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Sgt. Clifford E. Stone Answers Your Questions

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posted on Jun, 13 2008 @ 05:45 PM
reply to post by hammanderr

Claims without proof are interesting but useless. Please provide some something in the way of what I have asked for

Don't you think that if Cliff (or anyone) let something in the way of evidence slip through, something solid enough to satisfy and convince you, that he or the evidence would be dealt with by those in a position to do so? It seems intuitively obvious to me plus I've heard it stated quite plainly by other former military people who have been in a position to know.

That's just the way it works in the here and now. We can all hope otherwise and expect full disclosure in the near future but how many times in the past have we been disappointed? It just does not appear that our planet has been fitted into the disclosure schedule as of yet!

posted on Jun, 13 2008 @ 05:56 PM
reply to post by CLIFFORD STONE

Thank you sir for your understanding, no offense was meant.
I appreciate your response, and i guess i will just have to wait, like everyone else, for this to surface.

And i know you said this isn't about you but it is, you're being modest, you've "stole the show" so to speak.
You have so many people reading this thread with baited breath.

And i just thought perhaps, if you wouldn't mind, that while we were waiting you could tell us more of Korona and as i said before perhaps he would even like to participate because i believe you said it was like he read your just have to scan it and korona will be able to access that information.

Any thoughts on this.

Thanks again for your civil and respectful response

posted on Jun, 13 2008 @ 06:41 PM

Clifford could you please tell if the entity portrayed (Dr. Reed case) is a real extraterrestrial being (reptilian)? comparing with what you know (surely you've seen Dr. Reed's case before)
Thank you so much

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posted on Jun, 13 2008 @ 06:42 PM

Originally posted by NightVision
reply to post by blupblup

The docs I have may or may not be the same ones Springer has seen. Mine are FOIA requests via Cliff Stone. They simply provide recorded data showing that projects exist where intelligence agencies have launch expeditions to recover downed extra-terrestrial craft, i.e. Project Moondust, Project Dinosaur, Blue Fly, etc.

Is it proof? I suppose not. But if you put the pieces together between the documents, and the testimony, it paints an awfully convincing picture.

(click here for more info, and to see some documents)

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Thank you for posting that link! Seems like ATS has been in possession and has published such since February 2008.

Now I did not read every word in every document but gave it a thorough scan read

I did not find any reference either in documents or the accompanying summary thread that mentions in anyway ET or even alien ( legislators used to call foriegners "aliens" back in the 50-60's etc). Neither could I find any reference to the projects you specifically name in your post NONE at all!! Please could you provide link to docs that mention those!!!

Could you point me to any of the documents that indicates the UFO sighting or investigation suspected them to be non human? Especially if any of them specifically talk or mention or even hint thatan alien creature was captured or body recovered PLEASE!

A question for anyone... or especially Mr Stone or JoeZ!

......Yes we are all aware of thousands of UFO sightings many so credible the existance is almost certain. Since Nazi germany were already experimenting with flying saucers in the 1940's and many modern replications (on small scale have occured)..... why do you think such MUST be from outside this planet. Why could they NOT be secret military craft from both US and other countries????

Thanking you again for sharing that information


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posted on Jun, 13 2008 @ 10:51 PM
reply to post by Has2b

Has2b and others,

The DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) has documents on their FOIA site referencing Project Moondust which came after Project Blue Book was closed in 1969. Project Blue Book was SECRET, Project Moondust was TOP SECRET. There is a lot of information you can found on other government web sites. But nobody wants to look through thousands pages of documents. I saw documents through FOIA and other sources. In some of Clifford books there are copies of the FOIA documents and I will go to the websites of the agencies that hold that document. Of course all the documents are unclassified. I would never or Cliff would disclose any classified information just to prove a point. There is a lot of information out there if you know where to look. For example:
1. DIA
2. DTIC – Defense Tech. Info Center
3. Rand Corporation
4. USAF – Maxwell AFB
6. NASA – PlanetQuest Program

So you see, slowly disclosure is coming out. But like members of congress said if it’s not going impact how we live everyday, then it’s not that important.

Joe Z.

posted on Jun, 14 2008 @ 12:07 AM

Originally posted by Joe Z
reply to post by Has2b

*SNIP* for brevity

I would never or Cliff would disclose any classified information just to prove a point.

So you see, slowly disclosure is coming out. But like members of congress said if it’s not going impact how we live everyday, then it’s not that important.

Joe Z.

Thanks Joe,

Please do as indicated go to one of those sites for us, and post one or a few relevant links ( if you don't know how to do that just ask... but see the envelope icon in post toolbar!)

No one expects anyone to post classified info! Infact as has been suggested before Cliff would lose more credibility if he did so because surely "they" would step in and prevent or punish!

