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Sgt. Clifford E. Stone Answers Your Questions

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posted on Sep, 26 2008 @ 08:55 AM

Originally posted by CLIFFORD STONE
My Dear friends,

Forgive me for not being up on this site for several days. However, I have bee very busy preparing for my talk in CA. Upon my return, I shall take up where I left off. However, I wish for this site to be about UFO's and not religion. I shall state one more time, I believe in God and Jesus Christ. I am a Catholic. I believe this should be enough said about religion. I never leave God out of anything. However, this site must deal the the issue at hand (UFO's). Please, believe as you wish, but let us walk down the road together. Until next week;

God Bless,


Cliff, when you have more time and are in good health could you please go through the entire thread and put all Q & A onto a separate webpage for us to read, please???

That would be awesome.

Or perhaps the mods can do this??

posted on Sep, 26 2008 @ 09:15 AM
reply to post by Jim11

I agree JIM11 i cant come to any other conclusion i will be leaving this nonsense thread for good soon. They all back each other up -

SHOW ME ANY PROOF and i will shut up for good.

how silent it is- you dont have ANY proof? what a surprise!

I will be surprised if this message actually gets posted past the moderators anyway.

PS:- Cliff i dont mean to cause any offence to you and i hope your health improves very soon.

good bye from SGTruthATS

in England, UK.

[edit on 26-9-2008 by SGTruthATS]

posted on Sep, 26 2008 @ 09:52 AM

Originally posted by SGTruthATS
SHOW ME ANY PROOF and i will shut up for good.

There are many things for which I would also like to see hard evidence.

However, the nature of "conspiracy theory" and the broad spectrum of so-inspired discussion topics on ATS are often highly speculative so as to encourage an ongoing dialogue which may result, though the participation of dozens or even hundreds of people, in the discovery of evidentiary tidbits.

While there may often be cause, the posting of angry demands for "proof" is generally counter-productive to the spirit of a collaborative examination of "conspiracy" topics... since the nature of the collaboration is generally intended to seek cooperation in discovering truths.

This SKUNK WORKS forum is intended as wide-open environment that encourages and fully-embraces the examination of wildly speculative conspiracy theories and "way out there" topics. We ask our members to respect that intent, and curtail such demands within this forum to maintain the spirit of highly speculative conjecture and theorization.

Please, let's keep these discussions civil and cooperative. And if a topic irritates you, find another that doesn't.

posted on Sep, 26 2008 @ 12:41 PM
I've read through the entire thread, and have previously listened to a number of interviews with Mr Stone. At minimum what he has to say is fascinating; if proven, of utter global importance. The thing that kept me listening to him and piqued my interest was the fact that he has no doubt gained wisdom that you cant just pick up without having lived through certain experiences; I have no doubt that he has experienced something profound. He is also an extremely polite gentleman, highly respectful to all, and I'm sure a lovely person to meet.

The problem I think lies with the fact that perhaps what he feels most important to share are things that aren't as tangible as most people want and expect; to him for instance, perhaps what the inside of a craft looks like might be a triviality compared to what our missions here on earth are, for example like learning to care about our fellow men and properly understand such things as compassion and reverence for people and life. Its really no different to what other sages and spiritual teachers teach, and one can take a different path to reach similar conclusions as perhaps Clifford has done. If he has went through what he states then he would realise that his time here is so short and what he must pass on is what he considers most important and crucial to mankind. These are just my opinions of course. But it's what I feel might be the case.

On such a forum as this though, of *course* people are going to want evidence after such an incredible story; that is normal, that is human, and that is to be expected. And I too do wonder why there isnt a single photo, video clip, tape recording, anything at all that could be offered. If I investigated an otherworldly craft dont think that I wouldnt pocket a thing or two if I could get my hands on it or bring a camera to take a few, say, hundred snaps of whatever I could! In fact if I could fit the entire craft into my pocket I would! The thing is, many many more ears would be listening if even a small piece of physical evidence is shown. I admit that I have not read Mr Stone's book as I couldn't get my hands on a copy and when I did find a copy on the net it was some ridiculous price. But going simply from what I have read on this forum I am not really sure if any evidence will be forthcoming. And that would be a shame because Clifford seems a most lovely human being and I think his underlying messages could be beneficial to many people. Its just that what he has to say would be so much more potent if even a small amount of evidence could be brought to light. Clifford mentioned that Korona would allow a photograph if he requested it -- what better piece of evidence would there be than that, for instance. What an unbelievable piece of evidence such a photograph would be.

Anyway they are just my thoughts. This thread has been most interesting, to say the very least. It would be fantastic if more things came into fruition now, if more people were reached because of some piece of evidence that would make people really sit up and notice. It could be that for some reason this is not "allowed" for some reason or another -- and I kind of understand that -- but at the same time I feel it would be a great shame.

