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Leo Zagami, the Anti-Fight, & a possible Solution.

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posted on May, 30 2008 @ 11:01 AM

(english is not my native language so please excuse possible errors or misspells.)

i decided to state my opinion and observations on leo's case (from a neutral viewpoint) and, more importantly to me personally, give you my own view of the current situation overall and to pitch an idea to the people on how to work towards a true, powerful resistance to what is planned for us by posessed criminals.

theres some important information in here concerning our "vibration level" and meditation, lots of you may heard about already, that i wanted to get out to open minds that want a peaceful solution so if u dont agree with some of my views still try to objectively read it completely so u understand the points im trying to make, thank you!

in case u wonder who i am, hobby researcher with no religious background. i respect every religious and esoteric system as long as it tries to be positively orientated. i dont belong to any lodges or circles.

in my 10+ years of research and 29 years of experiencing breath by breath the degradation and slow destruction of humanity as we know it, i started with the more political-social "real world" side of conspirative literature,happenings and websites then more and more concentrating on the occult and metaphysical works. these were of a huge interest to me anyway since the early teen years. today in my spare time i study the works and practices of early christian belief systems and prepare myself step by step to achieve what we in reality all crave for, lets call it "true freedom and happiness" for now...

at some point years back i created a website and a forum with 4 friends i met on the net, one of them being the owner of concen tracker and website. although we disagreed in many issues, and i probably done him wrong in some cases im sure, i command him for the work that he does with the tracker and all. ctrl my fellow lightworker. great work gettin so many ppl informed. ready to recognize you also are part of the "cosmic plan" that knows no religions?
all the best to you and your loved ones...

ok lets go,

i believe leos current actions, interviews and the information he leaks in them are important for us to objectively analyze because even if he is not 100% truthful on his affiliations and motives hes still giving out information that will be very useful in the coming years in my opinion. he also claims that there are coded messages in the things he says (or also in his writings/articles?). other researchers, with much more knowledge in the occult and the lodges he allegedly belongs to, should look deeper into that...

of course a lot of people that look into leo's case will scream "hoax" or "nutcase" after some time becuz of the amount of conflicting statements he makes with every new interview. but maybe thats a trap a lot of us just jump too easily in.

well, im stubborn, and only becuz of such actions and a lot of egocentric machismo i'd still never deny myself the chance to recieve some new helpful insights that definetly could be hidden in his interviews.

what he says about "good" and "bad" freemasons is very important in my opinion, it should show us that the creator is both, light and darkness. that both sides are needed and have their place in the universe to keep its balance. im very sorry for lots of the people on these boards we frequent. if you scream for "god to kill"...which "side" you really fight for then?

we should all start to learn about, and respect karmic consequences.

it should be integrated into the education of our children. and in a future society, every decision made should reflect those values.

we have to define demonic influences, respect their place, deal with them as what they are and "fight" them spiritually, not physically. with the light that we are, with the positive omnipotential energy that we represent.

this i believe to be true christian resistance.

not to dwell in research and discussion of the horrible acts that have been commited (because in the end you will manifest some part of that into our current reality if you concentrate-meditate on it too much). not to fight them with the same weapons that got us into this mess in the first place...become service-to-others instead of the common service-to-self egocentrism. concentrate on love and harmony for you and everyone around you, create peaceful answers for your community (start with your own family) instead of showing the problems and scream out truths over and over again to those that just arent willing, nor able, to accept the consequences and react in light of the big picture. it lowers all of humanitys energy level even more because most people think we are doomed anyway and are in deep subconscious depression so to say, and with all that fear, projecting huge amounts of negative energy into the planet and all of its inhabitants.

if you try to empty your mind of all thoughts and then deeply concentrate and think about just one issue that is of importance to you, this is meditation. its nothing complicated, everyone can do it very easily. at some point with enough exercise, your questions may be answered, wishes granted and hidden things being shown to you. whatever faith, status, intellect or lineage, no membership needed, everyone can do it. humanitys ignorance made meditations more powerful deeper techniques into a "secret science" for elite clubs and families.


from christopher calder's "meditation handbook" (please get a copy for further essential insights and instructions):

"meditation is inner astronomy. you discover the stars, the moon, and the sun are all inside you."