But myself and others are fascinated. There is more HARM is done to any disclosure if people come on to public internet sites .. claim they have special privelged knowledge and personal experience and then fail to deliver any substance, or even thorough (or sufficient) information based on annecdotal eye witness accounts.

Pick any team let's say Dallas cowboys.... but if I claimed to have played for them and still aware of several "team secrets" and it were true.... THEN I would surely be able to divulge a great detail enough fact and anecdotal experience and knowledge to "blow" any skeptics mind whether they have ability to independantly research or not ... without divulging "team secrets"!

So far in 31 pages.... I think I could do a comparative or perhap much better convincing job ( stolen quote from another poster sorry can't credit username).... proving that "the earth is pushed around the Sun by a million little pink fairies!"

If you and Cliff cannot and will not say anything of substance you are wasting yours and evryone elses time and devaluing your credibility.

I thank you sincerely again with RESPECT and look forward to your next more detailed post

Ps I will try and find something on those sites but you could be a big help!


EDITED to correct a few "spledink misteaks"

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posted on Jun, 14 2008 @ 12:26 AM
reply to post by CLIFFORD STONE

Mr. Stone, people are different from each other and cultures too. Do aliens differ as much as human cultures do or are they more alike? How can we predict if they're friendly or not?

I hear stories going both ways that there are people on Mars and that there are not.

Which is it?


posted on Jun, 14 2008 @ 01:17 AM
I'm playing the devils advocate here, after 31 pages of this thread, I am still feeling very unsatisfied with the OP and his forthcoming of, well, anything.

So far I just get the feeling of an emotional man, with religious tone, and life his experiences that in all honesty dont seem that interesting (sorry to be blunt, but I thought this site was for information, not personal emotion story telling).

Im not saying I dont believe in things, hell just look at some of my threads to confirm that. But this thread is a red herring. I'm starting to wonder what I am really missing out while wasting my time looking here for *** ANY *** new information, with SUBSTANCE.

I don't care if you ban me or whatever, but Springer himself believes this guy and his "information", so where is it??


posted on Jun, 14 2008 @ 02:01 AM
reply to post by Has2b

If you and Cliff cannot and will not say anything of substance you are wasting yours and evryone elses time and devaluing your credibility.

This guy has got to be working for the government, IMHO!

posted on Jun, 14 2008 @ 02:49 AM
reply to post by plumranch

Clifford has a lot of information; I have seen it for myself. I not here to convince of anything, just like you I had to do a lot of investigating, all Clifford did was to open my eyes. I pray that you get the same insight I got, but everyone is different. I was in-patient at the beginning, but when I talked to other folks about their experiences, everything starting to come together. Proof is different to various people; I'm an engineer so I relate to science and such. Others of you might relate to the aspects of our visitors in a differnt way. There is some much out there, in the last 9 years I have collected some much information on the subject that I started sharing with people who just asked. The questions sent to Clifford should be related on how you feel about this subject not other options. So be patient, it didn’t happen overnight for me.

God Bless,
Joe Z.

posted on Jun, 14 2008 @ 05:00 AM
alot of good points from people, about Possibilities of the silence.
Still no closer as to the reasons?

I think we've been led and strung along so many times, that many find it difficult to just believe now.

We are not really any closer to disclosure after 50+ years of this stuff....yes every few years a new saviour or new "whistleblower" comes along with disclosure ie; A revelation...and we all get hooked follow it through until it's debunked....not every single case by any means nor do i believe that they are all lying, but it's difficult to tell and increasingly more difficult to "see the wood for the trees".

And i think if everyone wanted to speak to me, knew my name, i'd appeared in countless interviews, written and helped write books, documentaries and had met lot of people in the ufo field and was quite respected....i'd be happy or my ego would be massaged.
people say what motives could one about notoriety,or respect, or fame? For some people this is more than enough: note: see any reality tv programme!!

I am not saying this about cliff, just in general, so please don't be offended cliff.
And you must understand the frustrations that come with the research people do and the interest they have in such an ambiguous field/subject.

Thanks, blup

posted on Jun, 14 2008 @ 05:45 AM
also a link to the thread discussing cliffs credibility, with arguments both for and against mr.stone.
Very interesting thread.

Alot of new info, thanks.

posted on Jun, 14 2008 @ 10:07 AM
Perhaps We just need to reoutline this post and bring to light the articles from the past and tell the story to the readers and let Sgt CLiff elaborate?

-due to the destruction we've created ?

posted on Jun, 14 2008 @ 10:29 AM
I am about to my wits end with some people on here. It seems to me that Team ATS have been trying very hard to get the information and documents into the MSM. (Main Stream Media, for those that don’t know) And it seems very apparent that they don’t want to disclose the facts. In so much that they will interview people such as Stan Romanek who claims to have video of Aliens. I feel that if Springer and his team feel confidant in the information Cliff has. Enough in fact to help him try to get into the public light, than I feel there has to be some credence and validity to his story.

