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To Mr.FBI or CIA or whom it my concern..

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posted on Jun, 2 2008 @ 02:39 PM
reply to post by firegoggles

you said your list of skills was the "gods honest truth." I personally found the list of skills to be very impressive, especially if true. you shouldn't let what anyone says discourage you, as long as you know what you can and can't do, then that is all that matters.

Also, you are right, i would put together a professional resume and send it to them via snail mail. then call them and bug the hell out of them about it to show persistance. you may even have to send your resume more than once.

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posted on Jun, 2 2008 @ 02:40 PM
Why not try this?

Join the NSA, turn their research facilities back to the inside of government, then flag those who are corrupting the government & let them "sanction" each other into oblivion?

posted on Jun, 2 2008 @ 02:46 PM

Originally posted by firegoggles

Ok you share the opinion of the other guy .. ok folks look read in between the lines a little ..

I'll just step right up to the
Remote Viewing
Walking through walls in my sleep ... APPLICATION !!

where do I go to apply for the psychic and remote viewing position again?All I seen is some bull# catagories to be honest do you believe thos things they listed is actually what they do... pffff.PPLLLeease...

Hmmm, now what makes you believe you are psychic and can remote view?

I would think that if you have these abilites, you ought to know the answers to your questions!

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posted on Jun, 2 2008 @ 02:48 PM
reply to post by firegoggles

Your holier than thou attitude doesn't fit well with you putting your foot in your mouth.
Look, yes, bringing a resume and applying for a job physically is generally better than applying online in some ways. But you are still interviewed. I applied for my job online, and when it came time to interview, brought my certifacations, resume, references, ect. with me. Generally an interview means they are willing to hear you out, and where you can sell yourself.
Secondly, applying for a alphabet company means you must be able to work well with your fellow emplyees and genrerally be compatible around the office, or whevrever you may be. Even if you take a job as a spy of some sort you need to be affable and appear unoffensive. If you truly believe any of the alphabet agencies would recruit through a conspiracy forum then you are making a spectacularly poor representation fo these skills.

posted on Jun, 2 2008 @ 02:50 PM
reply to post by sensfan

Since you asked ..
IQ 135-140
Just some of my useful skills
sorta in the least important to most important order.. SORT OF! LOL)!!
I'm an amateur astronomer and have been for a number of years.I have a 2 project mirrors I'm about to turn into a Telescope soon as a matter of fact

I have studied methods of even grinding my own mirror out of a mirror blank and feel confident that if need be I could grind my own mirror no problem .I prefer to use premed bearings made for scopes but can use
Teflon and simple smooth surface method etc. and basically build a scope out of a small pile of 1x12 any way that's a bit much detail for this post on that topic but it's some cool stuff

I am one that has been gifted in the working with my hands and have a high amount of dexterity

I can do all phases of carpentry rough frame, interior trim, exterior trim, metal studs and commercial applications.

I can do concrete work

I understand HVAC in great detail.(moving air)

hold a class B CDL can drive and move any heavy equipment you can name.(and motorcycle who cares tho) ;P
(dad was a mechanic)so I learned as a young man how to change transmissions in cars
automatic and standard.. can do allot of greasemonkey stuff however I choose not too now a days id rather not mess with it since I have become more of a

I'm a tech head, BIG TIME!

Can print pc circuit boards

Can solder/weld (the right way including "tin" station and too much flux ;P oh and don't forget heat shrink)

Can understand all hardware on pc and even obscure audio hardware/video hardware

I am a professional sound engineer with years of pro live sound experience and studio as well
Also have video experience. Even Satellite experience too.Don't ya just love grounding schemes?I do.

I understand sound waves in great detail.

I believe I understand much of science.I have studied physics , quantum physics, some DNA stuff

I have an understanding of health and much about nutrition and food and vitamins

Understand how to make certain drugs(antibiotics) for instance. Along with others.

Can and understand how to powder coat aluminum and remove gold with chemicals and all that kinda stuff.

Can setup pc networks windows, linux.. any of it really.
I am an expert on a PC. I am an advanced linux user as well.

Know how to program pc with visual basic and like programs experience in Java, c++ , DOS, etc.. linux experienced as well .. oh ya and database

experience as well including deploying database in a client server setups.Way to much computer experience to mention. I even have experience with all

sorta of dongle hardware and how to defeat them as well

Can build electric motors , windmills/generators

If need be in an emergency I should be able to build basic crystal based radios of course parts available determine if this would be possible.

