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The Coming of The Prophet.

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posted on Dec, 31 2002 @ 01:08 PM
Many of you know the coming of Jesus in the Gospel... how he was in Mary's womb and how he was destined to be great... well a lot of you dont know the story of Muhammad's coming until now...

Back then before the birth of Muhammad, Arabs were looking for a prophet and a scripture of their own. They knew the Jews and Christians had their own scripture and Arabs were beginning to fear that God had not included them in His divine plan.. This was in the mind of almost every Arab. Many prophecies were circulating around that time that God was ready to send his prophet to the Arab people... even Jews and Christians of Arabia were awaiting him.

At a time, there was a man who lived in Mecca named Zayd ibn 'Amr who withdrew from worship of the Ka'aba and was an outspoken critic of the pagan religion (back then the Ka'aba was a shrine for a pagan deity)

His half-brother Khattab ibn Nufaly was a devout pagan and he drove Zayd out of the city.

Zayd then traveled to civilized countries in search of the true religion, Abraham's religion. He then met a Christian monk in Syria who told him that a great prophet was about to arise in Mecca who would preach the religion he was looking for... Zayd left to Mecca but was killed on his way.

There is a story that the day before he was forced to leave Mecca, he stood next to the Ka'aba where the Quraysh were and told them, "O Quraysh, by Him in whose hand is the soul of Zayd, not one of you follows the religion of Abraham but I." he then added : "O God, if I knew how you wished to be worshipped I would so worship you; but I do not know." soon however, his wish would be granted...

as i said before, many people were awaiting the prophet, even jews and christians.. some arab christians from the syriac church translated one passage Jesus said in the gospel that recognized Muhammad's coming. Jesus had said that after his death, he would send his disciples a Comforter(the Paraclete) who would remind them of everything he taught. in the syriac lectionary, 'paraclete" had been translated to munahhema, very close to Muhammad. Jesus said his name would be Ahmad which means "praised one". Muhammad means the same thing.

a jewish rabbi living in syria had emmigrated to Yathrib(Medina). They asked him why he left a fertile country for "a land of hardship and hunher". he replied he wanted to be there when the "Prophet" arrived. "His time had come," he said to the jews of Yathrib," and dont let anyone get to him before you, O Jews, for he will be sent to shed blood and to take captive the women and children of those who oppose him. Let not that keep you back from him. "

Muhammad son of Abdallah son of Abd, al-Muttalib. when abd al-muttalib and Abdallah were walking the streets of Mecca to visit their new wives, a woman rushed unto Abdallah and invited him to her bed. abdallah did not find the suggestion in bad taste. he simply replied that he had to stay with his father and that he intendted to visit the lady on his way back home.. when he arrived at the house of his wife Amina, he consummated his marriage immediately and Muhammad was conceived. but the next morning when he looked up the woman of the day before, she was no longer interested. yesterday has been a blaze of bright light between Abdallah's eyes, she said, which showed that he was about to produce the Prophet of the people. "Today the light had gone and another woman had conceived the Messenger of God," she said.

Abdallah died wile Amina was pregant, amina is said to have experienced no discomfort wile carrying Muhammad. Instead she heard a voice which told her that she was carrying the lord of the Arabs, and she saw a light issuing from her belly in whivh were visible the castles of Basra in Syria, later recipient of the light of Islam.

Muhammad was born on 12 rabi'u al-awwal and Amina sent for Abd al-Muttalib and told him that the baby would someday be great. in joy and thanksgiving , the old man carried his grandson to the Ka'aba. he himself recieved a revelation that one of his descendants would rule the world. one night he had a dream that he saw a tree growing out of the child's back, it's top reached the heavens and its branches reached east and west of all corners of the earth. a light came out of the tree with was the light of Islam that would be accepted by nations of the earth.

children were often given out to foster parents in the desert because it was healthier for the children not growing up in the city. bedouin women werw willing to take babies in return for help from the family... but Amina was too poor no one wanted to take Muhammad. the tribe of bani sa'd were so desperate a woman named Halima took in Muhammad, one of the poorest tribes in arabia. one day, halima was so hungry she had no milk to give her own baby, the milk of her camel had dried up and even the donkey. But this is what happened as soon as she took in Muhammad:

"I took him back to my baggage, and as soon as i put him in my bosom, my breasts overflowed with milk which he drank until he was satisfied, and also did his foster-brother. then both of them slept, whereas before this we could not sleep with him.. My husband hot up and went to the old she-camel and lo, her udders were full; he milked it and he and i drank of her milk until we were completelysatisified, and we passed a happy night. in the morning my husband said 'do you know halima, you have taken a blessed creature!" I replied, 'by Allah, I hope so'

the story goes on that one day muhammad's foster brothers had rushed to their parents crying in terror that two men in white had seized muhammad and slit his belly wide open. Halima rushed to muhammad and muhammad laid on the ground not moving. the men explained to her that they had taken his heart and washed it with snow. then they lifted him on a pair of scales and they said he was heavier then all of the arabs put together. then one of the men kissed Muhammad on the forehead and said "O Beloved of God, verily you will never be frightened, and if you knew what good has been prepared for you you would be very happy"

halima and her husband knew nothing what was going on and they took him to Mecca fearing he would die soon. Amina calmed them down, and told them that he was destined to become great . (halima and her husband had no idea that Muhammad was THE Muhammad)

there is another story but i wont post it..

I hope that by reading this everyone will have a new respect for Islam and look pass the negative attitudes on tv portraying Islam.

posted on Dec, 31 2002 @ 01:36 PM
First jesus did not say he would send a prophet to the world, he said he would
send the (holy spirit) which would bare witness to him.

thats all.


posted on Dec, 31 2002 @ 01:42 PM
your wrong again, I knew someone would say he was talking about the Holy Spirit.

Jesus son of Mary said, "Children of Israel, I am indeed the Messenger of God to you, confirming the Torah that is before me, me giving good tidings of a Messenger who shall come after me, whose name shall be Ahmad"

truth, what do you think, that Matthew, John, Luke, and Mark were the only ones to have an account of Jesus... so what were the other 8 doing? kicking back, smoking weed?

No.. they all had their own account.. but the four gospels we know today are the only 4 that made the "final cut" of the Bible..

who do we have to thank to that? ding ding ding, yep.. the roman catholics.

posted on Dec, 31 2002 @ 01:58 PM
there were only twelve illmatic everybody else left him.

And do you think mark, matt, luke, john were liars and did not give the right account?

Ive read the books kept out of the bible and they give the same account.

Also, give me where this passage comes from and i can respond within the full context of the book its in.

You turn on christ that fast illmatic?


posted on Dec, 31 2002 @ 02:02 PM
I also forgot one thing..

All twelve apostles believed the same thing right?

Ok, matt, luke, john, and mark ALL say christ was crucified and was the son of god, yet you say
the other 8 say something else?

would that not make those 8 different from the four?

Also would that not mean that they are apostles divided?

Christ choose eight and those eight believed in the same thing, so if matt, mark, luke and john say christ
was crucified and the son of god would not the others believe the same thing?


posted on Dec, 31 2002 @ 02:04 PM

there were only twelve illmatic everybody else left him.
huh? i said if there were 12 disciples, how come there's only 4 accounts of Christ, shouldnt there be 12?

Ive read the books kept out of the bible and they give the same account

no you havent, all the other accounts of Jesus have been kept from us. He taught a lot more than what it's in the gospel and it has all been kept away from us.. even John I think says it if they would written down everything no book in the world can fit all the things Jesus said.

You turn on christ that fast illmatic?

the hell are you talking about? i simply made a post about Muhammad's coming, that's all... everything has to be something else for you.

posted on Dec, 31 2002 @ 02:17 PM
Im sorry, i just dont want you turning on christ that easily.

But yea the bible only contains alittle of christs teaching and is a guide to what to believe and the teachings.

every account outside of the bible, if it contradicts mark, luke, john and matt is not of christ, those accounts
give different accounts but (not) different beliefs.

12 apostles they may be, but they are not divided on beliefs, if four say one thing, the other 8 will
proclaim the same core of beleifs.


posted on Jan, 7 2003 @ 05:20 PM
wassup illmatic,

wen u say

"the men explained to her that they had taken his heart and washed it with snow"

i jus wanna correct you bruv, the men actually took a black spirit like 'thing' out of his heart, which is something everybody has and its everything negative about our species, such as bad thoughts etc, they took it out of him to make him pure so that satan can never get to him like mankind.

jus fillin u in bruv,

and as 4 u truth, ure so quick to put down islam, wat is it about them u have to hide???
is it that maybe ure afraid you've bin worshippin the wrong religion??


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