"most dictionaries define the western (jewish, christian, islamic) meaning of
the word "meditation," but usually do not describe the eastern (hindu, buddhist,taoist) concept of meditation. the most appropriate dictionary definition i could find reads as follows: "if you meditate, you give your attention to one thing, and do not think about anything else, usually as a religious activity or as way of calming or relaxing your mind." this definition very subtly implies that meditation means thinking about something, be it religious or mystical in nature, and that a constant thought process goes on while one meditates. the purest eastern definition of the word 'meditation' means not thinking at all, but rather focusing the consciousness on the cosmic whole, "the all and the everything" as george gurdjieff called it, without thought, judgment, or distraction...

...classic sitting meditation is a vital part of all meditation traditions and has
taken many forms, some more effective than others. some traditional
approaches demand that the student sit motionless for hours on end, as if
becoming a human statue is the only key to enlightenment. a more scientific
approach does not make the human body our enemy, but rather works with our
natural physiology to allow more intense meditation with less effort and
discomfort. masochism is not an effective path to self-realization.

begin by finding a relatively quiet place to meditate where you will not be
disturbed. you may sit cross legged on a meditation pillow on the floor or in a
comfortable chair. eyes may be fully open, half open, or just slightly open, letting in just two small slits of light. sitting meditation with the eyes fully closed, especially in a darkened room, presents fundamental physiological problems.

when you sit quietly with your eyes closed in darkness, your brain interprets
this situation as a signal to start shutting itself down for sleep. sleep inducing
hormones such as melatonin are released that make you drowsy at the same
time your circulation and heart rate are reduced due to lack of movement. you
feel as if swept away on a sea of quiet relaxation. this pleasant feeling may just be light sleep state hypnosis, not meditation. meditation means that you are relaxed as if sleeping but your consciousness is fully awake...

the most basic approach to meditation is to relax, let go, and do nothing.
surrender to the moment and watch yourself as a silent witness. if thoughts
come to mind, then observe the thoughts without adding to them by your active
participation. be a detached and passive observer and simply feel your most
basic and fundamental being...

...consciousness is like a glass ball floating in the depth of space. light and sensory input flows into the field of consciousness from all directions. when you think, you focus your attention on just one area of sensory input or you create a thought from memory stored within the brain. with choiceless awareness you are not thinking or remembering, just floating and letting sensory input flow through you from all directions without manipulating that input with the thought process. you live in the moment and become totally open.

this openness attracts energy from all sides of the universe which pushes you
even higher...

...another useful method is to lend special awareness to the breathing process
felt in the belly. just behind and below your navel (belly button) lies the

the hara is a natural balancing point of your consciousness that can be
thought of as the center of your subtle body. no one really knows what the hara
actually is, but we can use it to our advantage.

when your consciousness is centered at the hara instead of in the head, your thinking process slows down and can even stop. when the thinking process slows down, you can relax in the expanded world of pure being. trying to stop distracting thoughts by will power alone often leads to even more thoughts and a self-defeating inner struggle. by transferring your center of awareness to the hara, thoughts gradually disappear on their own without any inner conflict. this is why you see buddha statues with a big belly. this is an esoteric message that the hara is a key to meditation... unproven theory is that the hara is a nerve bundle located within the human brain, not located inside the human belly. we all feel our bodies indirectly through the brain, which forms an analog image of our physical body via complex patterns of nerve cells located within the brain. if you stub your toe you do not feel your injured toe directly, rather you feel the neural analog image of your toe sending the rest of
your brain and consciousness intense signals of pain. thus if you sever the
neural lines of communication between your toe and your brain by cutting your
spinal cord, you will feel no pain at all, not even if your toe is completely crushed.
amputees who have a leg cut off often feel a "phantom leg," which is just the
neural analog image of their physical leg still active and sending out signals
within the brain. we all live in our brains and the brain is all we really know of our
personal self and the universe..."


i ask...beg everyone of you to study and practise some kind of meditative exercise. to concentrate on your own spiritual mental development. and to be truely positive with every breath, which will help every living being on this planet not only you personally.

if just those of us here in those forums, that are aware enough to realize, at least to some extent, that we are totally controlled and manipulated, would learn some techniques and sit in mindful meditation on a specific time of the day, every day... our whole world would change immediately and immensely, everyone of us, and everything around us, would experience it... instead we waste our lifes and the key that we have in us to save humanity (since our souls choose to be here in this incarnation, in this specific time, for this mission) and spend our life in forums or groups, creating websites, discussing the same things over and over again. at some point one may gets frustrated and calls for violent actions. and its back into the hands of negativity..."lucy" and the posessed criminals...its nothing more than a trap.

