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Double Slit Experiment - Rewrite Physics

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posted on May, 31 2008 @ 02:03 AM
First I will show you blindness.

Then I will show you light.

If you are new, start here:


In your current theory, all mass attracts mass. Isn't it true that the panel the slits are cut into has more mass then the electron? Supposedly, in your theory, the electrons should be slightly curved because the perimeter of the slits would be "bending space and time".

Obviously if you shot the electron dead center it might go straight through, but a little to the left or right, and you might get a very small curve to the electron. This is why the particle might look also like a "wave", but its not exactly why.


In my theory, all mass is made of electromagnetic particles, that have electromagnetic interactions. Those double slits are actually ring's of electromagnets. So when you rush an electron through a ring of electromagnets, you get.... STATIC ELECTRICITY. This will make the electrons attracted to the perimeter! The more and more electrons you have passing through, the more and more static electricity builds on the outer perimeter of the slits! That means the electrons are more and more being curved by the small attraction of static electricity on around the edge of the slits, making it appear like it is a wave!

Supporting experiment:

As for the "observer". I'm not exactly sure what equipment you used, but I'm sure it doesn't matter. Human eyes reflect light, you can see this in many photographs. The light goes in our eyes, and reflects back out too. It's like a mirror in the Sun. Where ever you look, you are pointing light.
If you look at an electron, you are sending light at it and this would electromagnetically charge the electron and give it more stability. Even with camera lenses, at least one spot of the lens is reflecting light on the electron giving it more stability.

If you want the key's to perpetual motion, free energy, and anti-gravity, read my Gravity thread. ALL OF IT. Even if you don't agree, and you want to correct me with your theory, force yourself to read everything I wrote in the Gravity thread of mine in Skunk Works. You WILL leave with good useful information.

Sorry Einstein, it's my turn.

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