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Darkness Revisited

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posted on May, 31 2008 @ 11:15 PM
This thread is a more evolved "Lack: Birth of Darkness". It's very different, and I think when taught this way, it conveys the message I want in a more accessible way.

Don't take every word written as gospel. I know these things don't have a beginning or an end. But I will speak as if they did for ease of transmission.

Everything that exists has an opposite. Light, being the quality of unlimited abundance, oneness, creation, power, wisdom, and fulfillment, also has an opposite. From the instant Light came into existence, there was an immediate need for an opposing force. So was born the Darkness.

The true nature of reality is infinite oneness. Matter is derived from Energy which is derived from Mind-substance, which springs from Spirit. The whole of these 4 qualities can be called "God." Initially, all life had unlimited fulfillment. But there was one need that could not be fulfilled with this model. One could not create his own fulfillment. So, in order to meet this need, Darkness was born.

From the instant Darkness emerged, it began it's grim task, it cut to ribbons the great oneness, and became the opposition to man's fulfillment that he must conquer in order to be truly happy.

There are four primary qualities of Darkness. Ignorance, Lack, Separation, and Chaos.

In order to describe these properly, we must first explain a term. "Auto-Suggestion."

You see, there are 3 primary portions of the Mind, which we will be dealing with:
The Conscious Mind: This is the part we do our ever day thinking with. Our calculations, our conversations. It also functions to screen out information that goes to the Subconscious Mind, which we rarely do.

The Subconscious Mind: This is the part of our Mind that defines perception. It gives shape to the world, and ourselves. Whatever we hold as true, and have Faith in, lies in the Subconscious Mind. The Subconscious also functions as an intermediary between the Conscious Mind and the Collective Mind.

The Collective Mind: This has been called many names over the years. The Infinite Intelligence, the Collective Unconscious, Mind of God, etc. This is the Collective of all thought and knowledge, realized, or not, throughout existence.

Auto-Suggestion is an interesting phenomenon. Anything that the Conscious Mind accepts as fact, it allows into the Subconscious Mind. Anything it accepts repeatedly eventually becomes programed into the Subconscious and this information will be used to filter reality and ourselves in a perceptible way.

A person can have an experience in life, and depending on what has been programmed into a person's Subconscious, they may perceive it as a natural occurrence, a mathematically improbable event, a miraculous occurrence, luck, a coincidence, a sign of Fate, etc.

If a person grows up they will tend to believe and accept anything they are told by people of authority. Beloved pastors, political figures, relatives. After all, these people are looking out for their greater good, so you should believe them. Well, a child can grow up, and be told by people that people of color are inferior, and having no other reason to question this information, they accept it as truth. Meanwhile, a child elsewhere can be taught by his or her family that people of all races are equal, they see no reason to question this belief, so they accept it.

A person man have a spiritual experience, and depending on what they've accepted, or experienced, this will determine how they interpret it. They may attribute it to Jesus, a Buddha, Vishnu, personal revelation, hallucination, etc. Again, this is determined by Auto-Suggestion.

So, Darkness uses Auto-Suggestion to dominate people all over the world.

With the quality of Separation, Darkness divides the great oneness into "US vs. THEM." Via Auto-Suggestion, we come to identify ourselves with a certain group, and then look at others as different. Liberal or Conservative, Capitalist, or Communist, Black, or White, Rich or Poor, Dumb or Smart, Educated or Common Sense derived, spiritual, or atheist.

When man divides himself, he looks at people outside of his group as different. An intelligent man who calls himself a Liberal could put up a well thought up bill. But people calling themselves Conservatives will often see the bill as foolish or corrupt, based on what values have been Auto-Suggested.

The more divided we are as a people, the farther from seeing the true Unity of reality we are. By installing these artificial barriers between our groups, we create a tension between not only people, but ideas, limiting what we will allow ourselves to understand. The more we divide information, and puts labels on, the more parts we miss, because of our jaded perception.

The second quality of Darkness is Lack. It is the idea that we NEED something that we do not have. Now, in a world of infinite Abundance, what could we possibly need? But, with Lack built into our belief system, we come to see that we are constantly wanting.

