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Immigration into America by the hispanic peoples...

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posted on Jun, 6 2008 @ 01:07 PM
reply to post by Izarith

Paid government brain washer? Wish I was, I'd make more and have better benefits. I think I'm just a little more realistic. I'm not one of the "we need to exterminate all the illegals and build a Berlin wall" type nor am I one of the open the borders and all live harmoniously like a big 'ol hippy commune types either. Sorry to break it to you, we do have a middle class in America, I should know, I'm part of it, and absolutely do not live on credit. I'm far from wealthy and far from being poor. Yes, economically things aren't ideal right now, I think it's far from the apocalypse everyone seems to be ranting about. Gas is too damn expensive and food is going up, yes, we'll move on, we always do. There's a reason millions of people are breaking the law to come here. You don't hear about Americans illegally living in other countries do you? (unless you count our millitary in the middle east that is)

posted on Jun, 6 2008 @ 04:03 PM
It is clear that sometimes to understand somebody you need to step in their shoes, and see the world through their eyes. Maybe some people should do that sometime, it doesnt hurt i promise

posted on Jun, 7 2008 @ 04:49 AM
reply to post by prevenge

Hello Prevenge,

Great post!!

But I have to disagree with you about not being able to stop it, even if you might be right.

I don’t care if trying to stop things that are all ready set in motion is stupid.

Let me tell you my friend there is not a power in this universe that can stop me from being stupid if I want to.

Hello Terra Serranum,

I’m glade you think you are middle-class but may I suggest you look up the definition of “ownership” in the dictionary.

I would like to say that I think that America is a wonderful county but so is Mexico. The people of America of all race and creed (with the exception of Mexican-Americans who hate the people of Mexico and spit on them) are wonderful too but your leaders are going to destroy your country and leave you with no respect in the world so do your best to take it back.

Now I’m out I have said every thing I have to say about the subject I hope it helped someone out there.

Maria stardust,

I think I will miss you most of all * Izarith cries*

There is no place like home, there is no place like home, there is no place like home. *Izarith disappears in a fog of smoke *

posted on Jun, 7 2008 @ 04:52 AM
not just mexicans

[edit on 7-6-2008 by krossfyter]

posted on Jun, 7 2008 @ 01:15 PM
I guess I will drop my thoughts into this argument... I am an immigrant from Belgium, I have lived in the United States with a Visa currently in California. I do see one major problem with the Mexican immigrant, and really only that, the problem I see with them is that they come into America and expect the government to give them whatever they want. They fly their flag HIGHER than the American Flag and try to find loop holes in laws. (I am not sure if loop holes is the correct word but the meaning of the sentence doesn't change) I didn't come to America expecting to see my country represented at every effing corner of the city, unlike mexicans who have almost half the bilboards in the state printed in spanish. This really makes me angry because in the more rundown parts of the city I reside in, almost everything is in spanish... I only speak French English and Norwegian, no spanish, what is one suppose to do?? Constantly I hear on the news about how they want to integrate schools with books in both english and spanish... that is where I draw the line... come on America...

posted on Jun, 7 2008 @ 01:21 PM

Originally posted by krossfyter
not just mexicans

[edit on 7-6-2008 by krossfyter]

good find

posted on Jun, 7 2008 @ 06:25 PM
reply to post by SLAYER69
OK this is correct but the numbers aren't as great as with the mexicans. Way more of them. Also as the previous post mentioned they don't go around asking for bi-lingual classes, waving their flag and demanding benefits though illegal. Big difference in the two. I'm just sayin'.

posted on Jun, 7 2008 @ 06:58 PM
What is this crap, "You can't become American">

Millions upon millions of people have become American. Many when we stole their lands, such as Texas, New Mexico, California, Arizona, etc. That's right, we outright stole their lands from them.

Millions more came to this country from other lands, and became Americans. In fact, unless you are an American Indian (full blooded), your ancestors came from somewhere else in the last 500 years. Most in the USA came here in the 19th or 20th century.

As to closing the borders, when Americans want to, the borders can be closed. But, most people don't really want to close them. Some of the most outspoken "patriots" I have known have employed illegal gardeners, illegal housekeepers, illegal nannies, etc.

The real problem is that there is, and always has been, a strong streak of "Keep the foreigners out" among those that descend from previous waves of immigrants. "The American Way" is, and always has been, a changing thing that is made up from the customs and habits of many, many other countries.

Strange how few people with a real education in history are screaming to keep them out. That's because they know that this has been the hue and cry of the ignorant, of the prejudiced and of the fools ever since the American Revolution.

Ever hear of the "Know Nothing" party? It was made up of people that specifically wanted to keep the Irish Catholics out in the 1840's-18180's. Didn't work then and it doesn't work now.

But it is so much fun to read their incoherent rants.

posted on Jun, 7 2008 @ 08:25 PM
Its funny, of course they pay no government tax, its not like they purchase American goods and send them home... sure.. they'ren ot helping American by recycling the very money they earn here... they have to buy milk, food, water... cloathing... of course! Those blasted immigrants, they dont pay sales tax! They must be going to an illegal immigrant store to buy their goods! They dont help the economy, hell no!

