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To Mr.FBI or CIA or whom it my concern..

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posted on Jun, 3 2008 @ 11:45 AM
Don't take a deep breathe, there's no room for air. Your chest is so puffed
out now it's ridiculous.

A man for all seasons, huh ? Yet ready to sell out to anyone that covers
"your butt".

A seer ? A psychic ? I think you blow a lot of smoke.

Okay, so, . . . if a mother serves leftovers for thirty years, where is the
original meal ?

posted on Jun, 3 2008 @ 11:47 AM

Originally posted by firegoggles
reply to post by Mad_Hatter

Thanks man. I guess I should have googled it or something lol! Who would think you can apply for the CIA online of all things. See just when I think I know something ...

p.s. From what I've seen being on the sound team during the election. The secret agency stuff is more like TV than you think.

Oh dear.

Not sure how much of an asset someone would be to the CIA if they can't figure out using Google to find something. Surely they have a higher criteria than that?
But, look on the bright side, if the CIA is full of people that incompetent we have nothing really to worry about. lol.

What makes you think that all CIA employees will be saved, they won't need all of them. Or maybe any of them.

You might want to clue up on some CIA 'training' videos -

Mission Impossible and sequels.
Indiana Jones movies
24, season 1, 4 and 5.
Mary Poppins.

Mention you have watched them at the interview.

Other movies that help you train for a career in a certain field.

Top Gun - USAF
Star Trek movies - Navy or USAF.
Independence Day - President of the US.
The Client - Lawyer.
Marathon Man - Dentist or Nazi.
Shaun of the Dead - Zombie.

[edit on 3-6-2008 by Marsrising]

posted on Jun, 3 2008 @ 12:04 PM
reply to post by SIEGE

I'm sorry but the answer I have been looking for has been given. It appears taking in some college for a few years is the only way in.
Oh and I really didn't mean for it to come across as prideful.I'm confident however.
As for as my special abilities they are a gift of the holy spirit and I suppose I should refer to it as such. I refereed to this as psychic phenomena only because everyone here relates to it and the minute your start using "Christianese" around here people throw you under the buss right away.I want to direct you to the thread I have started with my visions and other people are posting the same vision.These gifts are real sir.Read the thread here:'

posted on Jun, 3 2008 @ 12:12 PM

Originally posted by Marsrising

Shaun of the Dead - Zombie.

[edit on 3-6-2008 by Marsrising]

That remark just kills me

a certain Michael Jackson video comes to mind as well

good luck

posted on Jun, 3 2008 @ 12:18 PM
I have to bite on this... Ok so it is apparent that you are not looking to join because you believe the same ideology as those "powers that be" you seem to be fishing to save your own butt because you are a coward.

You fear death, you wish to make it known that you will submit your well being to save your own skin. Well, let me tell you, this is a weakness.... those "powers that be" cannot allow cowardice and weaklings to "infiltrate" their seemingly complicated web of deception and hunger for power.

If they want you they will contact you and not the other way around. There are rules, and regulations.... Terms and conditions... the reason only one third will live is because it is this one third that actually falls within guide lines and has what it takes to be....

We are their mice, they watch and take notes on each and every one of us. Who ever can make it through the maze most efficiently, and not show any form of weakness or uselessness along the way are given the opportunity to become hand plucked from the maze and shown how silly the rest of the mice really are. Running around aimlessly and talentless without ambition and passion.

However I wish you luck and Godspeed on your en devour....