Two of my friends are big into HAM radio I know just enough to get in trouble and plan to have a lot more in the very near future

Can wire on a pro level any kind of electric including 3 legged power and delta as well(scary stuff)

Can build power distros for emergency situations..

Also can and have experience deploying power for cities on emergency power can organize men and deploy accordingly (yes have experience deploying serious power for city


Understand dredging techniques for precious metals in fair amount of detail.(One side of family is in the gravel pit biz for years and years)

Have a vast hydroponics knowledge of and botany in general and plant growth including cloning on massive scale

Have experience on all types of lighting used in growing even some LED experiments for kicks
I understand how light bulbs are made and could MAYBE even setup methods for manufacturing in a highly extreme situation(I'm an experienced glass worker as well).Atleast I could do Neon lights for sure easy...

Have experience in handling hot glass torch work and big scale glory hole work

Understand CNC programs and jigs.(wood oriented and or solid surfacing type CNC)

Besides doing sound all my life I did become an actual pro audio sound engineer mixing for large rock bands (yes ones you heard of)I was one of the main "A rig" sound engineers at a national pro production company that provided sound reinforcement for president Bush's original presidential campaign in 2000.(I'm sorry
).I am an old school sound guy with tons of live mixing experience.I am also trained in the new type of arena P.A's called "Line Array".Many put me in the "top sound guy" catagory in my area.

I did sound gigs all my life but took it on the road as they say for about 4.5 years I was offered a tour with many huge artist I'll name drop one here .. I turned down "Usher" for instance.. I was offered a 6 month tour.. forget that noise!Got sick of living out of a suitcase any way.I left the production company to become a freelance sound guy and stay local( I got married) So after that I went back to my original simple trade I picked up right out of high school to make ends meet being an interior trim carpenter. and did new homes until finally my hip is just destroyed from all the martial arts and the carpentry combine.I was in mass pain all the time that's about my only defect I'm working on rehabilitating it however and I have seen a major improvement as of late!

I have a black belt I was in martial arts (thanks mom)from age 7 until around age 21 when finally the rockstar in me took over and I just wanted to play guitar in a band( I did return to martial arts at age 26 for a short while to just to keep up on technique).I am presently studying "gracie jiu jitsu" and am back full swing into martial arts for the sake of staying healthy.

I am agile as a deer .. I have Indian blood in me I am a direct relative to pocohontis.(yea I know it's like a friggin ET magnet trust me I know)

I have done so many things in a short period of time but master most of what I set out to do I'm just one of those people.

I have practiced training my brain to be left and right active as often as I can I have slacked some on this training cuz its boring but I can still recite my ABC forward and backward and can recite them forward and backward naming the last letter of the alphabet then naming the first then going to the second to last then reciting the 2nd then the 3rd to last etc.. until I have recited all letters also write down words and try to remember them at a glance and test myself later.

I require very little water I drink massive coffee every day I drink no water
I drink no pop ..I eat beans and rice and chicken sometimes barely eat red meat.
I take vitamins.

I as a Christian have studied theology in great detail. I have a vast knowledge of the Bible and other ancient texts as well.
The following skillz I attribute to God they are gifts that are awakening in me and as crazy as it sounds I'm going to include it.

I seem to be telepathic and it's getting stronger and stronger.

I walk through walls in my sleep.

I display STRONG psychic abilities as well.

I'm an "experiencer" and have had one telepathic conversation with what you may call "Aliens" I call Angelic beings moreover I call them Fallen Angels.I told them to leave me alone and they have for the most part.I can sense when they return or are around or trying to feed off my energies and I have been learning to be more sensitive to this. And to tell them to leave as quickly as I notice them around.
I have had prophetic visions. With my eyes OPEN I'm talking about real honsest too goodness full color VISIONS.
One recent vision was a Sunami on the east coast of the United States.I believe this will happen soon.
Another vision I had I feel is about a matter that is of grave importance.I will not go into detail at this time. I will say this an event will take place in the very near future that may prove to be straw that broke the camels back for the USA. The vision was get this was about Philladelphia.I know things that I could only know by supernatural means.Any how before I make this post turn really strange I'll stop there but it's important to know to get the "whole picture" of who I am and what my skills are.

I have many other talent that I may have forgot and will add to this list if I think it's significant.

I compiled this list as to show my value as a human being here on planet earth. Not to "brag".

posted on Jun, 2 2008 @ 03:04 PM

Originally posted by Enthralled Fan

Originally posted by firegoggles

Ok you share the opinion of the other guy .. ok folks look read in between the lines a little ..

