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The Health Care Trojan Horse

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posted on Jun, 1 2008 @ 02:18 PM
This is really simple. I can't believe people haven't realized what's about to happen yet.

The Democrats are planning on implementing a national health care system. This will require a national identification system like a social security card, except for health care.

In order to be part of the system everybody will be require to have the identification to receive services at hospitals and doctors' offices.

The next requirement is going to be mandatory vaccinations. Your medical history will be kept by the government. Your medical privacy will no longer exists. You will have to verify to the government that you received all your vaccines.

How will the government be able to implement this type of a system? By having the health care identity chip implanted in everybody. This chip will store your entire medical history, and will be required to receive health services.

So for everybody who is clamoring for national health care and at the same time bitching about how the government is violating your privacy... WAKE UP!

Think about what you're getting into.

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