(This is not meant to be offensive, only to shine light on the subject at hand)

posted on Jun, 3 2008 @ 12:53 PM
reply to post by parry noid

You know I wanted to defend myself when reading the last two posts(the one was funny so I said bah) and in a way I am but in a way you could be right. And you know what else. It's easy to get carried away with subject matter on this form perhaps that's a lack of restraint with your rigid logic.I understand that viewpoint.
Or perhaps you completely right maybe I am a coward or maybe I have a gut feeling many of us will suffer a slow and gruesome death by plague and I know what it's like to watch loved ones die.I know what it's like to sit by and watch someone you love so much drown in there own lung fluid, when there was nothing that could be done any further.
Maybe I'm a coward or just maybe I love my wife so much I don't want to watch her suffer.I would guess we will go through a period of calm before the storm and my thoughts were to just get a job that would last and self preserve.
However the words of Christ do come to mind "he who seeks to save his life will lose it" so perhaps I should just be like the rest of us sheeple and sit by and watch us all die horrible deaths. I just hope I don't feel like I could have prevented by taking measures that ARE within anyones grasp that sets there mind to a thing.I just hope I don't have to witness the suffering of people I love in a world gone mad in a world that has rejected it's creator for the most part. In a world that is Godless.So ya maybe I'm a coward.. or maybe not.Any ways it's just a discussion board and that's all. It more than likely won't ever develop simply due to the fact I believe there isn't time left for the whole procedure to develop. So the more I have discussed it the more I distance myself from the idea in the first place to be honest. I just keep coming back to it for some reason each time I try and forget the idea.It would seem from all indication I should stay topside and focus on helping where I can.Go back to school regardless to excel in a field that WILL make a difference.After that?Well "come what may".But doing nothing like so many will and do.THAT SEEMS COWARDICE to me. Any way thanks for your input never the less.

posted on Jun, 3 2008 @ 02:09 PM
reply to post by firegoggles

As I mentioned there was no offense meant in my post. I understand exactly what you mean, Everyone in my family died by my 18th birthday, My brother and I are all that is left. Tell me I don't know what it is like to watch someone die. I have witnessed several deaths in my life, I have also saved several lives along the way such as a family of 4 from a destroyed vehicle that was tipped on its side and leaking gas with the potential to explode. Only to have the police stiff arm me in the chest and threaten my well being upon arrival to simulate taking control of the situation, when I had already taken control. I have seen my fair share of death and destruction, and I too have my own family now. I do not wish to see them die as they are all I have by I no longer fear death.

All you must remember to keep your wits about you is, life is a dream my friend, it's here and then it's gone. If you are meant to die then it will happen as there is no escaping fate. You have free choice for a reason, and joining with the forces of evil is not that reason. Think about it, you wish to not see those you love die, but you are willing to sign up for the death squad itself.
The ones responsible for the killings and destruction and you are willing to give it all up to be a part?! that is Cowardice, wouldn't you rather spend your last moments fighting rather then live on running and killing innocent civilians?

You have the choice, I only want to show you both sides.

posted on Jun, 3 2008 @ 02:40 PM
Parry Noid is right :

Believe in yourself. Believe your beliefs. Be who you are, but believe.

Don't let the bastards get you down.

Taking one for the human side of humanity is better than being used as
a voodoo doll and stuck with sharp pins until you recant everything that
makes us good.

posted on Jun, 3 2008 @ 02:56 PM
The Skills Required In Order To Be a Real CIA/DIA/NSA/FBI Agent

For those of you who truly are looking into getting into the
intelligence game, I can offer you some VERY specific advice.
These skills can ALL be learned to an intermediate level
within two years, but DON'T expect them to allow you
to be like James Bond with the "Company" Credit Card
to help you jet off into the sunset with Pussy Galore!

There are two types of intelligence agents:

1) Homesteaders

2) Horse-riding Pioneers

In the NSA/DIA/CIA/FBI you have field agents (i.e. Horse-riding Pioneers)
and desk noids (i.e. Homesteaders) and they have very DIFFERENT jobs and
it is unlikely that (at least in the USA) that you will be doing BOTH!
It's ONE or the OTHER. - Make your choice as to what you want to be!

The Desk Noid will be spending their days looking
at websites, googling, phoning, photoshopping, interviewing,
phototaking & videotaping, translating, writing reports,
preparing and testing audiovisual gear, drawing maps and
mining data for small nuggets of information
and of course presenting that data verbally,
visually or in written form.

The only thing dangerous you'll ever partake in is the
office spitball fight against the IT DEPARTMENT (Who'll win
because they calculate their trajectories better!)