I'll just step right up to the
Remote Viewing
Walking through walls in my sleep ... APPLICATION !!

where do I go to apply for the psychic and remote viewing position again?All I seen is some bull# catagories to be honest do you believe thos things they listed is actually what they do... pffff.PPLLLeease...

Hmmm, now what makes you believe you are psychic and can remote view?

I would think that if you have these abilites, you ought to know the answers to your questions!

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The job or jobs that you want will never be posted on their website.. Do you honestly think they would ever advertise for "Now Hiring Psychics"

You will never ever see that kind of posting!
You would have to have exceptional skills to work for them... Other then "Psychic ability" as your main attribute. And most that work for the NSA,CIA Have a military background.

I do also have to some degree Psychic ability.. Not gonna go into that tho.
And I would never sell myself and ability for money.

Maybe you should start your own psychic network Online and Telephone services.. That specialize in missing persons.Tarot cards and past life readings.

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posted on Jun, 2 2008 @ 03:13 PM
reply to post by RuneSpider

As I said in an earlier post. I can admit when I get a bad idea.I changed the intention of the post to gather information on what would be skills, formal or not that would be something of interest to them.
But the announcement was there about the supernatural skills.And no one even said a word about it.I find that amazing.
If you have insight on what truly would be skills that would help get you in following the correct path of application please your input is truly welcome and wanted.I'm very eccentric so bear with me. I think it's the nature of these forums to bring out the "argument" in people. I think it safe to say many of us use "too many" words on here and is not always a real representation of what the person is like. I have very well liked by many a people from many different cultures. I'm actually very upset that I come across that way to you.I am going to work on that even on forums.I can be so brutally honest and transparent people are taking back by it at first. One person described being friends with me as "an acquired taste". But there are others that just love me regardless.I'm sure just like many of you out there.You can relate to what I'm saying, can't you?
So the real topic heading should be..
What special skills will get you into an "alphabet" organization?

posted on Jun, 2 2008 @ 03:19 PM
reply to post by firegoggles

For what it is worth, I like you!

I really wonder though why you want to belong to one of those organizations, don't you know they won't save you, but may just as easily chew you up and spit you out???

Did you see what happened to David Bowie in the movie "The man who fell to earth"?

The above poster was right about the military. Most of the things like Remote Viewing seem to originate out of that arm of the octopus. If you really want to use your skills become a chemist or something and make enough money to make your own self safe, don't count on an agency to protect you. I mentioned chemist because you said you could make things like "drugs" or something. I think you could get paid alot doing this and you ought to be aware of Karma and the rules of universal law.

Do unto others ...................

Maybe use your skills to help the masses and you will feel better in your heart.

By the way, for the most part you have handled yourself pretty well in this thread, you did put yourself out there so I imagine you expected some flak, but you didn't run away or get mad!

posted on Jun, 2 2008 @ 03:22 PM
It just occurred to me that if you are as talented as you claim, they might not want to hire you, but instead do experiments on you!

Be careful what you wish for!

posted on Jun, 2 2008 @ 03:27 PM
reply to post by firegoggles

Making a guess? Better than decent deductive or research skills, Patience, ability to follow orders when needed, question orders when needed. Grammar, written and spoken should be moderate or better.
Self grooming would definately be important, good hygiene, ect.
Ability to listen and pick up on small details.
There is a long list of what would be important to a alphabet agency.
However, you wouldn't want to mention extra sensory skills, at least at first. Sure it may seem like they'd want them, and maybe they do. But walking in and claiming you have psycic skills would be a bad move.
And of course I'm guessing off the top of my head, but it makes sense.

posted on Jun, 2 2008 @ 03:28 PM
reply to post by Enthralled Fan

Because more and more lately I have been reading peoples minds. I have seen others write about how they were "thinking about someone" and the phone would ring and it would be them on the phone. I have thought how silly that is and honestly thought they were stretching the truth a little.Until... it started happening to me every other day. I mean right down freaky.And just standing in a room with people if I focus in one persons in a way.. I can only describe as intimate I can in most cases pick up on the topic they are holding in the mind.It's like a picture word or something its very hard to explain but very very real.
I have had visions let me be clear.When I had my vision of the system of the beast I WAS THERE it was almost as if I timed traveled in the future.This has happened on more than one occasion on it's own and if I concentrate I can see things.Again very hard to explain or prove.I don't try and control it because I don't understand it. God forbid I'm wrong about why I can even do it in the first place and find out it's because I have some flippin alien implant in me that makes you like that.That would suck at least according to my world view it would..
So as you can see I'm looking for answers too and I'll keep looking to make sense of what's going on.ATS is one of the only places I find people I can relate to at least on some of this "crazy stuff" as one of my friends refers to it as....