A thief may steal because he feels he lacks money, or items. A rapist may do his deed because he may feel he lacks the sexual thrill. A murderer may kill because they feel they lack excitement, or thrill, or challenge, or maybe they kill for some deluded sense of freedom they feel they Lack. When a business owner is motivated by Lack, he doesn't pass profits onto his employees, he shovels the income back into his own pockets. When politicians feel they Lack power or influence, they tie themselves in with groups, or associations that promise to deliver the influence they desire. In this way then, they are corrupted.

When people are motivated by Lack, they do what they need to, to remove that feeling. But it never lasts long. Even if they achieve their goal, soon the sense of Lack creeps back in, and they must again, do some selfish thing in order to relieve for an instant that feeling.

Lack, too is a product of Auto-Suggestion. When we convince ourselves that we need something, we automatically filter the world through this idea, and strive to acquire what it is that we do not have.

Lack: Birth of Darkness To further investigate this quality of Darkness, you may visit this thread. I've laid it out in enormous detail.

posted on May, 31 2008 @ 11:16 PM
Ignorance, the third quality of Darkness is a lack of perception. It is inherent when the Subconscious Mind establishes limitation based off of Auto-Suggestions.

When we view things with a limited perspective, we don't see the consequences of our thoughts, and actions as obviously. The more limitations we have installed with the previous two, the less of the total picture we see. We tend to think that what we see is everything, and anything outside of this perception is incorrect, or delusion. We cannot know what we cannot see, so our preconceived notions fill in the gap with the information we've accepted as true.

You can see this evident in when people try to force billions of years of earth's history into the 6000 years spoken of into holy scripture. Every scientific discovery for them prove that they are right. On the other hand, atheists will take every discovery and use it to prove that they are right.

It is the nature of the Subconscious Mind to try and prove that it's notions are right. In the middle ages, comets were signs of disaster. In the age of the Greeks, a lightning bolt may have been a sign that Zeus was angry. They accepted these ideas, because they filtered perception through the limited world view they had.

Hitler himself believed he was doing something great for the sake of God, and that he was saving Germany by killing millions. He didn't think he was an evil man, he believed that he was doing the just thing. The Nazi party did not believe they were agents of the Devil, they all felt that they were helping the greater good, eliminating the threat presented by others.

Terrorists believe they are doing the right thing in killing, doing God's will, or protecting important people or places. They do not believe that they are evil.

Meanwhile, if you look at nearly all wars that have occurred throughout history, you'll see that they occurred either over religion or resources. God forbid we share resources, they have a different God! They are wrong and deserve absolute destruction! God wills it!

Ignorance causes the great oneness to attack itself. We are essentially slaughtering our brothers and sisters, because of ideas that have been programmed into our heads by people who have also been programmed. Because of illusions, of right and wrong. Darkness doesn't care what side of the fence you sit on, because wherever you are, you think you're doing the right thing.

Any beliefs a person has that are not subject to evolution become are signs of Ignorance. Nothing is absolutely correct from all angles, It's a matter of degree. Is it hot or cold out? Depends what you call hot! Is 80 degrees hot to you? Or is 180 hot? But you know, in the grand scheme of things, stars are many thousands of degrees, which makes our trifling 90 degrees look absolutely frigid in comparison.

When beliefs become stagnant in the Mind, the Mind is not expanding, it is deteriorating.

Everything is a matter of circumstance. "I can take 5 guys." Which 5? 5 crippled men, or 5 elite killers who have trained their whole lives? 5 common criminals when you are in perfect circumstances, or 5 punk teens when you have a bad stomach virus? Any such statement must be devoid of the absolute, or it is limited in perception, and as such, incorrect.

Any belief that is beyond refinement is ignorance. Not knowing is one thing, but refusing to change a belief under any circumstance is ignorance. This limits our perception of the big picture, it does not allow us to see the consequences of our actions in the long term. Ignorance implies a stagnation and a resistance to change. When we attempt to resist change, we automatically decline, for nothing in existence can maintain an identical form, it must either flourish or decline. When the Mind Stagnates it declines. When it is changing, and evolving, it may grow.

The fourth quality of Darkness is Chaos. As a cosmic whole, things that are repeated become habits. Unfortunately, when we become habitual, we tune out of what we are doing. This means, we are not conscious of the circumstance, because we are functioning on auto-pilot. As such, we may set our glass on the table, and spill it because the glass' position was not placed in a position that it could maintain balance without falling. We may trip over things, or step into dog crap. We won't be paying attention, so we may hit another car in traffic. As soon as we establish habits, the Mind wants to go on auto-pilot. It must be trained, to become habitually Mindful.