Desk Noid jobs are BORING for athletes, outdoor-types,
horse-riders and police beat officers because like I said,
it is UNLIKELY you will every leave the outside of the buildings
in Ft. Meade, Virgina, Maryland, Langley, Baltimore, etc.
during any typical day.

The irony of the matter is that Desk Noids will ALWAYS be better paid
than Field Agents because Brains NOT BRAWN are important here.
And although many think the field agent will have more fun,
the downside is that you might get shot at and death
just doesn't become me or you Desk Noids!

Being better paid and less likely to receive a 9mm slug in the butt, there
are a few prerequisites which require your attention if you want to be
a NSA/DIA/CIA/FBI Desk Noid.

I can definitely tell you that your recording and writing skills had
BETTER BE TOP NOTCH and you MUST be able to explain the difference
between Your and You're and There, They're and Their because written
words WILL BE ACTED UPON and those wrong names, places, dates, times
or bad spellings MAY get someone killed and it will be YOUR A** on the line!

Data YOU RESEARCH AND COMPILE will be sent to field operatives
and some of them will be acting violently upon YOUR DESK WORK,
so make sure is factual, timely, corroborated, researched
and peer-reviewed because ONE or MORE PEOPLES' lives
will depend upon it!


posted on Jun, 3 2008 @ 02:59 PM

Top 3 Skills We Want:

1) Due Diligence and Perserverence on Personal Research!

I cannot stress this enough!

If I ask you that I need information, I need YOU to be able
to have the spelling, grammar and logical thinking skills
to narrow down the scope of a broadbased search so that you
can find the nuggets of information gold in a vast wasteland
of irrelevant data tailings.

How do you go about getting these skills???...ONE WORD: Reading!

There is NO SUBSTITUTE - You NEED to have a broadbased set of
subject matter expertise on a wide variety of general knowledge
and this means reading domestic and foreign newspapers, trade
magazines, editorials, dictionaries, opinion-based articles,
science & technology, and other general liberal arts subjects.

Why? So you can become familiar with the PATTERNS and STYLES
of information output that show up the differences between
fact and opinion, show up the differences between biased statement
and simple factual news, and show up the differences between data
that has useable knowledge in it versus data that is nothing more
than irrelevant sales puffery. In order to do that, you have to have
a broad enough knowledge base so that your readings of past history,
present activities and possible futures will allow you to effectively
use pattern match techniques that will find data that can effect
a possible or probable immediate outcome or be able to look for data
that has future or long-term implications.

The above abilities require the personal discipline to resist boredom
and resist distraction enough so that you can focus, apply and persevere
in tracking, recording, organizing and correlating disparate pieces of
information and then distilling that information into succinct, relevant
and self-explanatory reports that can be given to executive
decision makers.

These reports must outline the current facts which have been
researched and corroborated by multiple parties and then peer reviewed
for spelling, grammar and mistaken/incorrect places, dates, times and
names. Remember that some armour-toting goon squad MAY be required
to break down doors with guns blazing at 1629 Pennsylvania Avenue,
NOT at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue so GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT BY

Those reports must also outline the current OPINIONS of ALL sides
so that executives can get a gist of what each opposing
forces/political groups/public groups is leaning towards.
Report ONLY the STATED FACTS regarding OTHER people's opinions
and the stated sources of that opinion.

Give possible outcomes of OTHER peoples actions if they were to initiate
specified courses of action or inaction. DO NOT BIAS by adding what
YOU WOULD LIKE to have happen! That's NOT your job to say!

Your reports MUST show and give plenty of corroborating evidence from
multiple stated sources. Photos, maps, published articles, highlighted
interviews, hard scientific evidence - these are things I want
when making a decision that will affect those around me.


