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Secret space II, (video)

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posted on Jun, 1 2008 @ 08:03 PM
Secret Space II

This documentary shows alot on how aliens have invaded earth time and time again, and that everywhere around the world we find pictures (etc.) of reptilians, making the existence of aliens a real probability.

It features David Icke, UFO / Alien abductions, NASA's fake moon landings and Secret Nazi Space Technology.

"The Enigma channel has produced some of the most important,ground breaking, no holds barred documentaries in recent times...A MUST SEE.!!!."

NASA have so far have refused to acknowledge what they know on the existence of UFOS. But once the more.. pieces are put together which most has come from NASA itself, it becomes so clear that NASA not only know about UFOs, but have a direct involvement with them.

It shows how the American Illuminati families seek to dominate planet Earth by controlling Space.

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