch held proper acquaintance they arm
our berry yard request half record.
darling td Pictures mud carriage -- from haley-----7642
best x Girlfriends wolf work address quiet collar hammer stead flight remember
fixed crime stairs music truck me.
ivf c swallow sweat almost caught bus remain

posted on Jun, 2 2008 @ 05:36 PM
There's no conspiracy here.

You've simply become the target of spam bots. The random strings of text like that is simply their way of getting by the spam filter of your email client.

posted on Sep, 15 2008 @ 03:47 PM

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