freemasonry and similar systems are nothing to be scared of in my humble opinion. freemasonic, rosicrucian, alchemical works, carefully selected, are very beneficial for your own development and should be studied and analyzed not dismissed.

considering all of the works of all the religions and cults in lets say the last 5.000 years, a lot of those ancient special documents that shown their students how to become "illuminated" have been burned not to ever make ppl aware of those secrets. so much is lost we could cry for millenia about it... still there is a lot of crucial information in those few books that havent been destroyed forever. as an example the martinistic orders and their works have been an enlightening experience to me. early christian systems and their works (to mention only a tiny part of what ppl can study and then exercise in daily life to escape this hell) are a blessing and we are lucky they havent been all destroyed forever. try to differentiate between the works of esotericism and study only those that you yourself, listening to your gut feelings, deem helpful and filled with positive energy.

now, in regards to what i mentioned above about a possible solution being mindful mass meditation exercises (which if seriously done will help huge amounts of people i believe) to create positive, healing energy with as many ppl as possible all over the world preferably (i know it sounds so cheesy and new agey to a lot of you...i had the same feeling everytime i heard about these things. but after all those years of study i strongly believe that meditation and spiritual development is the mightiest weapon of resistance against our current situation of mental enslavement). i recommend that u obtain a copy of david hawkins "power vs. force - levels of consciousness" (u may want to check at the concen tracker dunno if it ever got upped), if you dont want to reincarnate as a lower-vibration-level snail for example :], and to fully understand the following quotes:


"...collective consciousness: these experiments reveal that there is a higher power that connects everything and everyone. it reveals that the
truth cannot be hidden even if the rational mind isn’t consciously aware of the truth.

everything calibrates at certain levels from weak to high including books, food, water, clothes, people, animals, buildings, cars, movies, sports,
music etc.

a lot of music today calibrates at levels below 200. Hence it leads to behavior associated with lower energy levels of consciousness.

most movies will weaken people who watch them by bringing their energy levels down below the 200 level of consciousness.

85% of the human race calibrates below the critical level of 200.

the overall average level of human consciousness stands at 207.

human consciousness was dangling at below the 200 level (190) for many centuries before it suddenly rose up to its present level some time in
the mid 1980s. hence nostradamus’s end of the world predictions may have been avoided (he made his predictions at a time when human
consciousness was at below the 200 level).

for the world to stay at levels below 200 over a prolonged period of time would cause a great imbalance that would undoubtedly lead to the destruction of all humanity.

the power of the few individuals at the top counterbalances the weakness of the masses.

1 individual at level 300 counterbalances 90,000 individuals below level 200

1 individual at level 400 counterbalances 400,000 individuals below level 200

1 individual at level 500 counterbalances 750,000 individuals below level 200

1 individual at level 600 counterbalances 10 million individuals below level 200

1 individual at level 700 counterbalances 70 million individuals below level 200

12 individuals at level 700 equal one avatar (eg. buddha, jesus, krishna) at level 1,000

any meaningful human satisfaction cannot even commence until the level of 250 where some degree of self confidence begins to emerge.

when one’s consciousness falls below 200 at any given moment you start to lose power and thus grow weaker and more prone to be
manipulated by one’s surroundings.

parts of one’s life will calibrate at a higher level of consciousness while other parts will calibrate a lower levels. it’s the overall average that
determines one’s consciousness..."


some more notes on mr.zagami, btw im very thankful for what he is doing right now giving out all this info. he mentioned ppl may only thank him at some point in the future... thank you leo!

* considering all of his audio interviews up until the latest with phil he associated himself, or smpathized with, the muslim,christian,greek orthodox and jewish religions... all of the religions of the world hold only a tiny bit of the whole truth.

* he also used the latin, greek, hebrew and arabic languages for his spell or whatever that was on one of the latest interviews with phil on the end of the 1st hour.

* i think hes here to give specific information at this point in time and i think we should try to get behind the message instead of listening to much to the holywood spy-story stuff thats there to distract us, in my opinion.