Regardless, thank you Clifford for sharing your knowledge and story, and for your willingness to give so much of your time to people in such a polite, respectful and courteous manner; it is really very much appreciated.


posted on Sep, 26 2008 @ 05:44 PM

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posted on Sep, 26 2008 @ 11:47 PM

On such a forum as this though, of *course* people are going to want evidence after such an incredible story; that is normal, that is human, and that is to be expected. And I too do wonder why there isnt a single photo, video clip, tape recording, anything at all that could be offered. If I investigated an otherworldly craft dont think that I wouldnt pocket a thing or two if I could get my hands on it or bring a camera to take a few, say, hundred snaps of whatever I could
reply to post by Anonymous ATS

Clifford's experience is not unlike other people whose lives have been heavily impacted by ET contact. At some point they realize what the overall agenda is all about and they stop grasping for the ultimate evidence that ETs exist. To his credit, however, Cliff has a huge number of legal documents concerning the phenomenon which are accessible here on ATS.

Cliff keeps saying that we are here to learn. That we need to learn to love our fellow man. We need to stop the violence. Another thread stressed the need to be honest and put integrity into our lives. These things are probably in the end what should be learned. Interesting that ETs are the ones teaching us these lessons now as traditionally this comes from our spiritual institutions.

Personally I would like to know how their crafts are powered and how they communicate without us detecting them. A little more about their nuts, bolts and biology would be good. The moral lessons are as interesting as a Sunday school class but those points are well taken though Cliff!

posted on Sep, 28 2008 @ 07:24 PM
All I have to say is this people:

Decide by watching CLiffs Videos:

BUT BEFORE go to this website

At the above website it teaches you to tell if someone is lying or telling the truth. A problem however is that if Cliff is right or left handed things might be a little different. Where as myself I am Ampidectrius (Im sure the spelling is far off) But it means I use both hands pretty fluently... When I lie however I look straight and sort of to the left... well in all truth I can lie looking any direction I want but if im not guarding it I normally look straight. Anyways thats what I suggest doing (check out the site). You can tell by going there to see if Cliff is being Honest or not. If you think he is, keep posting. If you dont, Keep posting as long as your civil. Its not that hard people.

[edit on 28-9-2008 by rjmelter]

posted on Sep, 28 2008 @ 11:57 PM
I dont think it's quite as simplistic as such a basic lie/truth test, and I actually think that it's kind of impertinent to suggest it in that manner.

posted on Sep, 29 2008 @ 07:58 AM
I hope this thread sorts its self out quick smart because we have gone through all the pick on Clifford thing and the Religous side.

To be honest I might do the John Lear thing?

And it is getting very lacking to say the least.

posted on Sep, 29 2008 @ 10:25 AM
I agree that its not the most effective way, but all the negativity is not the anwser.

Hate only stirs up more hate.
Anger Anger.

Its something to think about.

So The only thing I know to do is analyze the truth for myself instead of becoming so focused in the lies and deceipt that is very prominant on ATS, by paranoid and sometimes delusional occupants.

In one of the interviews, Clifford had said that he used to could see Imaginary friends and that it was because he was chosen for a selected task. There is no way to prove that, but most would say that is paranoid and delusional... if its true it would bring out many many more things, but due to the lack of response and proof I have came up with a few conlcusions

1) ATS Stands to gain a lot of money from Cliffs information and are waiting to do so

2) Cliff is delusional but he does have proof of UFOS, and intelligent beings but is mixiing up his own fantasy world and the truth

3) None of what Cliff is saying is true (i know UFOS exist though- due to my best friends dad who was a commander in the navy---he saw UFOS and the way they had to report them he said was pretty disheartening-and also nobody discussed them or there would be consequences)

4)Its a mix of the above 3, ATS Stands to gain money from this, and since Cliff is also in need of money they will make sure that he gets his well deserved cut for providing proof, altho some of what he says might be paranoi, but paranoid people are capable of stumbling on proof and intertwining their ideas etc.

I dont know what to say. This thread took a real nasty turn.