When we're walking, and we bump into someone, or knock something over, when we're talking and we say the wrong thing and hurt someone's feelings, this is Chaos. The fundamental quality of the Universe is change. When we keep the same routine, but something changes without us adjusting to it, there is the potential for a negative consequence.

Our every thought, word, feeling, and deed becomes a message that is sent out to the Universe, which the Universe must respond to. However, when we are not in harmony either internally with ourselves, or with our environment, as in the way we interact with the external world, we create situations of disorder. The Universe responds to disorder with more f the same. When a message is sent that is not harmonious, the Universe sends us negatives to tell us the message is not being received properly. But, we, only seeing the here and now, instead of the big picture, don't see that we caused the misfortune last week. All we see is some random turn of bad luck.

This is what Darkness is. When the Mind becomes programed to accept limitation, we lose the abundance of the great oneness. When we act unconsciously, we create further disorder in our lives.

In order to have fulfillment in our lives, we need to erase the negative programming, and act in harmony with ourselves and the Universe.

The more we share, the more barriers we break down between ourselves and others. The more we go outside of our comfort zone, the greater our tolerance becomes. The more difficult the obstacle we overcome, the more difficult obstacles we can overcome. The more people we help, the more money, influence, and fulfillment we will find in our lives.


posted on Jun, 1 2008 @ 12:15 AM
A person is not good or evil, they live, based on what they have been exposed to, and how they react to what they are exposed to. No criminal(except the mocking ones) call themselves evil. No one at all does this, no matter what crimes they commit. Why? Because to them, they have done NOTHING WRONG. They do what they believe they need to, or should do.

Now, when enities are driven by Darkness originated beliefs, this become stheir orientation. As I've said before, I don't think any business man, or politician rubs his belly and goes "hahaha, time to F**K the working man!" I think, they simply do what they believe to be correct. Even though, from a different perspective, we may see their actions as terrible, to them, they see they are making the best decision. Based on one's programed notions, 10 people can look at a given circumstance, and come to 10 different conclusions. This is based off of what they have been mentally conditioned to believe, and what they have experienced.

It often takes something really definite to challenge one's beliefs to even be considered. Something, that to the person, makes a great deal of sense. Because when something is auto-suggested, we develop Faith around that issue. When we have Faith in an idea, especially one that is inflexible, it becomes a dominant, and powerful part of who we are.

Now, each person has certain internal qualities. If they are abundant, motivated by Light, they are Virtues. Strength, Faith, Justice, Compassion, Humility, Hope, Temperence, Prudence, Patience, Gratitude, Charity, Harmony, Flexibility, Truth

However, when our Spiritual qualities are more Darkness driven, they are undeveloped. These qualities are Weakness, Doubt, Injustice, Selfishness, etc, etc..

Developed Spiritual Qualities come from Light, fulfillment, abundance, destruction. But when Spiritual qualities are not developed, Darkness can hold more sway over that person.

Your qualities drive your desires. You either desire to do something that enhances the power of Darkness, IE, do something selfish, manipulate someone, hurt someone to gain dominance.

If Light drives your desires, they help everyone. If you want Strength, it is Strength to guide and protect, not to dominate. If you want money, it is money to help others, and not to hide away in some foreign bank account. Dark desires will spread greater Darkness, manifest in Lack, Separation, Ignorance, or Chaos.

If we transform our character in such a way that our personal qualities become more abundant, we transmit more good messages to the Universe, which will respond in a positive way. However, if we shift, say we tell a lie, we waiver, we doubt, each time, our character becomes more limited, more Dark, and this becomes a message that is transmitted to the Universe, which will have a response.

Our desire, either Light, or Darkness driven, will then drive our many thoughts. Our thoughts will then effect our emotions, and then be transmitted into the material world.

Any person who transmits mostly Dark messages is a puppet for Darkness, each message sent out will be spread further through the Universe, corrupting any individual with spiritual qualities undeveloped enough to accept the Darkness.

The Darkness, like some abstract collective entity, is that voice within us that tells us we can't that voice that tells us we are a failure. It is that voice within us that holds us down, says we're ugly or foolish.