* what's with this "russian lucifer project"? (more info about that seems to be in the interview by troy from the 21st of may which i havent heard yet)

* there still have to be very important secrets to discover concerning the priory of sion and their knowledge.

* we need to realize and accept the true meaning of the word "illuminati". illumination is spiritual enlightenment which everyone of us should try to achieve. with that we all need to become a true "illuminati" to save this place. yes there needs to be a "new world order", but what it will look like and who will have control over it depends on the choices we make right now up to 2019 i guess.

*another key thing that he said imo is that he wishes he could be just a normal guy livin with his wife and children in peace. i guess im very lucky with what i have then. i couldnt live one day being away from my daughter and i can only imagine that its a horrible situation that can break a persons spirit. he portrays himself as as this super 007 agent sometimes but in reality i guess hes haunted by his lineage and past activities. he cant escape the situation. of course he drew it all onto himself as we all do.

karma is a heavy stone...

again leo, i dont know you personally, and i feel ure not a bad guy. its just a theory since u want ppl to think instead of just listening i guess. you wanted us to know that u have participated in some of the most powerful ancient rituals evoking those demonic entities most of us would never want to face in their life, so some of this definetly in my opinion could still intervene in those more positively oriented plans that you claim to have right now. the biggest issue i disagree with you on is that i know you believe that whatever the new world order will look like it needs to be managed and lead by the bloodlines that u feel are chosen by god to do that. that to some extent may be true for the past due to humanitys ignorance but i believe those days are to be over very soon. the effects that the cosmic alignment of 2012 will have to our psyche and mind will spiritually, ethically, moraly mature enough of us to the extent that we are able to comprehend the information, that until now was only given to the selected few, and to use it properly...we are able to create a lot of change in a short amount of time just with our minds if we start to realize that we are all connected. period.

so...who REALLY wants to be free?

with true freedom comes multi-dimensional responsibility.

are you ready to trade this illusion that were trapped in for the, at first, frightening realisation that we are much more than our body and the materialistic life most of us live? that all of this is illusion? to understand that what we can experience when we shut down our senses and just let our mind flow is much more "real" and beneficial than anything outthere? that we can live multi-dimensionally and feel the direct connection with the creator?

the truth is that we still fight against our own evolvement...scared to look beyond our implanted belief systems that we feel too comfortable, too secure with...the only real resistance against the new world order "they" want to set up is to realize that 2012 and the vibrational changes that will occur in everyone of us is our gateway towards a more harmonic enlightened society. but that only becomes reality through fundamental changes in how we live and how we value everything around us. if we cant accept, and work effectively towards, the necessary changes in our belief systems, whatever those may be, total enslavement may be the only other option for those are still "stuck" in 3rd dimension.

i havent participated in any forum discussions for some years now because i felt very disillusioned. i know tho that the times we are in right now are very important. a lot of the truths i screamed about for years are part of more widely spread popular alternative media now, and finally ppl seem to listen.
back when i was doin the website, after 9/11, most of the conspirative sites and boards concentrated usually on the political & social aspects leaving most of the metaphysical & occult issues (that are connected to everything) to the ufo-paranormal scene that i never really cared about in the days of my website.

when i realized how worthless it is to concentrate on the issues that have been artificially created for us to be preoccupied (in this current reality they manage and control for us through all sorts of multi-dimensional manipulation, we help make it bigger and more "real" with all the attention on the negativity here in 3rd dimension) like wars, cover-ups, mind control,school shootings,weather manipulation etc,etc...and how important, how KEY it is to concentrate on mental healing and spiritual development i stopped workin at the website and fell into a deep hole. since then i stopped my research on a lot of things. most of what the people base and concentrate their research on is artificially created to steer you away from the information that could easily free humanity from this opression. i try to keep all of those elements of hidden control and demonic influences out of my daily life and study as much as possible. im proud of the unconditional love for my child that i would betray in not trying to save this place for her and her children (that i could be one of
) and even with the very difficult relationship with my gf that i still, with all the struggle, love as strong as ever...and even more difficult, i try every day to love everyone and everything i'm around at least a little bit. not to dislike and judge is the first step, and a huge mental and spiritual improvement. its as tough for me as it is for you im sure, i grew up a narcissistic kid that hated the world until i understood that everyone of us is controlled, manipulated and led to serve demonic entities that slowly try to enslave this world. sucking up all this beautiful pure positive energy, that most dont even know they have in them, through fear replacing it with anti-depressants & horrible videogames to silence the suffering of our souls.