At one point I was skeptiocal and even believed that Joe was writing for Cliff, also that Joe was created to back Cliff to create a positive pressure that is in vain... Who really knows. This whole thing stinks. Cliff doesn't have to provide proof, but sometimes proof is neccessary to get things in motion if they are true... one thing people have learned is you cant support something that is entirely based on one persons belief, they say they have proof, if they have prrof they have to share it and if its true the other people will follow suit in trying to get disclosure... and Cliffs true agenda (what he has said) is questionable now because not only is there no proof, Cliff keeps telling his oppinion with no shred of evidence, and as far as the realworld is concerned your eyes do not lie so if there is evidence peoples eyes need to see it.

posted on Sep, 29 2008 @ 10:46 AM
reply to post by rjmelter

the bottom line is... that Cliff.. came forward years ago.. to help with the disclosure project.. with Dr. Greer... and had this incredible story of............. (first hand, on the scene knowledge)............. about crashed flying saucers .. and alien bodies.... its been over 10 yrs.. why wouldnt one expect some answers ???

posted on Sep, 29 2008 @ 02:10 PM
reply to post by rjmelter

In Sgt Stone's defense:

1. If he were delusional, wouldn't the military have found out during his 22 years of service? That is a very long time to take the sometimes very stressful life of the military with out cracking. I have the greatest respect for the man for serving in Vietnam and staying in a very rough transitional period for the military. They were underfunded and disrespected for most of the 1970s. Many would have gotten out, but Sgt Stone stayed in and helped with the transition.

2. When I joined the USAF in the 1980s, many of my friends who joined in the early 1970s would tell me about being "volunteered" to do a project. This meant getting some gear and going in an aircraft, sometimes for exercises, and sometimes for classified assignments (no saucer crashes that I was told of, but they did not reveal anything about what the did anyway.) It does seem that Sgt Stone was "volunteered" to do an assignment. He only found out it was a saucer crash when he got there. Before setting off his aircraft, he most probably signed a statement stating he was not to reveal anything. If he had any classified papers about it now, he would lose his retirement, and his children could be affected when and if they decide to get any kind of clearance.

3. Too many of the whistle blowers contradict themselves. It is hard to sort out what is truth, and what is stories or disinformation. We have to watch the interviews and look at the mannerisms. Many have not made any money or gained any financial ground on their claims. (There is nothing wrong with writing a book on what you experienced.)

4. We all want some kind of proof, but as I stated in number 2, many of the former military would lose pensions and all their benefits if found with such highly classified documents. They could name names, but many do not want their names mentioned, as they will not even tell their spouses what they did in the military. My brother does not tell me what he did, and I do not ask him. Unfortunately, we may have to wait until some of these people pass on. They might have left documents or other evidence to show what they did was real. That way, they could not be prosecuted, and their families would not have known.

5. Lastly, I would also like the spiritual aspect separated from the nuts and bolts parts of the aliens and crafts. Once it is established the ETs are for real, then we can get into spirituality and philosophy. I do believe if what these people are telling us, it changes the perception of everything. It is hard for them not to have their spiritual values and ideas intertwined. Even Sgt Stone wants to keep his beliefs to a minimum until the ET nuts and bolts part of it is settled. Everything stated about what they believe and where they come from is pure conjecture until one of the sits down on Larry King to tell the world about themselves. Even they may have differing beliefs, but as long as they all follow the Golden Rule (Treat those as you wish to be treated, not he who has the gold, rules!) we will be OK.

posted on Sep, 29 2008 @ 03:58 PM
reply to post by SkepticOverlord

Hi you state:-

There are many things for which I would also like to see hard evidence.
However, the nature of "conspiracy theory"

I was not commenting on a "conspiracy theory", i was ON topic, and asking Cliff for some proof realting directly to Cliffs experience? Therefore if what i have just stated does not qualify for this forum nothing in here does?

I Also stated the following;-
"PS:- Cliff i dont mean to cause any offence to you and i hope your health improves very soon." which i did and do sincerely mean.

Is ATS scared of the TRUTH? whether it be FOR or AGAINST UFO/ET existance?

good bye from SGTruthATS

in England, UK.

posted on Sep, 29 2008 @ 04:18 PM
reply to post by kidflash2008

Your post-"rjmelter" - is probably one of the best posts on this forum so far.

I am a very big skeptic with regards to all this and am very skeptical of Cliffs experience because of a lack of any evidence ,but i will say this;-

I have no military affiliations whatsoever and the only person in my family who was in the military was my grandfather. I was barely born when Cliff must have been serving in Vietnam and i do have the utmost respect for him in this regard of being a serving soldier and thank him and his kind for laying his life on the line for us all.

regardless of my skepticism of Cliffs story i appreciate what he has done.

SGTruthATS - London,England

posted on Sep, 29 2008 @ 09:31 PM
Can someone if possible direct me to a place where to buy Clifford's book? I tried Spibooks and their payment system did not work nor did they respond to any emails, there's nothing at all on Ebay, and Amazon has none in stock and havent for some time.

Thanks kindly if anyone can help,

posted on Sep, 29 2008 @ 10:39 PM
reply to post by SGTruthATS

Well Ill be honest its not that im skeptical of what Cliff is saying...