I don't want your gut feeling opinion in a report - I want a well-written,
factually-correct statement backed up with tangible evidence that has been
corroborated from multiple sources...That to me is EVIDENCE !!!!!


posted on Jun, 3 2008 @ 03:03 PM

Top 3 Skills We Want:

1) Due Diligence and Perserverence on Personal Research! (continued)

So to get these types of desk & research skills, you need to read a lot on
a wide variety of subjects. You need to be able to index, categorize,
organize and correlate & corroborate data so that disparate nuggets
of information can be presented in such a way that it will give me
REASON to pause and think that I SHOULD PAY ATTENTION to what
YOU have SAID. You need to have a healthy level of skepticism and
a sense that what you read is NOT what is always TRUE!

You need to have a sense of covertness, some acting ability and enough
verbal skills that you can nudge external people into giving you more
information than they intended. Your knowlegde of human psychology
will be extremely valuable when pushing those buttons to agitate and
froth up that voice on the line to make remarks that will be definitely
used against them.

You are a Spy - A Desk Spy - But a Spy Nonetheless!

And that means the same on-the-fly ability that news reporters
and good trial lawyers have in asking the right questions at
the right time to get that unexpected answer to help save the world!

2) Presentation and Writing Skills!

Have you ever sat in on a meeting where the presenter kept saying
mmm, awww, uhh, ya know, i don't know, or garbled like their mouth
was full of marbles?

You hate it don't you when people blather on, babbling incoherently
in an unfocused manner....makes you wanna shoot them - Right?

Imagine if you had to read, listen or look at people like that all day
and EVERY day - Hundreds, Thousands, Tens-Of-Thousands of sad,
incoherent, blabbering presentations that would drive you
EFFING INSANE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guess What? I Have To! And after the Next person who does so,
I will take my service revolver and blast a 9mm slug
right on through that forehead of theirs!!!!!!!
And YOU might be that unlucky person who'll be
the victim of my sudden snap of sanity!

So you BETTER have a snappy, well thought out, REHEARSED presentation
that highlights RELEVANT Facts & Opinions and I don't want to have to
keep asking you to speak up louder or waste my time while you figure
out how and where to find & open a PDF file or try and remember
what F3 does in Microsoft Powerpoint.

You are SELLING ME a product called INFORMATION....DO YOU WANT ME
mumble so softly that I can't hear you....and have those extra felt-tip
highlighters ready and don't forget to bring extra batteries for the laptop
Rehearse & replay so your words flow quickly and COHERENTLY !!!!!!!!!

I AM A PROFESSIONAL TV WATCHER and you'd better be like that smart
reporter I see on TV that tells me what I want to know in a manner I can

It's YOUR JOB to get the oral presentation and hard-copy writing skills
that will allow me to WILLINGLY BUY your information !!!!!!


posted on Jun, 3 2008 @ 03:09 PM

Top 3 Skills We Want:

2) Presentation and Writing Skills! (continued)

How do you get these skills?

I want Full Microsoft Office or Open Office proficiency!
WE WANT AND NEED people who can spell, write and format paragraphs
of text that flow in a literate and articulate manner. We want to see
text that conveys whole ideas and facts in powerful ways that MAKE ME
want to find out more or make me WANT TO DECIDE RIGHT NOW
what to do!

You need to be able to cut & paste, Spell & Grammar check, read through,
bullet-point, summarise, explain, review, state factually, opinionate
coherently and just plain old make it obvious to me what you are trying
to say in a manner that I can understand without asking you twice!

Your reports should have margins, footnotes, page numbers, properly
referenced citations or quotes, proper and ACTIVE hyperlinks, colour
graphs with properly described units of measure, highlighted maps
and of course sharp, clean and cropped photos with descriptive captions
containing names, dates, times & places!

In your spreadsheets, I need you to have enough experience that you
could recalculate all of Column G with a new Median Values formula that
only needs to be changed in ONE place! Then that spreasheet should
automatically be hyper-linked and updated to the Powerpoint presentation
that will immediately update with the new data as I reload it on my
computer from a properly named file folder located in an obvious place
on the secured network server drive.

Your powerpoint presentation will be properly formatted for the
TV/Plasma/Projector screen I will be using for the next executive meeting.
You will have researched and understand the term "Rule-of-Thirds" so that
items that require my attention are presented in a pleasing
and attention-grabbing manner.

