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BTS points idea- General News

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posted on Jun, 1 2008 @ 04:20 AM
Hello everyone,

I'm writing this thread to get people's opinion on an idea I have for BTS. Many members have commented (in the past) on the importance of BTS for relaxation and getting to know the community outside of conspiracy orientated discussion. In order to keep participation high on BTS I propose altering the "points given" for submitting General News on BTS. My reasons why:

  • The Breaking Alternative News forum gives out 10 points for posting and 50 points for replies to a thread.
  • All other forums on ATS give out 4 points per reply on a thread.
  • Encourage members to use General News for non-alternative news related topics
  • Encourage general BTS participation

I put forth the idea of giving folks 5 points per reply on news posted in the General News Forum. Currently every BTS forum gives 2 points per reply. Giving a few more points for general news would be consistent with the points contrast between the Breaking Alternative News and other ATS forums. It also adds weight to posting news items which reinforces ATS's revolution of user generated media.


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