... shut up white man.

posted on Jun, 7 2008 @ 08:30 PM
At what point will Americans realize that importing large numbers of 3rd world people will do nothing but cause irreparable damage to this nation?

posted on Jun, 7 2008 @ 08:46 PM
This thing about illegal immigrants has become a personal thing for many people. Let's not let hate take over us because if that happens, then this will all end up in a holocaust.

posted on Jun, 7 2008 @ 09:10 PM
It seems the illegals have no concept of law and respect. Stealing identities, using fake papers, stealing social security numbers etc. No matter how much we debate back and forth nothing is resolved. Cities are changing drastically, there are more gangs, violence, child molestors, people draining the sytem and taking the jobs of citizens. In some areas if you want employment you are required to learn spanish. We have many other cultures here but we arn't required to learn their language. We don't see their language on signs etc. only spanish. To me this is disrespectful.

If we went to a spanish speaking country and did all the things that they are doing here in our country, they wouldn't stand for it. Yet they come here like it is their right to do so. Others have come through the proper channels, others speak english etc. What gets me are the illegals who come here, work the sytem for all it's worth and then complain how they don't like America.

posted on Jun, 7 2008 @ 09:26 PM
Vendel, yes it is has become personal for many people. At one time, jobs were a dime a dozen, now companies are either moving out of the country or hiring illegals. What are the rest of us to do? Our legal citizens are falling through the cracks, being turned away. Our legal citizens have families to care for too. Yet someone comes here and breaks the law and gets freebies and we have to learn their language to get by in our own country???? Is that right? Is that fair? The illegals are taking away from others what is rightfully theirs.

We are in a recession, the cost of gas and food etc are rising. We cannot afford to go on like this. There are too many people in need of medical, in need of jobs, in need of a safe envirnment without gangs like ms13 coming into the country. Each country should look after their own people instead of putting a higher value on greed and power instead of human lives.

posted on Jun, 8 2008 @ 09:28 AM
When I see Mexican immigrants in public I avoid them. I'm genuinely afraid of catching something from them I may get sick from and have a hard time recovering from; for example tuberculosis. When I hear them conversing in Spanish I wish they would speak the proper language of the land. I also wonder if they are legal and wether or not they displaced American workers by working for less. So, basically I experience a cascade of bad feelings whenever I see them.

posted on Jun, 8 2008 @ 09:40 AM
reply to post by WhamBamTYM

Whats next?
Mind control? burning books and rounding up people that look different than you?

Hey lets build some camps and ovens?

posted on Jun, 8 2008 @ 09:54 AM
reply to post by Ice_Man

Hey all you ignorant people, remember, All of the so called americans came here and took over this country, you took it from the natives who lived here. If anything, Americans are the immigrants. Everyone should be allowed here. Everyone comes to this country for various reasons, to survive and for a better life. And this so called land of the free is actually far worse than those other countries. Why do immigrants wanna come here anyways, this country sux. I am an american, and if I feel that way its because Im ashamed to even be here. I think immigrants should be given the same chance all you invaders had a long time ago.

posted on Jun, 8 2008 @ 09:55 AM
reply to post by WhamBamTYM

I am curious as how you are able to distinguish Mexican immigrants from non-immigrants. And please don't respond it's by the way they dress, because that's a poor indication of anyone's legal status.

As far as communicable diseases go, those can be caught by literally anyone. In fact, your reasoning falls along the lines of anyone who has been abroad could be diseased. Including American travellers and foreign visitors.

Moving on to language skills, there is no doubt that anyone from abroad making their home in the U.S. would benefit from learning the English language. But they shouldn't be required to strictly speak in English while in public. If you are interested in eavesdropping on a private conversation held in another language (Spanish or otherwise) I would suggest you learn that language. Besides, eavesdropping is rude.

posted on Jun, 8 2008 @ 11:09 AM
Remember: “He that would make his own liberty secure, must guard even his enemy from oppression; for if he violates this duty, he establishes a precedent that will reach to himself.” Thomas Paine

Would that the author of this post remember that those who seek a better
life for themselves and their families ARE NOT OUR ENEMIES; it is for this reason that most of our forefathers came to this land. Unless of course, to our disgrace, they came in chains. The ONLY Americans that might have any moral right to decry illegal immigration are American Indians.

To our shame, we have forgotten that this nation is a nation of immigrants; the very life’s blood that made us great. Indeed, I have seen that it is the light of liberty in the hearts of immigrants that is burning the brightest in the dark times this nation now faces.

All of us might do well to reacquaint ourselves with the words inscribed on the Statue Of Liberty: they are the credo of the Union; they are the proclamation of the hope of freedom from oppression that was once the light of liberty to ALL those suffering the grip of the tyranny of despotism, OR want. We are all by the words thereon inscribed, therefore, Americans.

posted on Jun, 8 2008 @ 12:49 PM
There is something out of line here. Many are saying that Mexicans are doing the jobs Americans won't do.
Maybe you should consider that Americans are not being hired, because employers prefer the cheaper labor.
They are all that way. They still pay women less than men doing the same job.
If the influx of Mexs stopped those same employers would be in a postition where they would have to hire Americans again.

Already addressed is the matter of what people came here first. This is a meaningless misadventure for those who have run out of reasons to suport the invasion of these 3rd worlders.

Another thing I see here that I find to be irrelevant is the charge of "racism". It has become a retort of last resort. It is meaningless and its sole intent is to distract. Those who repeat this tripe are revealing themselves to be mere parrots and not thinkers.

posted on Jun, 8 2008 @ 02:18 PM

Originally posted by OhZone
Maybe you should consider that Americans are not being hired, because employers prefer the cheaper labor.

Business big and small alike have always favored cheap labor. It makes for a stronger bottom line in their books. Even, if all businesses stopped hiring Hispanics, do you really think the wages being paid will change?

I don't think so. Businesses have big government on their side. No one can force employers to pay more than minimum wage if they chose not to.

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