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posted on May, 30 2008 @ 10:03 PM
Just trying to correct what may or may not be a misconception that just you reading this post have about tinWiki. Notifying of edits and initiations is a completely voluntary courtesy on your part which is of course of interest to your fellow tinWiki users who also visit the working forum here, but it's 200% voluntary. Of course, letting WOS know of your contributions also gives him the opportunity to reward you ATS points.

However, WOS and myself aren't like 'landlords' here, we're janitors (ok, I am, at least, don't want to take anything away from WOS
). But you see what I mean, I hope. Those who know what tinWiki is about, you are tinWiki's most important people. You may edit 300 articles and not tell anyone a word. You may start 15 articles each and every day, and not say a 'peep'. If you do mention it, that is -- yes, for real -- completely Santa Claus type generousness on your part. Of course, letting WOS know of 300 edits and 15 new articles in one day might also earn you some points, and so you might give yourself a gift letting him know. :-)

Please don't ponder for half a breath whether you 'may' or 'can' do something in tinWiki. WOS and I aren't, like I say, grumpy landlords here -- the true master is in fact the Help section. If you know the help section, go ahead. Those who do not know the help section, but go ahead and basically do lots of stuff that aren't wanted, may find that a janitor like me will delete your page, if it's on how to make a delicious strawberry cake (great stuff, but not in this particular encyclopedia), or that some edits you make will be rolled back. That's not because I'm your master, but because the Help section is my master. If you know what tinWiki is about, then you'll pretty soon be my master as well.

So, tinWiki is yours, alright? :-)

I don't know anyone in ATS, I just came across tinWiki by chance. I started editing more than most, and suddenly WOS makes me Sysop, and all of a sudden he makes me Wiki Master. I just 'waltzed' inn off the street, alright? So, that's how it's done here. Enjoy! :-)


edit: misspelt word... (ok., it's "misspelled", but whatever..)

[edit on 30-5-2008 by Optimist]

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