Now if it takes 500 pages of this thread to get all of our questions answered so be it. For those that don’t feel enough “proof” is being presented here at this time, must be either to lazy to search for it on their own, or so consumed by their own beliefs that aliens can not possibly exist. I have taken many hours to check out SFC Stones story through interviews he has done and what others here on ATS have provided through their hard work. I have come to the conclusion that his experiences are valid and he is being truthful in what he has given us in his answers to our questions.

Cliff I do have one question I don’t believe has been asked yet. Did Korona give you any idea as to how long they have been conducting their research on our planet?

posted on Jun, 14 2008 @ 11:52 AM

So as there is no way of proving, can Mr.Stone not just interface or get in contact with this being and have Korona answer some of our questions?
or at least share some of his/hers/its? ideas and thought with us?

Just a thought

lol, well, even if he did do this,and had Korona answer these questions on this thread, would anyone really believe him?!? seriously, or would everyone start saying he's a liar? or think it's cliff? I can hear it now...

"Remember Clifford Stone, he was really convincing until he claimed to be an alien writing on a forum!!"

Or maybe a youtube video? lol, it would be claimed to be a hoax within seconds. Just accept that Cliff is telling the truth and you don't need korona to tell you anything!!


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posted on Jun, 14 2008 @ 12:06 PM
ok, i'll just accept it.
Clifford is telling the truth.
But wait, i can't....because i base my knowledge on facts and evidence.
Doesn't mean i don't believe in aliens or anything like that , like i've said a few times now, i do believe in them amongst other things, and shouldn't need to even repeat this.

i think i have tried pretty much every angle and way to get these posted on here, i've asked springer for an answer....nothing, i've asked clifford or joe z to post them and offered many others to do the same(the ones who said they had them) and they haven't.
I've been reasonable throughout and meant no ill intent to anyone.

i have to say, i love this site and it's members and think it's a richly diverse community and a great place to learn and read up on or get interested in certain subjects and/or conspiracies.

Good luck with getting this out and i hope to see it in the(very near? lol) future.....(tongue firmly in cheek for the last sentence)

Thanks for a good discussion.

posted on Jun, 14 2008 @ 01:08 PM

Originally posted by plumranch
reply to post by Has2b

If you and Cliff cannot and will not say anything of substance you are wasting yours and evryone elses time and devaluing your credibility.

This guy has got to be working for the government, IMHO!


I am starting to understand the paranoia here at ATS!

Serious ROFL! Thanks

Young lady, ATS has my IP address and collects a LOT of info about who I am! If they had the interest and half a brain they would be able to protect you from the evil government!!! Sadly they haven't

Curious which government ... go on take a guess!?

LOL... I have several dark suits and expensive sets of shades...!!!

That is almost certain proof!!! Congratulations!!!

Darn it... you got me!!!

posted on Jun, 14 2008 @ 04:30 PM
KJB Job 38:31 "Canst thou bind the sweet influences of Pleiades, or loose the bands of Orion?"

I've read many accounts of positive reptilian or grey et contact, but so many were not, and even the ones that were, considering their great gifts for telepathy and communication, they could play any role they wish for any agenda, including one that would take over a nwo one and basically take over the planet for their own means. When you are in contact, do you ever challenge or set up tests for your advisor? Have you used your gifts to read signatures and can you differentiate between influences? Have you a sense of an overall agenda, and being needed in the future after a catastrophe? I've read very interesting accounts, but not just Orion in nature. The Plaeiadeian's are involved as well. The overall free will clause and non-involvement is quickly being replaced by other plans from what I've read, and encountered. When one off-planet people interfere with a negative agenda of their own, to the detriment of the planet (ie. PTB using technology to enslave their planet that is et in origin) non-involvement by other forces is not necessary. Do you receive overall agendas for the planet in regard with future events and how these might affect 6 billion people and their advancement?

posted on Jun, 14 2008 @ 04:43 PM

Originally posted by CLIFFORD STONE

reply to post by Bhadhidar

reply to post by blupblup

I was not the one who said these docs would "blow our collective minds" it was cliff.

Would you post just one thread where I said, “blow your collective minds”?

why start a q&a in which you know these type of questions will be asked, and have nothing ready to back up what your saying....seems like bad planning on someones part?
Just want something?

People asked, therefore, I tell my story. They may choose to believe or not. Poor planning comes into play, only if one has an agenda. I have no agenda.

God bless,


Mr. Stone,

I am truly grateful for your reply of 06/13/2008, page 30: though, I must admit that I don't really understand it. Perhaps there has been some mis-communication?

Completely understandable given the nature and circumstances of this forum: You are an oasis in a vast desert, we are the thirsting masses!

