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William Cooper's take on the UFO cover-up...

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posted on Jul, 28 2008 @ 12:27 PM
reply to post by SaviorComplex

I would suggest you go back and re-read Cooper's own words, the experience of those around him, and the reasons the sheriff's department was serving a warrant. Then come back and tell us if he had a history of aggression.

I hate to break it to you but you don't know Cooper you never met the guy? He was setup and murdered, not only in cold blood but by the media who set him up with his own words to make it look like he freaked out and open fired.

Look at the evidence.
He was shot kneeling down at 3ft away in the head.
Then seconds later shot in the heart at close range.

That does not match up with the police report now does it?
Read the autopsy report carefully.

Then you have people who lived with him family and friends all saying the same thing, "Cooper was hot tempered at times but he would never open fire on someone, we know he didn't do it, he was setup and murdered."

Are you more qualified then the detective/investigator?

Put on your THINKING CAP!

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posted on Jul, 28 2008 @ 02:11 PM
I have ZERO belief in any conspiracy theory about UFOs.

This is my own belief, based purely on logic and that I cannot possibly know information of which someone has no interest in letting me know -- takes a moment to make sense of that.

Every week, we find more earth-like stars, and now we even find planets that could possibly be like earth. So it's pretty likely, that the Universe is teaming with life. Even if life exists at 1 in a million planets. We would likely have a million planets with life in this galaxy alone.

So, I think it is inevitable, that there is life on other planets. And with the apparent age of this Universe, which may or may not be infinite -- but of course, something is infinite, of which we are apart. Then there is going to be life superior to ours, and there will be advanced life 10,000 years ahead, 100,000 years ahead and many millions of years ahead.

Therefore, the chance that there is life superior to humans is 1. A certainty. If that is 1, in an infinite Universe, there is many more than 1 superior race.

We have seen no signals from space. This isn't too surprising, because from our own history, after only about 50 years with radio waves, we are now using the spectrum in more complicated waves. Chances are, in another 20 years, there will not be a compressed, multiplexed and encoded signal that would not look like background noise to another civilization. But, wouldn't an advanced and curious race make radio signals that were intended to be encoded and send them out? Probably

So, NOT finding ANY examples of intelligent life, tells me that there must be some over-arching organization of intelligent races that makes sure we do not find evidence. I'm sure that sounds like an oxy-moronic self-justifying rationale for a conspiracy theorist. But I think if you have a perfect likelihood of advanced civilization but no sign of any, then the more advanced civilizations must be contacting the recently radio-ready civilization and guaranteeing that they keep an embargo on communications that would interfere with undeveloped, sentient species.

SETI will not find anything, until someone says it is OK to find something at that someone is not on earth. Humanity must have been contacted for the simple concept that EVERY advanced race that can contact other races gets contacted. The reason for not letting a developing sentience think that there are "Gods" and monsters besides the one's they create out of their own struggles on their own planets, I think are too numerous to bother explaining.

I certainly can see why there would be a policy not to let people know that some super-alien is going to bail them out. We'd be whining that someone didn't solve our cancer issue and blaming them for death -- instead of learning how to solve it ourselves. Such a dependency would crush any development on earth, and make everyone part of a cult, presuming "what the aliens want." We have enough of that already.

>> So, going with the certainty that humanity has been contacted -- and that you can assume the government is covering it up, and that is the same rule for EVERY undeveloped sentient species. Then, looking at the failure of missile shield technology -- whatever knowledge they've imparted has not made it to our MAIN military. The President is out of the loop. There must be two governments.

The shadow government would put in their own "conspiracy theorists" and these people, with knowledge we don't have, could easily become the legitimate authorities. Doing enough disinformation to keep the mainstream from believing them. The Book 1984 showed us that the main dissent group was the government. A downside of policy, would of course be corruption in the privileged classes.

If you KNEW actual facts, and were not working for the government -- you would be ridiculed. If that didn't work you would be dead.

Therefore: Dead conspiracy theorists are more likely to NOT be working for disinformation -- crackpots aside.

posted on Jul, 28 2008 @ 02:41 PM
Rush Limbaugh.
Sean Hannity.
G Gordon Liddy.
Rush Limbaugh.
Bill O'Reilly.
Michael "Weiner" Savage.

How is it, that in this great nation of ours, this bunch of brain-dead, anti-middle-class, and except for Liddy, cowardly bunch of panty-waists would be the pre-eminent mouthpieces for Joe Six Pack?

They got jobs to make people so stupid, they think that not protecting jobs and outsourcing labor was going to help our economy. Apparently, nobody sane and intelligent and who actually cared for working Americans was available. These jerk-wads got high paying , cushy jobs.

Over 50% of the country is Liberal, and they can barely buy one radio station to let on Air America. From a born-again Liberal perspective -- the only TV shows that EVER air a Liberal thought -- if not a merely honest thought, is Keith Olbermann, Bill Moyers, and The Daily Show. That much of the nation, not represented. Why, think of it from merely an economic -- selling air time point of view, and you'd have to wonder "how is it possible that in an allegedly free market, wacky, Liberal views do not get on the TV or radio?"

So why do we think that the people who would tell us the truth would get a radio show anywhere in America?

Most likely, anyone at a radio station or getting paid is NOT legitimate. You'd have to think that a country that doesn't allow someone who says; "Unions may actually have a purpose" would allow anyone with the truth about Alien contacts would get 10 feet from a microphone?

>> And to anyone who actually knows, but thinks they are keeping us in the dark about Aliens and that is helping us. I have to plead with you to care a bit more about humanity. Our oceans are going acid. The nation with the most powerful nukes is likely to start a war with Iran. The parts of the secret agencies in our country that infiltrated the mob to protect America are actually the power behind the mob in America. We are not going to get out of this situation, with merely one simple war. The stakes are higher, and our leadership so corrupt that instead of helping to reduce births, they let us create a future that will only be settled by attrition and a resource war.

You work for the bad guys people. Nothing you can tell us about the truth, will be more shocking that the future we are going to have with these lies.

posted on Jul, 28 2008 @ 03:41 PM
Oops. Put the comment in the wrong topic. Removed

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posted on Jul, 28 2008 @ 04:14 PM

Originally posted by SaviorComplex

Originally posted by Lazer
In November of 2001 he was shot and killed by police, 5 months after predicting 911...

...after he pulled a gun and shot one of the cops in the head. Funny how that part of the story is always left out.'s all a conspiracy. Stop talking logic. So what if he made it to 58 without being killed by the Jews--I mean the Illuminati. They got him in the end. Never mind that he was an insane militant isolationist.

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