You will understand that light green text on a bright red background
is NOT READABLE and thus you will research the terms
"Complementary Colours" and "NTSC Legal Colours" so that you
understand that yellow text on dark blue is GREAT for high contrast
readibility. You will also remember that I am over 40 and cannot see
12 point text on a TV screen that needs
at least 24 point text in order for it NOT to be blurry!

You will also remember that if you need to give a long-winded
explanation, then tell us VERBALLY in a coherent manner
or give the information within a written report that can be
read at our leisure - TV and the written word are TWO DIFFERENT
MEDIUMS and thus you should realize that 500 lines of text on
a Powerpoint slide doesn't work! Break it down to 5 or 6
bulleted points per slide!

You will understand the term "Safe Title Area" so that you remember
to make sure the photo caption that is readable on your 19" computer
monitor does NOT fall off the edges of my cheap non-high def
TV projector screen.

When you gather video tapes and DVD's from Europe and Russia, you will
understand the terms NTSC, PAL and SECAM and remember that a
PAL DVD from England will NOT play in the office DVD player which is
NTSC video format - You will convert the video properly or obtain a
screen and player that can understand all three video formats!

If you want to give our executives a Video DVD or a DVD-ROM please
ensure that the video or powerpoint presenattion has been formatted
and resized for the output size intended. I do NOT want to squint
at 10 point text on a 13" TV in my office and NOR to I want to see
postage stamp sized slow 10 frames per second video on my
expensive 22" Dell 1920 by 1200 pixel LCD.


posted on Jun, 3 2008 @ 03:13 PM
It may very well be that people such as the OP may have already been in one of their programs such as MKultra. These people may be interested in these topics without really knowing the truth behind it, just like some alleged abductees. So, if they need you, they'll contact you with the right codeword, possibly,by repeating it three times. So, yeah, don't call us, we'll call you is right.

And as far as remote viewers, I wouldn't doubt that they would use you to task something using GPS numbers or whatever, rather than discussing these things directly.

I used to believe I was part of a remote viewing program, but my therapist set me straight because he's a christian counselor. (oh, brother)

posted on Jun, 3 2008 @ 03:16 PM

Top 3 Skills We Want:

2) Presentation and Writing Skills! (continued)

All relevant hyperlinks and external references should be ON the DVD!
I don't have access to the network all the time...I want to stick
the disc in the laptop and then be able to pull up any PDF files,
photos, maps, text references or click on any hyperlinks
without having to go back to the office to plug my computer
into the office network! The term is "Single Point Of Reference"!

In the world of Multimedia DVD's, I don't WANT to see 404 errors,
"Unable to connect to network" errors or "File Not Found"
anywhere in your presentations - This means you have TESTED
and RUN through the ENTIRE presentation BEFORE making
the 200 copies for the Joint Chiefs meeting!

3) Recognition of Relevant Scope!

This is a tough one to learn...some of you already have this skill
and some of you will take a long time to aquire it!

As a Desk Noid Spy you need the ability to ask the right questions
and that means knowing something about the possible answers.

"Nuclear Bomb" - Scary isn't it? It's Both an Answer AND a Question!

What is it? What can it Do? Why do I have to worry about it? Who has it?
Where is It? How Did They Get It? Where do I Begin?


Relevant Scope is the concept that an object, a person or an idea
has a sphere of influence that is or can be limited or expansive in scope.

It is NO good for me to find out the means and methods of
how to make a Nuclear Bomb when the question I want answered
is that I need to know where a currently built one is RIGHT NOW!

This skill set means that I (and YOU!) have the ability to
BOTH NARROW DOWN OR EXPAND the scope of a search in such a way
that you can increase the possibility that you will FIND
a fact or force that will allow YOU or OTHERS to focus in
on what actions are necessary to defend the interests
of the country, its people and its assets.

As a spy, if I need to find someone or something, I need
to build and follow a "Scope of Relevance" which is simply
a list of things to do, people to see and places to go
that will allow me to observe, record and report to
higher ups about what I have found in a relevant manner
such that they can firmly decide on a given course of action.