The Light need not speak loudly, it's silence permeates all of reality, but without ears refined enough to receive the message, we cannot hear what it tells us.

Darkness will attempt to seep into any area of our lives that does not radiate with Light, and any time our character shifts, whenever we mispresent ourselves or, or allow ourselves to "cheat" on a workout program, or, whenever we fear, we feed the beast, our Light fades, and Darkness creeps in.

Wherever it may crawl, Darkness seeps into our lives, being born of Auto-Suggestion, being born of Mindlessness.

In the Spiritual world, just as in this one, there are entities that are ruled by Darkness. These creatures manifest in many ways. If you are driving down the road, and you suddenly think "That would be a nice pole to drive into.." this is a sign of a Darkness-ruled spirit, whispering in your ear, trying to manipulate you.

For, everytime a Spirit can get us to lose our temper, or do something foolish. Whenever one of these things can get us to react, we surrender some of our spiritual power to it, and when we do so, it's own Dark ability to manifest reality increases.

Leaders, and those in power often have many Darkness-ruled entities around them, for if you can control a King, or a Prime Minister, you can influece a nation, or the world, and gain a measure of influence over all people under them.

Only by confronting the Darkness at every turn, and developing our Spiritual attributes can we change our fortune. Only by changing the messages we send out, can we begin to make a difference. But we cannot help others, unless we help ourselves, and you must do that by facing the beast within, and defeating him once and for all.

The Darkness is the force that makes life worth living however. Only by defeating the Darkness can we find lasting fulfillment. Only by giving to others when it is hardest can out Compassion grow. Only by being embarassed may our Humility be refined. Only by facing and overcoming difficult obstacles can we build our Strength. Only by knocking down the barriers of Separation, Restoring Order, Denying Lack, and Transforming Ignorance can we find fulfillment.

Only by helping others, and tarnsmitting these newly cultivated qualities to the masses can we personally break free of the shackles that bind us.

Darkness will always exist, to represent the challenge of life. But each time we confront it, and win, our character transforms, and so transforms the Collective Mind of the world itself. One spark at a time.

posted on Jun, 2 2008 @ 12:55 AM
You know, i really have to say, this is very well-written. You present your views, full of personal knowlege, very well indeed. But there is at least one thing i really, seriously disagree with here. You still explain the light and dark, but you list all positive things as light, and all negative things as dark. I suppose i understand that most everyone here would get the idea, automatically, and be able to see your interresting ideas. Especially about the mental conformity to what we're taught. Internalization is a major determination of individual realities. But i never internalized the metaphor. To me, dark is not all negative, and light is certainly not all positive. The two are like two separate elements, entirely apart from any principles of good and bad. And i may just never get why people internalize this particular view- but oh well. This is my little slice of personal knowledge.

posted on Jun, 2 2008 @ 09:09 AM
reply to post by Levita

As I said before, it's easy to understand this way. The metaphor doesn't work for everyone, but for the vast majority of the people it does. I find that if people don't worry about what terms are being used to express a concept, they meet less resistance in understanding.

For a long time, several years, I grappled with the notion that Light was every bit as dangerous as Darkness, and that the Light can blind and burn just as much as the Darkness can obscure and confuse. Actually, at that time, I was even greatly offended at the notion that "Everything is one." To me, the typical spiritual path lead to ultimate absolution, as everything you are is erased in order to become a dull puppet of the beast that dominates the Light. In fact, I was more inclined to believe Darkness was the way to go. Anyway, my perspective changed over the years.

In any event, even though you dislike my use of "Light" and "Darkness", thank you for reading.

posted on Jun, 3 2008 @ 01:24 PM
The other side of the coin-

We've spent a lot of time talking about how things can take a turn for the worse via Auto-Suggestion and mental programing, let me now talk about how to transform your life in a positive way.

First of all, you need to have an objective. A definite purpose. This is your primary goal. You may have others, but by focusing the whole of your attention on one, you are not diverting your energy in many different directions, and your other goals will also come to pass, simply by working towards the main one.

Once you have your primary objective in mind, write it down in great detail. Say exactly what you want, by when. Have a somewhat realistic time frame. Also write down what equal or greater service you are willing to exchange for you primary objective. You must give equally in order to receive, by Universal law, there is no such thing as something for nothing.

