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What if we just leave the planet?

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posted on Jun, 10 2008 @ 06:08 PM
reply to post by NGC2736

I like that reasoning. I just don't have that much faith in humanity as a whole, atleast not right now. I feel that we haven't gotten over our geographical differences now, so if we move to space, everything will just become compounded and further indoctrinated.

From the post, I was assuming we'd move humans to space now. I think in a few hundred/thousand years after humanity has grown up somemore, your scenario will be more likely, however, if we plan this anytime in the immediate future we will just be carrying our prejudices into space with us. While I don't think humanity is very open-minded right now, I agree that we are atleast taking baby steps in the right direction. Just my opinion. Peace.

posted on Jun, 11 2008 @ 01:57 AM
Moving to another planet with the prerequisite technology would mean people would have a lot more freedom of association. But while that is true one would also be dependent on the supplier of the technology.

People installing their own local built water to hydrogen device may be the new model for technology expansion. This is taken even further if everyone has their own nano robots to build whatever is needed for life and expression.

"Amish In Space" could be the kind of fusion we are heading toward.

I believe settling other planets would lead to more tolerance of others ways of life. But it could also be true that "cowboy" isolationists groups could also be around and that they don't follow any other groups beliefs and some of these act in a selfish way.

The lack of wide spread contact with extraterrestrial beings makes me question their motives. It also makes Jasons' scenario something to consider.

You wrote a thought provoking article that takes a lot of thought to reply to.
Disturbing thoughts, sexy thoughts, conspiracy thoughts,

posted on Jun, 11 2008 @ 02:31 AM
There's an interesting question highlighted by the previous responses: what is progress, and what is an ideal society?

Is it progress when a society becomes stable and un-chaotic? If you think so, then the idea of generations quietly living their lives in the same manner is an ideal society, given that there's a 'safety valve' in the OP's hypothesis -- malcontents can simply leave.

In this view, individual fulfillment comes only by an inner process. Individuals might work and struggle, as their society dictates, but it's only for self-gratification, or pure altruism, or their efforts are in vain, as the society is 'stable' and unchanging.

I take a different view. I believe that human progress has been found, historically, in crisis, struggle, and on the frontier. I think that individual 'self-realization', as a goal or purpose in life, cannot be achieved solely by internal processes.

A society that gives us the unexplored, the unacceptable, and the personally motivating 'carrot' of the unfulfilled, is one that is most conducive to achieving this. Sometimes I would really like if that wasn't the case, because, let's face it, life sucks sometimes. (Is the necessity for 'struggle' as a means to self-fulfillment an unavoidable corollary to human nature? An interesting debate subject! And now that I think of that, yep, there's a wonderful ATS member debate on almost that very subject.)

But again, history has shown that complacent societies that do not accept change or non-conformity eventually crumble, and that's natural. Any vision of a 'perfect' society, for any particular subset of individuals, is only an unstable apex, doomed to collapse. And, frighteningly, as the scope of human progress expands, so does the scope of necessary change, in order to keep moving 'forward'.

posted on Jun, 11 2008 @ 12:11 PM

Originally posted by Bursuc

To Long Lance :
With all due respect,i don't get your atitude or your logic. We're not dead yet,and i don't buy the "end of the world" concept or the fear promulgated by religion or our gouvernments lately.And i don't believe we're so "dumb" either.

Maybe i'm wrong,but if we lose hope on our abilities,what else is left ?

Ain't that exactly what this thread is about? omg, this planet is doomed, right?

not quite, although i respect peoples' opinions to the contrary - and within that framework, the only way out is to better yourself and hope everyone will eventually follow suit.

i would prefer people focused on attainable improvements, not sky high obectives from star trek or fighting 'global warming' with a slew of outrageous ideas. unmitigated fantasiszing inevitably leads to disappointment, the sky is only the limit if you do, not just wish.

posted on Jun, 11 2008 @ 06:38 PM
reply to post by Long Lance

Long Lance, a lot more thought went into this post,versus your first one :

wtf makes you think that you could run two planets if you're too dumb to survive on one.

I agree with some of the views on the second one,but the way I've interpreted the OP it was maybe different then your way of seeing it.I've read just as a simple (yet interesting) question,and not necessarily as : " we screwed up this planet,let's move on to screw others,what do you boys think of that ?"

I cannot be more in agreement with you that one needs to better himslef first,and then hope that others will see and follow (on their own terms).Where i disagree is that i don't necessarily see space travel as not important or not attainable. I believe it will become a necessity actually,not a choice.

Again,the way I understood the question was for a possible future,not for tomorrow.

And don't even start me on the whole global warming thing

posted on Jun, 11 2008 @ 06:42 PM
reply to post by Bursuc

Yeah, actually I was only referring to how we are now. About how our own belief systems contradict each other so much, that if one truly embraces any they are at odds with others. And how even if we got our wish, our own areas to do what we want, the outcome would still be the same...

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