I had previously pondered on the employment of "wormholes" as a means of transport between worlds (in your example, betweeen the homeworld of the entity you refer to as "Korona", and our Earth).

I now realize that, perhaps, neither you nor Korona might have any specific, technical knowlege of how such things might work: even Korona, for all his/hers/its advanced intellect, might not be cognizent of the detailed physics involved with the detection, manipulation, and passage through a wormhole.

After all, one could not, nor should not, expect a bus driver to be fluent in the engineering details of his bus's diesel engine!

As the old Elton John song "Rocket Man" says:

All the science, I don't understand. It's just my job, five days a week."

But your personal experience with Korona brings another (well, Many!) topic to mind, that of what is nominally refered to as Telepathy.

Or, based on your description of the experience, Tele-Empathy, knowing, and feeling as if they were your own the thoughts/emotions of another at a distance, might be a more apt description.

It is this point of At A Distance that I wish to examine in more detail, with your help.


-In your experience, does Korona need to be physically present, or in close proximity to you, to be able to communicate with you?

-Do you know, or have a sense of, his range; how far from you he can be and still maintain communicative contact?

-Does increasing distance diminish the clarity of the communication; or does contact simply cease altogether once the limit has been exceeded?

-Do physical barriers, such as walls or mountains, pose an impediment to communication? (Alright ATS members, enough with the "Tinfoil Hat" jokes!

My reason for asking these questions goes to the nature of the essence of thought.

Although we are just begining to develop the technology to, crudely, interpet the electro-chemical firings of our brains into relatively simple command-signals (re. advances in prosthetic limb control): the true essence of complex thought still defies our understanding.

What is a thought, what is it "made" of? Is it just a patterned electrical discharge? Or are the signals we have been able to detect, so far, merely the residual artifacts of a process we cannot yet quantify?

My conjecture is that If Korona's communications are limited by distance or other physical barriers, then the essence of thought must be something governed and limited by the physical universe: thus making it necessary for Korona to physically travel to Earth in communicate.

If, however, "Thought knows no bounds", and telepathic communication is possible, instantaineously, even across the 41-some light years separating our two worlds, then the essence of thought lies somewhere beyond the laws of our physical universe.

Perhaps somewhere in the realm of quantum mechanics? Or even beyond that?

Of course, if thought can instantly traverse light years, it makes one wonder why would beings like Korona bother to make the trip in physical form?

I thank you for your thoughts, Mr. Stone.


posted on Jun, 15 2008 @ 01:14 AM
reply to post by Bhadhidar

I terms of Interplanetary Travel, one can look at different aspect of it. When I was with Cliff about 9 years ago in Roswell, someone who was an artist with some company who does replicas for cast-iron models, was drawing sketches of different craft that has been seen in various locations. As Cliff was explaining what he saw, the artist would sketch it. I have copies of these sketches. One was very interesting, the craft that was discovered in Indian Town Gap, PA, an Army base. I noticed that none of the crafts had heat shields or any advanced metal coatings to speak of. The conclusion was that they had to use some type of wormhole technology which explained why people will see the craft, and then all the sudden it disappears. I’m trying to explain this in our physics; I’m not doing a good job. But it made me to think out of the box. I talked to few scientist and engineers who had some experiences and they said they can explain as:
A rotating disk with two rings rotating in opposite directions, they said it was like a Faraday Cage which rotates and when the two fields would be adjusted, the different forces would produce a vacuum in front of the craft to produce lift. I checked with AIAA for any documents based on this study: AIAA is the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. The report is called “Outside the Box” Space and Terrestrial Transportation and Energy Technologies for 21st Century. Report No. AIAA-2002-1131. I don’t know if I can post this doc because of copyright laws with AIAA.
Other documents were through NASA websites. What I’m trying to say is, I hear and see what all the witnesses are explaining and showing, and then I go through official government websites to do my research. There are a lot of websites out there that are phony and if you’re not an engineering or scientist, you will be fooled. I’m not saying you wouldn’t understand, I applaud you for being on this thread and discussing something as important as this in our world. But the world is more involved in other things, but not for you. Clifford can explain in terms of what he saw in his understanding, I explain as an aerospace engineer, others in a different way. That’s why I question everything and ask for a detailed explanation. But with topic when you talk to other people they think your nuts. I go out of my way to talk to people who are in the know, but will not disclose any secrets. It’s hard to do this, but now I don’t feel alone, because of this thread. I can’t believe by just looking at a few documents in a few weeks, I would understand the truth, still to this day; I have to try to connect the dots. Some of the other folks I talk to say they experienced thing, why would they lie, they are not getting any money, etc out of it. I’m very happy to be part of this thread and try to put some science fact behind the Q & A between you and Cliff. But if I can’t, then maybe I can found someone who can. Networking always works. Sorry about my bad grammar.

Joe Z.

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