My skillset allows me to determine if I can personally
afford the time or money required in order to obtain the
hard factual evidence needed to present a given viewpoint.

If I have three informants who have information on a major
spy ring at a defence contractor, which one should I focus
my efforts on which will give me the biggest bang for the buck
in terms of time and prevention of harm to our interests?
Which suspect has the BEST (Not necessarily the MOST) information
that will allow me to prevent more secrets of greater importance
from being revealed or compromised.

Being able to recognize what are the MOST IMPORTANT things to do
in order to attain a STRATEGIC ADVANTAGE is a skillset not easily
attained without ample experience. As a case in point, sometimes
you have to let the small fish go free in order to catch the
BIGGER AND MORE DANGEROUS SHARKS...The ability to see who or
what is the small fry versus who or what are the big hungry sharks
is the hallmark of a TRUE SPY - Be they a Field Agent or a Desk Noid!

Being a Desk Noid is a PROUD and NOBLE VOCATION!
The key is being GOOD AT IT and that takes effort and the
aquisition of relevant SKILLS. A new technical skill learned
and used is YOUR BENCHMARK of pride and achievment!


posted on Jun, 3 2008 @ 03:36 PM
Jesus !

Imagine now, if you would, that you're working with StargateSG7 , the
dream job to save yourself.
Imagine if you started "blathering".
Remember, he can't take it.

He asks you what "your major malfunction is", pulling his 9mm out to
blast you right in the middle of your forehead !

And just for blathering. Jesus H Christ !

Still thinking about becoming one of them ? They're on the edge !

posted on Jun, 3 2008 @ 04:06 PM

I am the Bavarian Iluminatti/NSA/DIA/CIA/FBI/OSI/ONI/CSIS/RCMP/
Trilateralist/NWO/Rothschild/Rockefeller/Federal Reserve/Area 51/
S4/Pine Gap/Annunaki/Nephelim/Watchers/Saurian/Insectoids/
Broken Arrow/Bright Boy/Dented Rhubarb/NWA/KISS/Low Riders/
Lisa/Bart/Maggie/Homer/Marge/Stewie/Brian/Elvis/Cult of the Dead
Rubber Chicken Society

so you better ALL be VERY VERY Afraid

cuz my stiff one will be your last one!

So Long and Thanks For All the Fish

and Don't Have a Cow Man!

UR SO p2wned!!!!!!!!!!

posted on Jun, 3 2008 @ 04:08 PM
Oh Yes! I forgot to mention....I have in fact LOST IT!!!!!!!!!!

My Marbles that is.......I can't seem to find the blue speckly one!

It's somewhere under my desk.....

posted on Jun, 3 2008 @ 04:16 PM
StargateSG7 : Yu da MAN !

And I don't envy you one bit. We need hardasses for hardcases.

Take care.

posted on Jun, 3 2008 @ 04:36 PM
reply to post by SIEGE

Ya obviously there is an extremely high chance I would be shot for my grammar. It also sounds like he has had some unfortunate experience with these so called "desk noids". With peoples lives at stake it would make any of us tense.Perhaps not tense enough to shoot someone over poor grammar but intense never the less.
Another thought is that someone like this does need "good intel". He speaks with such conviction you would think he has experience. He speaks with such conviction for a reason.It sounds to me like this poster implies they are still fighting "bad guys" and that's a comforting thought with all the controversy surrounding them.With peoples lives in the balance one would want flawless and thorough work.I have no experience with such things and won't act like I do, but it does interest me even after the read. To think people can make a real difference in the affairs of world government from a desk is a powerful and dangerous concept.

posted on Jun, 3 2008 @ 05:23 PM
Firegoggles : You said, "To think people sitting at a desk can make a
real difference in the affairs of the world is . . ."

Yes, it's a great thing. All kinds of people work at all kinds of jobs every
day, believing they make a diference. With your many talents, you'll
be making a difference too, and at something I hope you enjoy.

By the way, you brought out the best of StargateSG7.

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