posted on Jun, 2 2008 @ 03:35 PM
reply to post by firegoggles

People cannot walk through walls.. That would mean you can manipulate physical matter? Not possible.. Unless you have a "OBE" Out of Body experience.. And then all physical barriers are nothing to you.. Because you are in your true form.. Not affected by matter.

Is that what you meant? Or literally you can pass through solid walls in your physical earthly form?

posted on Jun, 2 2008 @ 03:43 PM
reply to post by interestedalways

Yes I am aware of the chances. But as long as they don't try to force some other religion on me which I can't see happening at least not for years down the road I should be able to do "some good" one would think?
I honesty want the truth and maybe get some money out of the whole deal at the same time.Or at least be aware of the truth that our Government believes in.I believe things are going to turn ugly here very soon.Why not be ready?Why not be more than ready?Why not be on the "inside" if one has the ability to do so.You covered it with the "instinct to survive" I think.
Oh and let me be clear about the "making of drugs" part before people get the wrong idea.I could make basically a antibiotics based on silver just like the stuff at the health food store.You need a lab and lots of equipment not to mention a chicken farm to make real modern antibiotics.Other medicines I know about are just that "medicine",just so we are clear on that :p.I can't believe I got sucked into ATS all day today by one "crazy" idea i had..

posted on Jun, 2 2008 @ 03:45 PM
reply to post by Lantian

I was asleep so how would I know? ;P
If I had to guess myself of course I would say it was my inner spirit being doing it..
The next question I have since the whole can of worms is now open.Why?Has anyone else had this happen to them?

posted on Jun, 2 2008 @ 03:49 PM
reply to post by RuneSpider

I think I have most thing listed covered except the grammar part.It's all too obvious I need to brush up on that.A result of being out of school for some time now and just not using it other than internet chat which is similar to the english language only at first glance

Thank you for a helpful post.I am considering what you said to be fairly accurate. I would guess without those things going for you at the least you would get the trap door treatment with the quickness.

posted on Jun, 2 2008 @ 03:51 PM
reply to post by MidnightDStroyer

You misunderstood I'm looking to LIVE not die lol!
Thanks just the same...

posted on Jun, 2 2008 @ 03:52 PM

Originally posted by firegoggles

I honesty want the truth and maybe get some money out of the whole deal at the same time.

Why don't you sign up to take the James Randi million dollar challenge?

If you can prove under laboratory conditions you have these talents, you could earn the million dollars!

If you can pass the tests, I'm sure there will be a lot of people that would be very interested in you!

posted on Jun, 2 2008 @ 03:52 PM
link what point should I move out of Florida to avoid this tidal wave?
...I guess actually to be fair that side of some volcano in Africa might slide into the ocean at some point and that would at least make this tidal wave plausable....(saw it on some show awhile ago), when is this wave coming my psychic friend?

posted on Jun, 2 2008 @ 04:12 PM
reply to post by firegoggles

Just an FYI... Colloidal Silver the natural Anti-Biotic I assume you are referring to.. Has some side affects.. If used in large quantities.. It can give your skin a bluish tint or hue.."Due to Heavy Metal Deposits" Not to mention it's a Heavy metal and who knows what other side affects will accompany that in the long term.

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posted on Jun, 2 2008 @ 04:13 PM
reply to post by Res Ipsa

Ok this is getting interesting.Where did you get your information?
Just last night I was introduced to someone who also is having visions.
This person told me they had a vision of some huge earthquake causing some huge tidal wave.They said the huge wave was going to "wrap around" Africa.Honestly I didn't know what to think I just went "wow!"And put it on the prophetic shelf so to speak.
And he also said that their vision confirmed mine because he felt that the earthquake caused a massive "tidal wave".(his words were tidal wave I have been calling it a Sunami since my vision of the wave coming straight for the east coast,either way .. a big wall of water).I finally recorded my vision on line to prove dates but I waited a long time to even post it. I have hid my gift from the public to be honest, until now.Interesting.I felt most damage would be more north than Florida but I can in no way say that Florida will be safe.If I were you I would move if you have any inclination to whatsoever

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