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The conspiracy against time itself

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posted on May, 31 2008 @ 07:51 PM
We all have moments and our own moment during moments of the moment we are under. He who tells you that there is no time or no such thing as time, is in a conspiracy against moment, which means they are in a conspiracy against your moment. Moments come and go during "the" Moment. The measure put to moment is man-made, and prolly has ppl decieved to thinking it's what time is (only a man-made concept). So actually instead of ppl asking what time it is, they should have rather been asking what measure to 'a moment' (or: 'the moment') it is. Man-made time is as fool's gold. It's literally fool's time. Actual moment is wise man's time.

Certain ppl act as if the moment we are under isn't the End Time or End Times when it is indeed so the End Moment or End Moments. Just how are they eying the moment to the current world order to not see it's the End Time?

So just how are you eying the moment to the current world order? Shall it end? If you think so, then you also are saying there is a such thing as an End Time (Moment), which you understand you dont have to be religious to give a forecast to.


1. How many of you think moment itself can be everlasting, endless, infinite, three diminsional with beginning (1st part in series) or end (last part in series), with start (creation), with stop (destruction), without start (creation), without stop (destruction), with coming to pass, and without coming to pass?

2. How many of you cant help but to live in the moment? Is that moment wicked or fair or good to your eying?

3. How many of you can change a moment or even "the" moment?

I must say, even when you lie still, awake or asleep, moment is always happening. Moment is so there that is beyond speed. Ahh the moment of truth, the moment judgement, the moment of surprize, the moment of darkness, the moment of delight, etc. There is not a single person not in, out, over, and under any moment. Yes, you can be over a moment if you are the causer/creator of it. I caused a reading moment for you by making this new thread. You caused a bad moment for me by not responding.

By the way, if you come to have knew already all the Moment of moments as though ever before you'd be outside of measurement to placement as timeless in an all-knew memory aspect. You'd be having an out of not yet moment witnessed/experienced. It would be like you've been to every place before already (be it stationary or non-stationary) and done every thing before already with every person before already.

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posted on May, 31 2008 @ 09:58 PM
hey i liked this post. it was very interesting. thought provoking.

although it leads me to other questions. i am too tired to think about this stuff sometimes. it ocasionally will make me worry about stuff like this...

ehh i feel like i am over my head in this crap anyways. lol

posted on Jun, 1 2008 @ 10:37 AM
1 cor 15 (antonym styled scripture)

52 Out a moment, out the twinkling of an eye,...

^^Says it all. Every moment you witness/expereince is the twinkingly of your person's eying, is it not?

We shall so exchange one eying for another. The moment shall change that's tecnically against every person in a wicked or fair or good way.

Against as a snare shall that moment leave off all them that dwell off the face of the part earth. The part earth moment shall switch on us all. It's the part earth moment because there is another moment beyond what you currently can eye.

Can anyone with wisdom see what I see here concerning our earth part moment? It'll be interesting to eye the 2nd part moment, where there is other than this currently known earth moment.

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posted on Jun, 1 2008 @ 01:26 PM
Noticed no one aurgued that time doesnt exist in this thread? I have their mouths sealed as if with superglue.


The earth moment shall leave off us all. There isnt a person who can say otherwise because every physical human body got to pass away one way or another.

Think of all the ppl that want to let go the moment because it's wicked... Think of all the ppl that want to keep the moment because other reasons... The Moment is not a respecter of persons because it isnt aware. It shall leave while you are aware.

In the next moment you'll be aware that the previous earth moment off you passed away.

The one world shall be first to leave the earth moment shall be as the last before the leave to another world.

In another moment you shall lack, under left, the wicked/fair/good world. The next moment you will be under shall be either a reward or a punishment.

^^Again, you dont have to be religious to understand what's next could be reward or punishment to your own opinion.

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