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Task: To bring out the Verifiable Evidence ASAP, But I need your help!

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posted on May, 31 2008 @ 12:56 PM
I need your help mainly in regard to content; Link suggestion & text. - Also criticism on graphic design, etc. - If you know how to implement a php table class that would help with the technical aspects of it.
A lot of websites refer to themselves as 'we' ,when usually it's only one person trying to look really professional, & make people think there are several people working on the site. - I however will not lie about that, & I don't say 'we' on the site until enough people have contributed. - I am one webmaster of a site that was born out of a STRONG desire to get other websites out to the general average Joe's & Janes's ESPECIALLY after watching the Disclosure Project video a few years ago. - I wanted to get it out to as many people as possible, amongst other things like & . - And there is no competition with a site that has been online for 10 years. - By posting my link here, I expect the site to benefit ATS members, not detract attention to ATS/BTS.
- That's not possible anyways, as members are members on ATS/BTS for a reason, & there are WAY more posts on this forum than on my site. The thing is; because I've been doing so much work in all aspects of my life, I have not made much PR work to get the site known, hence the purpose of this post. - If I have more members join my forum, it will serve the purpose of showing the World that there are hundreds or thousands of supporters, & will illustrate the power of ATS/BTS, because I see this post getting more & more views by the minute ;-)
- The purpose of this post is the same as anyone else in this section; To get feedback as to what you think about the content & design of my site, which was not meant to be my main project; I'm an electronic musical working on using samples from Coasttocoastam , Infowars & exopolitical info such as the disclosureproject. - But making a believable site with the content that needs to get out the the masses is HARD work! - Especially if the information is coming out so fast & so frequently! - It's hard to keep up!

Anyways, I always ramble on, so Ill make this short: Please checkout my site & tell me what you think - ALL criticism welcome ;-)

---> Social Justice, Awareness & Taking Action!

Thank you... - It's been too many months that's I've been unable to start spreading the word about this site, so that all of you, & the people of the World can give only just one simple URL to others, instead of saying 'checkout this, & this & oh, I forgot this link is incredible too..' - Save your time, because we have VERY little time to 'wake up' the masses before it's too late, therefore the time is now!
These threads don't get many replies for some reason, but a reply brings you to the top, so please reply, even if it's a simple 'okay, will check it out' ;-)


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posted on May, 31 2008 @ 02:16 PM
Your home page should not scroll more than two full frame sizes. Because your page scrolls on an on it is less likely to get most of your info read.
Your background is causing the page to slow to a grinding halt after a few seconds of scrolling - MAJOR DESIGN PROBLEM.

The structure means that your site is not easy to navigate, and that is going to put most people off reading past a brief look.

Also, it is not clear what your website is about upon first glance, and you need to remember that most will be coming to your page cold, no read through of your explanation first.

There are a few other things as well that need improving but without those improvements the others wouldn’t make any real difference.

You asked for constructive criticism!!

Post your email if you would like more advice.

posted on May, 31 2008 @ 05:14 PM
reply to post by Anonymous ATS

It's about bringing the info necessary to prevent manipulation by governments into a NWO, & to turn things around by educating the public that this is entertaining, & most important..

It's not the background that's making it slow; I've tested it on Pc & Mac. If you have a big program running in the back, it may be slow. .It's the videos that fetch the data after the page loads, so you'll notice the videos page loads slower than the others because of the same reason. - I could have the videos open in a new window, & not embed them.

I want errors pointed out, but don't just look at what's wrong with the site ;-)

Any ideas how I can clarify what the site is about? Perhaps I should have more images there, like a protest in the shape of a boot, kicking the government out, & people becoming responsible by learning how incredible the World is, & how great it is that we all only have this one chance to experience reality, & to make the best of our lives, or what? I had an idea for a painting: Depicting the greedy Oil industry going into the pockets of a driver while driving & spewing polluting into the air, while fading to what could be & should be; Solar panels & dogs jumping around to a funky beat, or... LOL ... I have no idea at the moment, but again, that's why I'm here
This is a complicated thing, and I'm happy I finally made this post today to get some help, because my site has very little visitors, (it is new, ), but I understand it needs some work. - The background isn't the problem though... eventually I plan on implementing a selectable css style file via a menu like the one I have on the top right so you can change the style, like you can do in the forum by changing the theme.

I'll make the news on a different file. - That should solve the problem of the length
.. Just thinking now though; Alex Jone's & many other sites have the home page scroll more than 2 frames... But you're right... A few other things? Please go on... - My email is in the 'take action' page.
If I had related ads on my site like almost everyone else, (I think I'll need to soon) then it would be more clear what it's about. - A critical unity of people & info we need to know. - Bringing People & information together.

Thanks for the reply Have a great weekend!