Now that you have done this, you need to get positive energy- FEELING flowing. Exhale all air from your lungs. Now, inhale deeply, drawing in white positive energy, filling your entire body. Hold it for 2 seconds, and slowly exhale dark negative cloudy energy. Repeat for a count of 10. Doing this will put you in a positive state of being. Now, picture with as much detail as possible, having achieved what it is you want. Feel the ground beneath your feet, any sounds, or smells. Feel the emotional energy, and the feeling of success. Breathe the positive energy deep into your mental picture, this will energize the picture in a harmonious way, sending a clear message to the Universe of what you want.

Read out fully your objective, outside, in the mirror, when you get up, when you go to sleep, and some time in the middle of the day. Go through the whole sequence of visualization/breathing immediately after reading it, each time.

Several times a day, when you have a moment, take a few deep cleansing breaths, and quickly focus on your objective.

Each and every time you do these things, you are sending a harmonious message to the Universe that it must respond to in a harmonious way. By the Law of Causality, the Universe must respond each time.

Doing as I have prescribed will begin to program your subconscious mind to send out harmonious messages at all times. After awhile, you will develop Faith that you can and will achieve your objective. At this point you're really cooking. When you are constantly sending out harmonious messages, the Universe must constantly respond in kind.

The next step is to make definite plans of physical action to achieve your goal. How do you know what to plan? Follow what others who have achieved similar to what you want, as closely as possible. By following this proven blueprint for success, you will be on the right road. Also, any idea that pops in your mind from seemingly nowhere may be worth exploring, as it is often inspiration from the Collective Mind.

When you have an objective in life, you are in a state of creation, instead of stagnation. You as a person are constantly growing, and making every little improvement here and there in order to get to where you want.

Then, your next task, is to find people who will support your efforts, who have the qualities or knowledge you need in order to acquire your goal. Make sure you render to them an equal service for what they are giving you. This will insure a harmonious balance to the relationship. When we are trying to help others, our subconscious mind gets messages from the Collective Mind, helping us to be more creative for the sake of another person. This is the reward for creating harmony between two or more people for a purpose. The Universe goes "They're creating harmony for this purpose. let's encourage their efforts!"

Beyond this, you work to eliminate negative habits, feelings, thoughts, or actions, because negativity will always stand in the way of what you are trying to create. Which do you want, that donut, or those abs? The choice is yours. Eliminate over time all negative messages you send out to the Universe. Eventually, once you have done this, you will no longer be resisting your own efforts, you will not be creating Chaos, or giving Darkness a place to develop.

The next critical step is character development, which we touched on earlier. By developing the positive Spiritual qualities, our messages all become much, much stronger. The more fully developed we are, the faster and more profound can our manifestations become.

Then, it becomes your job to influence others, and spread your Spiritual qualities to others. The more people you can touch with your Virtues, the greater harmony in the Universe, the more powerful your influence over the Universe.

When you are no longer sending out negative messages, you are above the influence of Darkness, and does who spread it. Each time they try to influence you, you stand above their efforts, and their power shrinks.

This is not a difficult road to understand. But, it becomes increasingly difficult to follow. By changing the messages you send, and changing your character, the world as you understand it will transform right before your eyes. BUt, when you are ruled by the Darkness, the world as you see it, will be one of ruin, and destruction, instead of hope, and abundance.

Many people say that Good is more powerful than Evil. Not so. However, it is the nature of Evil to dominant and control, and it is the nature of Goodness to seek harmony. Once things deteriorate to a certain level, the collective desire to not be controlled casts off a portion of the Darkness, to restore greater harmony.

As each of us develops, our lives transform. As the general consciousness of the world evolves, so transforms it all. Reborn into a whole new world of abundance. Both the individual and the collective, are spiraling upwards, and making greater and greater progress, in the scheme of eternity, difficulty is but a blink, and we are always, always, rising above what has held us down in the past. It may take a few days, a few years, or a few lifetimes, but we will learn to rise above the hardships that we know, and inch closer towards our potential.

But until that time. One step at a time. One message at a time, we must work, to transform our own character, no priest, politician, or diety will do it for us. We have been given choice, to be responible for our own fulfillment. It's up to us.

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