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2008 Dem. Nominee's bonus section

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posted on May, 30 2008 @ 08:59 PM
Feast your eyes on the following, courtesy your most favorite ybab hsur ever!!!

As a Democrat/Liberal/ or anyone thinking of voting in that direction, any reasonably intelligent person would have to carefully weigh their options. We have an opportunity for a first time here, no matter which way you choose, so you better choose right, or we'll be regretting it for 4 more years.

So, i challange you to share your thoughts on the two nominee's if you're a liberal or a democrat. Here's mine (im neither, btw...) :

Hillary Clinton
1. Hillary Clinton voted for Bush’s Iraq war
2. Hillary Clinton for Bush’s USA Patriot Act
3. Hillary Clinton voted to reauthorize Bush’s USA Patriot Act
4. Hillary Clinton opposed the international treaty to ban land mines
5. Hillary Clinton is one of the Senate’s most outspoken critics of the United Nations
6. Hillary Clinton voted against the Feinstein-Leahy amendment restricting U.S. exports of cluster bombs to countries that use them against civilian-populated areas
7. Hillary Clinton is one of the most prominent critics of the International Court of Justice for its landmark 2004 advisory ruling that the Fourth Geneva Conventions on the Laws of War is legally binding on all signatory nations
8. Hillary Clinton supported Israel’s massive military assault on the civilian infrastructure of Lebanon and the Gaza Strip which took the lives of over 1,000 civilians, half of whom were children
9. Hillary Clinton opposes the complete repeal of DOMA (the Defense of Marriage Act)
10. Hillary Clinton couldn’t be bothered to read the NIE before casting her pro-Iraq war vote
11. Hillary Clinton made, what some believe, to be a racist threat to Barack Obama (gota remember, the Clintons never open their mouths until they've carefully evaluated all angles of what they're about to say)

Barack Obama
1.) He's racist. He's nothing more than an angry man who supports much of the hate speech you would watch on YouTube. Its simple to prove: He attends a church who's pastor not only condems the white race, and the US govt, but also supports self-proclamed racists who call for the extermination of the white race. People such as Louis Farrakan and Kamaou Kambon.
If George W. Bush attended a church that was led by the leader of the KKK, he'd also be labeled a racist.

I only need 1 for Obama, because race is enough for me.

My take on the outcome?

Either way - i believe the Democratic party has forever tarnished its self, because no matter the outcome, it will be split right down the middle

If Hillary Clinton wins the nomination, its because she cheated a black man out of his right to be the candidate. Since democratic votes don't count in these sort of things, and only super delegates really decide the outcome, if Hillary wins, its because the super delegates went against the majority of the Democratic vote, and voted for hillary isntead of barack (which could be construed as a racially biased move)

If Barack Obama wins, its because he squashed the very thing that this country stands for: Every vote counts. hillary clinton could very well have the lead if the Florida and Michigan votes were allowed to count into the primary. Sure, adding them in this late might not make much difference, but the chain of events that led from then until now migth be different if those two states had come out of this mess with results.

But hey - Don't take my word for it.

posted on May, 30 2008 @ 09:58 PM
Its rather depressing how these things are going. We can never find a right canidate. I think most major politians consider this before running:

-so every President that has been elected has been
blamed for something or another

-I am carrying lots of baggage that could ruin my career

-What will people think of me

-If I don't win, I'm basically out of a job

So why should I be president?"

But who is responsible for the downfall of the American political system is us. If we should be pointing fingers, it should be at ourselves. We all had a choice to run for office...

I would go on and on ranting about the corruption of our system, but I'm tired enough that I won't.

A lot of this commends for the upheaval of most of the system. Later on I might propse a new system somewhere, when I have the time. But for the time being, us as a whole need to act.

posted on May, 31 2008 @ 02:17 AM
i've offered a small insight as to how i would run as a candidate if you care to take a gander

Nobody ever offered any insight into it......rather disappointing really. I did get one applause from someone (my first applause, yay)

Anyways, Here it is

Its long, but if you read it, lemme know what you think


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