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*BREAKING* Blast by Pakistan Danish embassy (at least 8 killed)

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posted on Jun, 3 2008 @ 10:04 AM
An interesting spin-off has occured today from Flemming Rose' Muhammed cartoons. A subpoena has been issued to him and Kurt Westergaard, as it has to 9 other editors that has published the infamous images. The have to meet in court.

Only thing --really rediculous and kinda funny-- it's in Jordanian court they have to show up in on several charges, among others blasphemy.

I only has the story in Danish, but a press conference on the issue should have been held in Amman this afternoon, so I hope it will be reported in English media as well.

The story in brief: A popular movement in Jordan, called "The prophet unites us" has induced the local DA to press charges. If they don't show up at the Jordanian court they will be wanted by Interpol. Danish authorities have already said they under no circumstancies are gonna hand over some who have not commited any crime according to Danish law. I don't think Interpol will either as long they are traveling Western countries not recognizing their "crime."

The case however sure is bound to poise the relationship between first of all Jordan, and further the Arab world in general, and that of EU. A new crise in the making, hopefully it will stay on a diplomatic level only.

And I always thought Jordan was one of the more 'progresive' islamic countries.

Here's the story Danske avisredaktører stævnet i Jordan --in Danish. If you see it in English, please post.

posted on Jun, 4 2008 @ 09:00 AM

Originally posted by bodrul
reply to post by khunmoon

these whabis dont care about muslims
heck the morons dont even follow the Quran properly., they claim to be fighting for Islam and muslims.

they disregard the rules of war by killing innocent people.
causing damage to none military things. destroying food.

these are nothing more then thugs and criminals who deserve everything they get coming to them.

gives me chills when i hear them selves call them selves Muslim

All sides are disregarding their religious rules of war.

The Christian version tells you war should never be fought, period, unless you have been under constant attack, and you have 100% exhausted every possible option to avoid the war.
Even then, if you do wage a war, the war is to be fought to gain peace with the enemy.

... not exactly what the Christians are doing. lol.

Both religions have set aside their commandments and, well, almost everything religious, so they can fight each other.

Wait... who's not fighting?

Oh right, those Atheists and Agnostics, the only ones who seem to unanimously think the war is morally wrong.

... funny how the religious tend to accuse them of having no morals... when they're the only ones who seem to be morally objecting to war.

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posted on Jun, 4 2008 @ 09:05 AM

Originally posted by khunmoon

Being Danish myself I can only add that this is a result of the decission "in the name of free speech" to reprint the cartoons amonth ago.

Of cause it is initially the total stupid and irresponsible idea of Flemming Rosen to have Danish cartoonist to depict the prophet Muhammed.

Please flag this story it is important, as I'm afraid it is the start of a new epoch of Denmarks 'peaceful' relations with the world, the Muslim one in particular.

As a person with a brain that actually works, I can only add that this is a result of the person or group that woke up in the morning and decided to murder people to avenge their perceived disrespect of Muhammed.

The act that is totally stupid is mindlessly killing innocent people in the name of their prophet. Allowing people to express their views by printing a cartoon is not stupid. It's a fundamental legal right in most countries that have evolved beyond the Dark Ages.

Yes, this thread is important, as it marks a declaration of war against Denmark my militant Islamic extremists. At what point will you liberal apologists wake up and realize it is the people who commit the crimes against humanity who are to blame, not people who voice their opinions about these people?

Or do you suggest that people of civilized societies limit their freedom of expression based on what radical religious extremists deem acceptable?

posted on Jun, 4 2008 @ 09:43 AM
reply to post by jamie83

You wanna tease a mad dog go ahead. I would rather leave it, maybe have it put away, and take care of the other dogs by immunizing. Seems to me you would like to kick and beat them all.

Back on topic. This is from a Pakistani news site.

Car used in embassy blast identified

ISLAMABAD, June 3: The car used in the explosion near the Danish embassy on Monday was snatched from Jhang at gunpoint in February, sources close to the investigation told Dawn.

They said the white car was snatched from the limits of Mochiwala police station on Feb 18.

The sources said the car’s engine and chassis numbers were listed with the authority concerned in the federal capital and the man, in whose name the numbers were registered, had been picked up.

Two other men – an official of the Federal Investigation Agency who used to drive the car, and owner of the showroom that had rented the vehicle had also been picked up.

Forensic evidence proved that the engine and chassis numbers had been tampered with, adding that the original numbers were found to have been registered in Lahore.

Doesn't look good for the investigation if "an official of the Federal Investigation Agency" is involved. Smells kind of fishy to me.

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