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Benefits of developing Qi or Universal Life Energy

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posted on Jun, 1 2008 @ 12:52 PM
Benefits of developing Qi or Universal Life Energy

Abdominal breathing. Sometimes it might be really slow, but sometimes the method might be quite fast in some techniques. Some people prefer really slow breathing methods, others prefer more rapid methods. But the point it shows is that the whole abdomen breathes not just the rib cage, and the whole body breathes, every pore breathes . Everything expands and contracts in balanced harmony

Definitely the first benefits in qi practice are incredibly increased vitality, and greatly improved health and functioning. It should be noted that qi is a physical reality that is physically felt flowing through the body vitalizing it.

I think this page describes the first, and to some people the most important benefits of qi practice, really well.

"If you feel the "Runners' High" all day long? You don't need this art. If you feel the highest energy you have ever felt called the "Spirit of Vitality" all day long? Read no further. In other words, if you feel the vital energy after just minutes of training like we do all day long? You don't need this art.
If you can honestly say you are able to double or improve your productivity, never get a flu or cold, solve illness such as asthma, heart disorders, high blood pressure, insomnia and palpitations, fatigue, depression and varied injuries? Forget this art. Just read the discussion board for the testimonials to see how it has helped others.
With regard to our "Great Achievement Boxing" skills, if you can handle 3-4 multiple attackers and grapplers at once like you see on these videos? Forget this art. If you can end any fighting confrontation within seconds, you don't need this art. Continue on with what you have. "

To instill characteristics of 'resiliency' such as:
(1) developing (heart), also known as "indomitable fighting spirit"
[2]; pray, fast & meditate to allow the Holy spirit of Christ live within us;
being able to cultivate health, vitality and "energy."

During practice the major channels, arteries and veins of the 12 even channels and the 8 odd arteries and veins are cleared and a energy will be produced all over the body This helps to detoxify & tonify the organs, glands & many of the 100 trillion cells...


"When you witness how Al Colangelo defeats three fighters at one time, at 285, 265, & 200, you know he inherited the real art." by Val Ordaz Prison Security 6'3, 285 pound Pro boxer, 10 year jiu-jitsu grappler, Squats 650, and benches 500. "When you see an expert like Al Colangelo 'Knock Out' 3 heavyweight fighters at once while they are 'Shooting In', throwing kicks and strikes, you become a believer real quick." says Mike Richardson University wrestler stands 6'3, 260 pounds, and benches 485.

And from this site

Local illness is often viewed as a failure of life energy or "Qi" to flow freely or correctly in or to that location. Proper practice creates a stronger immune system and general vitality as well. Also, not a small effect though often overlooked, is SWEATING. Chen taijiquan is not easy and practiced as designed one will break into a sweat in a short time. In China sweating from Gongfu practice is seen as very important as it cleans the toxins from the body, especially during internal arts which also use Qi Gong to clean the body.


Taiji quan is not a cure-all. It may be very helpful in preventing cancers and other life threatening illnesses as well as aide in recovery and treatments, but it is not a magical cure. Taijiquan by itself cannot overcome an unhealthy lifestyle in the fight against illness. In combination with healthy diet, a manageable stress level and the absence of toxins and tragic genetics, it is a great benefit.

There is a lot more to write about the health benefits of taijiquan practice, but the really deep stuff has to be felt to be understood; the most obvious benefit is the amazing feeling of cellular joy that a practitioner feels on a daily basis!

machines that affect energies in similar ways to natural methods in some respects-

"Direct action on the affected areas results in rhythmical contraction of a large number of the myofibrils of the skeletal muscles and smooth muscles of the blood vessel walls. "
It can make you involuntarily flap around. It measures skin resistance and then changes it's current and the person can't adapt

In other words you feel physical energy and electricity when in contact with the real enegy of the machine, no vague feelings or beliefs


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