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Obama-Fraud Banks on Supporters Stupidity

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posted on May, 31 2008 @ 08:34 AM
I was watching the video of the Obama supporters who couldn't name one Obama accomplishment, and contemplating whether or not the "Obamatrons" were really that poorly informed or not.

Well, it seems like Obama himself thinks so. In his latest fund-raising drive, he's counting on the stupidity of his followers in order to bank millions of dollars.

Here's what he says in his email:

"You can help defeat Bush and McCain by taking the next step and owning a piece of this campaign. And if you make your first donation today, a fellow supporter will match your gift and double your impact."

Now ordinarily it could be argued that claiming to defeat Bush/McCain means in terms of their allegedly shared ideology. However, after watching how ill-informed and plain stupid the Obama supporters came across on the other video, I would bet money that the Obama campaign is COUNTING on the fact that he can get people to believe Bush is RUNNING with McCain.

This is why he started talking about "Bush's 3rd term" recently.

If I went out in the streets this weekend with my flip camera, you think I might be able to find some Obama supporters to confirm that Bush and McCain are on the Republican ticket??? Wonder if Leno would pay for this video....

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