I am a person who is hard to explain, i know the right way to do things but I go to opposite way to defy myself or I go the long way just so I learn every ounce that I can. When one stirs the pot they get to see the whole thing and everything is blended. Sometimes its bessed to cook a pot of mixed stuff... mix it and let it settle back out... then mix again... Why? Just because its better to know everything then some of the things. Id like to know what Im eating.

Half of any of the reasons I say what I do is I get all the negative energy out and let those clarify, like ... the flash guy. Sorry no name but my monitor wont show the font and i got 14 windows up and dont want to lose the pages im researching. Anyways. I agree with what the flash guy said with a blue background. He has a lot of good points, but sometimes a person has to air out his soul and let the absense of all the previous negative energy be filled with new knowledge for better understanding in this world.

As far as whats going on... If you go back to the posts Cliff stated sometthings then it got really quiet, Springer Chimed in and it was as if Springer had other plans or ATS had other plans. These people seek true disclosure... ok? Do they? If they did you would see samples of evidence.... The only thing I have seen from ATS is the 2 books that have and are being published for profit... Iw ould like to think that Cliff wouldnt be silenced by money, if so hes weak minded and is an example of why this country is what it is... Cowardess and powered by those whe strike fear into others. Oil Comanies own the banks, the republicans and democrats, energy companies, plastic companies, all of the things that Drive America... All because of money... you can see where i feel dissapointed on an assumption that could very well be wrong, but its my negative energy im airing out. If Cliff chooses to respond he will... but if cliff is to go at this, America needs someone strong minded and strong headed to disclose this information (half the reason the GOvernment has worked so hard to destroy him... if he looks like that Americans wont believe him) Can you see my point?

Its not that I doubt Cliff(entirely), he just needs to be aware of all the angles he will encounter. The pessimism and deconstructive attitude, and HIMSELF. Cliff is a very kind person, nothing wrong with that. However there is a way to be more Demanding, secure, positive and strong without sacrifcing love for others... Cliff must learn this, I cannot stress it enough.

I do however have concern about one thing... the Imaginary Friends thing.... that is something of intrest. As Flash pointed out the U.S. wouldn't have allowed him to stay in Military service with those kind of problems... so thus im curious as that what it all adds up to.

posted on Sep, 29 2008 @ 11:27 PM
reply to post by rjmelter

Hi rjmelter and folks,

I just got back this morning from the Bay Area Expo. There were a lot of people there. My buddy who started spuntk (aerospace engineer) meet Clifford in person. He had some quality time with him. He was trying to learn from Clifford in 3 days what I learned in over 10 years. I meet some folks who want to write his life story, especially about the 12 situations, and like what Clifford said they are not all crashes. They will go into detail about the experiences, etc. I also meet the folks from ATS.

Clifford talk was very good, it went into detail about how congress was briefed in July19, 1966, and the year might be wrong because the PDF is not the best. It was called “Symposium on Unidentified Flying Objects” It had some interesting players, like Dr. Allen Hynek, Dr. Carl Sagan, Dr. Robert Hall, etc. The report went into detail about how congress wanted answers about UFO’s. The Air Force was concern. The report should be read. I will try to make it available on spuntk for free. Need help on how to make documents available.

Also he gave an excellent workshop on UFO Investigation, from project Sign to Blue Book, and also showed how the Air Force today reports UFO’s. He made that available free for the people who were in his talk. I’m working with Clifford on how to get these out. I found out that it takes a lot of time and money to get these documents out. Some people there, their whole job is doing this all day. Clifford does it part time, and my friend and I work on it when we have time. I need to sit down with Clifford and found how you get all this information out. Spuntk will have some information, but millions of pages that Clifford has you just can’t get it out overnight. Well it’s getting late, will try to get a hold of Clifford when he gets back to Roswell this week.

God bless,
Joe Z.

posted on Sep, 29 2008 @ 11:40 PM
reply to post by Anonymous ATS

Clifford took two of his books and scanned them on PDF's. It is available thru spuntk once we get the site up for that. The 2 are "UFO are Real" and
UFO's Let the Evidence Speak for Itself" My buddy and I copied about 100 CD's with his books and Reports he wrote to Congress. Please contact DeltaPrime at spuntk, I'm not a money person, but an aerospace engineer. ATS is aware of this site, they want to get Clifford's stuff out too.

Joe Z.

posted on Sep, 30 2008 @ 12:04 PM
reply to post by Anonymous ATS has a couple of copies of Sgt Stone's book for sale through some independent sellers. They are too expensive for me, but if you can afford them they are available.

posted on Sep, 30 2008 @ 03:42 PM
Thanks Joe and Kidflash, cheers.

Cant wait to get my hands on it actually, no doubt it will be a fascinating read. Might have to go the Amazon way, even though i've seen the rather exorbirant prices offered by independent sellers... one even trying for something like $180US, lol... the nerve of some people.

Thanks again,

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