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Death On The NHS Because of Money

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posted on Jun, 2 2008 @ 11:47 AM
There was a story today in the Daily Mail (UK newspaper) about a woman who died on the NHS

Death On The NHS

Because the NHS could not afford/would not to pay for the drugs she needed to give herself a fighting chance of surviving her cancer, the woman had to pay for the rest of her care/treatment herself.

I think that is obscene. Noone should have to be put through that hell, the NHS is there because we pay for it out of our taxes, so why was the treatment not made available? Surely if there is a case for coperate manslaughter, than this is it. Nooone should be refused treatment because of money concerns. What right has the state to determine life and death like that?.

I know what cancer does to people and the devastation to those around you when someone dies as a result of cancer. But to die in these circumstances is even more obscene.

Time to put your money where your mouth is Gordon and cough up the money for NHS treatments like this instead of paying for an illegal war .

I salute this brave and couregous lady who stood up for what is morally right . I cannot afford to make a big donation but i do give something each month to Cancer Research UK. If we can all put something towards this worthwhile cause then we might have a fighting chance of finding a cure for this insideous disease sooner rather than later.


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