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posted on Jun, 1 2008 @ 11:10 AM

posted on Jun, 1 2008 @ 12:37 PM
I replaced the video with an avi format instead of the Quicktime movie I had uploaded initially because the animation was choppy. - It should be smooth now. I couldn't edit my post, so I'm posting it again. The above embedded video is 'no longer available.' ( I wish I could've just replaced it & maintained my view count, & wouldn't have to change all the posts I've made, but that's youtube for ya!

posted on Jun, 3 2008 @ 10:07 AM
So, what do you think? I'll be adding more links & I work on the site everyday when I have the chance. The navigation on the side will float to top.

Gotta go try to make enough money to pay my outrageous electric bill that I wouldn't have to pay if we all had free energy or Solar panels on the roofs/yards.

Have a great day/evening!

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posted on Jun, 15 2008 @ 01:32 PM
I've been busy with personal issues, & when I have time, I'm working on my site ( during ALL my free time, yes, even during the Summer) so I have not had a lot of time to spread the word about it, so very few people even know about it.

- That has to change! I am now altering my request from: 'What do you think about my site?' to what are ALL the ways to get it known by as many people ASAP, & what do you think of it ;-)

Thank you!

posted on Aug, 31 2008 @ 02:58 AM
Okay, I've made a huge update, & an even bigger update is to come...

I missed the open lines on Coast to Coast, & I wasn't able to commend IAN on his site: Prayers for truth, & then I could plug my site too ;-) ... Oh well, there will be other chances

So, as you can see I have cleaned up the code so that it isn't slow

I know that it's far from perfect, but I'd like to know what people think. Thanks!

posted on Sep, 25 2008 @ 06:35 PM
So what do you think? Anyone? I work on the site during all my free time, & I'm starting to get very depressed, because I think I've wasted my time... I mean, there are sites that receive millions of hits a day, what am I doing/not doing wrong?

PLEASE reply!

Thank you.

posted on Dec, 10 2008 @ 08:20 AM
reply to post by Time=Now

I take it your website is
Critical Unity

Well the first thing I noticed was it seems like a blog. That brown dotted thing just turns me off right away. It also appears to be very jumbled and unorganised and I hate websites like that, therefore unless there was something urgent/really important I needed to find in there I would go elsewhere.

Sorry it may sound 'brutal'

but I'm just tryiung to be honest to help you out a bit.

The way I'd organise it is links/archives on the right
then new stories on the left and in another small right colum maybe your login and bookmarks etc.
Page width:
[ main stories ][bookmarks][links]
Even consider getting rid of your bookmarks and just having two columns

[ Flash Player and links ]
[ Flash Player and links ]
[ Flash Player and links ]
[ Flash Player and links ]
[ Flash Player and links ]
[ Breaking Headlines ][2008 Jan]
[ Breaking Headlines ][ Feb ]
[ Breaking Headlines ][ Mar]
[ New News ][ etc ]
[ New News ][2007 Jan]
[ New News ][ Feb]
[ New News ][ 2006 Jan]
[ Latest Videos ][weeks poll]
[ Latest Videos ][advertising]
[ Latest Videos ][advertising]

Also people these days hate waiting for things, like the flash player, as cool as it is opening fully vertically and then the text appearing left to right, it takes time, just make it simple and appear straight away like it does vertically, the text should also be there without waiting for effects.
Also with the falsh you may want to incorporate the old links like archives Jan-Dec 2008, 2007 and so on into a link in the flash, Basically you want to declutter your website. Decide if you want a flash design or a simple design that still works really well like Even though their homepage is really long it works because anyone looking for anything like a specific game can navigate to it easily from the top of the page, nav bar on the left. Where as your site it feels the more I scroll down the more interesting the articles get and the simpler the page becomes. A win win situatiuon, yet if you decide to go with the flash design then I suggest condensing it right down and have 2 columns, no more. One for new articles and so on and the other for advertising and changing lanuguage donations and all that. I'd also stick the login up the top, near the go search bar or to the very right of the flash bar, leave some space between the last subject and the login so people can find it easy/straight away.

I'm not sure if you've ever heard of the KISS method, but Keep It Simple Stupid always works wonders, people like things that are easy to pick up and find straight away.

I don't know how good your stats are but I was on the site on 10 December GMT+8 and there were 11 visitors, so I take it your getting better.

Sorry for the randomness, was just flicking back and forth between your site and this and jotting down things as they came to mind. Hope this helps and I hope you get a chance to read it, any more queries I'm happy for you to contact me man.
Goodluck with the site.

posted on Jan, 27 2009 @ 01:47 PM
Great! - Done & done, although my homepage is still 7 pages long, then again, so is

- And it certainly is clear what my site is about now

Thanks for your input, and don't hesitate to critisize anything else... - It's constrructive.

Also, I know the text should appear before the image on the news rotator module, but I cannot seem to figure out how to do it. (it's not flash) - I may have to hack the main php file for that, but I'll do that AFTER I finish my long awaited anti-nwo music.


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