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The Great Conspiracy = The CoN

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posted on Jun, 1 2008 @ 06:31 PM
This is a really good read from the forum on

WARNING: Very Long Read

"The problem with such a short sighted view is that it sucks you right in. All these and other conspiracies are so interlocked that invariably you get drawn into others and spend your whole life running after it, noting it and learning its subtleties. And there are so many you are bound to find one that suits your own biases perfectly.

But none of these minor conspiracies are anything like The Conspiracy. They can't be. They don't permeate everything we do, are part of the food we eat and the air we breath. Many of them are real enough, thats true, but even they are unaware of the “greater plan” which they all unknowing serve.

Because the Conspiracy isn't one of those fiendishly complex and intricate ones. In all truth, it doesn't even know that its a Conspiracy. Its so vast and broad that it underlies the lesser conspiracies and most of the human experience. Quite the opposite of devious, it exists merely by exploiting the Pink and merehume fear of the new, a yearning for cuteness and hatred of the real, a lack of imagination and desire to be ordered around like a robot. This butt-kissing Code of Normality (or “CoN” ) is the most insidious and dangerous threat. The CoN is bigger than nations and wars, gods or demons, Republicans or Democrats, the President and interlocking corporate ownership. Its everything from the mealy mouthed clerk at a store to genocide to why Britney Spears singles actually sell."

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