we all are part of the collective consciousness, with that we are all connected to the creator on a level most of us (me included) still need to experience and it can be a lifetime of work. its the creator giving you this challenge, this riddle to solve. lets be proud to have been such powerful beings ages ago before they took it from us and let us all try to get back to that state. unlock those dna strains, open those chakras... thats only possible if we control our ego and base the important issues in our society on new principles.

its the toughest f'n thing the people of this planet have to face in this cycle of time.

but hey, you decided to be here, in this age, on this planet, to make it right this time...not to blow up ANOTHER civilization due to the ignorance of men... or to be totally enslaved by posessed elitists. no time to bitch and whine, sh*t's already hit the fan...

go out... enjoy the nature... sit down somewhere quiet... close your eyes and concentrate on a specific goal, meditate over a specific problem. find the key to true happiness and recieve some of the universal knowledge our ancestors left us as the biggest treasure to discover. be indiana jones and go grab your "holy grail"... its just some lessons away

(note- to some extent meditate for your success and riches in real life if you choose to (i do not) but always be very cautious about what u manifest into reality. once u have the knowledge on how to do this you will hopefully also know, and respect highly, the possible karmic consequences. you can literally... "sell your soul to lucy".)

(note- in regards to what i said about the fact that we should stop judging. heres a quote from leo from his latest interview, 28th of may:

"...i mean that is the real doctrine of jesus, you should turn the other cheek, you should accept the slap, but the time comes when justice is made. and god wants his not ready to give my other cheek..."

are you?

thats it for now, i will update this at some point in the future. (-note: i just dl'ed the interview with leo and this agent jjp, im curious about her and from the bits i heard already she talks about some of the things i also pointed out in here, have a listen to her part of this latest 5 hour interview. btw...someone should ask her if she ever been on, or called into the howard stern show!) writing this stuff up is a very emotional and draining thing for me, so excuse my many commatas i know my sh*t is sometimes confusing and difficult to read, ctrl may remember hah. if u still got through it, congrats!

again, cuz u never know for sure if anything is credible on the net, i hope u can believe in who i say i am and that i dont try to plant disinfo. this is not like "the secret" which can seriously hurt you and your family. its important for me to state that, becuz i hate being lied to myself. i will post this article into several forums i believe to be with a lot of traffic and users because i want ppl to read this. i have seen that my i.p. is banned on glp altho i havent been to the site in years, and never visited the forum. also it seems impossible for me to register at concen forum. so if someone wants to post this there or any other board feel free to do so. i will also send it to troy, big thx to him and phil for those interviews. keep em coming. they seem to understand that:

the universe is a school and everything there is -- is lessons.

seekin the holy-of-holys...


posted on May, 30 2008 @ 12:21 PM
Sorry for the one liner folks , but i just have to say you (miketgg999) possess great writing skills , it was a real pleasure reading this (long) thread!
Looking forward for some more postings from you

S & F !

posted on May, 31 2008 @ 12:02 PM
Did he mention the bunkers in Norway?

Didn't that raise the ire of the Illuminati after he denounced their
Satanic practices.

I just catch bits and pieces of interest but people talk so much the
wealth of texting in net forms must be raising the prices of storage

The octopus of the Illuminati has one tentacle helping another
tentacle to keep the gravy train going.

posted on May, 31 2008 @ 12:35 PM
I read on another forum he's gone back to the dark side and is Illuminati again.Although in the conspiracy community that probably does'nt mean much.

posted on May, 31 2008 @ 02:21 PM

Originally posted by candyfloss
I read on another forum he's gone back to the dark side and is Illuminati again.Although in the conspiracy community that probably does'nt mean much.

Some Project Camelot said he was unavailable for comment due
to being detained by th CIA.
I kid you not.
Funny you should say he rejoined the Illuminati.
Then the CIA is part of or one of the tentacles of Illuminati.
Or the control center.
I wonder what honorary position Hitler held.
Did Hitler agree about JFK.

I just made up some verses of discontent for a myspace page.
Now when it sit next to some chick with a cell phone I'll
find out if she sides with the Illuminati or not by telling her
how to get to my page. And watch the reaction.

[edit on 5/31/2008 by TeslaandLyne]

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