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Setting it Straight

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posted on Jun, 2 2008 @ 12:02 AM
In many of my threads, I have spoken against the indoctrination that goes on in Christianity, Islam and Judaism. In doing so, one may come to the conclusion that I am against faith. I am not. What I am against are people getting others to follow their religion with the threat of being burned forever if they do not. What greater fear is there to use than the threat of eternal damnation? How many feel that if they look into ancient text, such as the Mayans or Sumerians, that they will be damned? God is so much bigger than any book or concept. This is actually the main point on my site The Temple of Enki.

The Anunnaki Masters such as Enki, Enlil and Anu spoke of this Force as "The Master of all Beginnings". No gender, no name. They understood that this power is much too great to be labeled. Here is the site for the Bishop John Shelby Spong that I have great respect for, and gets right to the point I hold so dear as Truth. It is an NBC partial interview. He speaks about how the concept of Hell is an invention for control. The TRUE nature of God is the Force of life that is in all things, and in all Creation. It is intelligent, all-knowing, and wonderful. It is not a killer or a deceiver, it does not need humans to tell it how great it is, it simply is.


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